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I believe that most of us approach fragrance as an outward journey. We put on a scent, we wear it, people smell us, and they tell us we smell good.

That’s exactly how I perceived fragrance for nearly four decades of my life.

Until one day when I tried on a fragrance that was in the back of a drawer. It wasn’t a new scent to me. I’d tried it many times. But that one day, I felt different. I absorbed the scents. I loved the way I felt.

I kept smelling my wrists. Every time I did, my demeanor improved.

It was then that I realized that fragrance wasn’t all about how you present yourself to the world. Fragrance is an inward journey. Sure, putting on fragrance makes others believe we smell good, but that’s a small part of the equation. Putting on fragrance is more about making us feel good about ourselves. This was a turning point for me both personally and professionally. Personally, I had just endured a significant loss, and this small spray of fragrance was enough to make me feel better. Professionally, I realized that others can benefit from the same–overall, feeling better about themselves regardless of circumstance.

Whether you have a signature scent or prefer, like me, to wear something different every single day, fragrance should be part of the story you tell, a satisfying way to serve your desires and to feed and nourish your psyche.

I welcome you to TAMAR.

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