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A gluten-free, dairy-free, autoimmune-friendly travel and lifestyle blog designed to inspire adventure without limitations.

Location San Diego, California
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I’ve been enjoying getting my steps and vitamin D in after dinner (we eat early) each day to both support my physical and mental health, while physically distancing and avoiding closed off parks/areas. 🌴 I keep seeing a meme about now understanding why dogs get so excited to go on walks... I think we all get it. . Plus, look how cute @universityheightssd is💕 . . Walking has so many benefits. It can strengthen the heart and lungs🤸🏽‍♀️, ease joint pain, boost immune function, as well as boost your energy and mood. Apparently, it can also help with creativity. 🎨Take that next meeting outside, or on the treadmill? Additionally, walking keeps the lymphatic system flowing, because muscles in movement help to pump the lymph within it’s vessels. This in turn removes toxins from the body. 🧬 . . . Other ways to support your lymphatic system: Hot and cold showers🚿, other types of movement/exercise, dry brushing, drinking water (squeeze a lemon🍋, or citrus fruit into it for extra benefit), wearing loose/comfy clothing, breathing deeply🧘🏽‍♂️, and eating and drinking nutrient dense foods🍏🍎🍐🍊🍌🍉🍇🍓🍒🍑🥭🥑🍆🍅🥝🥬🥒🌶🍠🧄🧅 (try to avoid processed foods, conventionally raised meat, refined/artificial sweeteners and sugars, conventional dairy, soy and table salt which can clog the lymphs). 🏘Have you been taking neighborhood walks, or exercising at home?

Feeling antsy about getting out of the house? 🏘I completely get it. When I was summoned to my couch for months upon months due to illness, and had to stop working in the field, as well as cancel a few very big/intricately planned trips because of it, I was super bummed. But I also viewed my continued willingness to plan trips as a hopeful sign💛. I began to measure my mental health by my wanderlust. Each day was different (#healingisntlinear), but if I was craving getting outside, and exploring, it was a very good sign. It meant I was hopeful for my healing. . . So, as we stay inside together for the sake of humanity, to heal and to flatten the curve, remember that your impulse to get outside, and your yearning to travel is to be seen as something positive. It means you haven’t resigned to what is happening. And this time indoors means you can still dream, envision and plan all of the places you’d like to go in the interim, which is just as awesome for your mental wellness. 🏕✈️🚞I am visualizing visiting Banff, southern Mexico and Eastern Europe once this all calms down. Oh, and hiking #cedarcreekfalls, nearby. How about you? #quarantravels

I accidentally deleted my post from yesterday, and there were so many wonderful recipe ideas in the comments 🙈 Sorry! I’ve been eating this variation of lox each morning, along with my golden matcha. . . Recipe - 🥯 @oddbagels plain bagel +🥑 @jrorganicsfarm avo + @drydockfish lox 🍣+ @wildwestferments turmeric carrot probiotic blend🥕. . 🍵 And for my golden matcha, I use @vitalproteins matcha mixed with @ora.organic ‘s ‘Good as Gold’ blend (name a better power couple👯‍♀️), along with oat milk 🥛(super easy to make, btw). . . Now tell me, what are you cooking up/making/baking these days? 🍽#quarentinecooking #stayathomeclub

Happy first day of spring 🌼 It has clearly arrived here in SD, and there will be more it to come with our recent heavy rainfall. I have a great seasonal playlist heading your way at some point. But first, I’d like to talk about grounding/earthing (when skin contacts the ground), and just being out in nature. Walking on sand, hiking in the mountains, sitting on the soil/grass, etc. 🏔 . . I feel so lucky to live both next to the Pacific Ocean and our mountains/gorgeous trails for this reason, and I can tell a difference on the days I skip hanging in nature. If you’re able to ground, while “physically distancing,” then you can obtain some wonderful benefits like improved sleep, pain management and stress. It also neutralizes free radicals, and improves inflammation and immunity. . . Technically, parks and trails are still open here in CA, but many visitor’s centers and facilities (i.e. bathrooms) are closed, including state campgrounds. Parks are advising you to stay away if you’re sick (duh). “Even in open spaces, the National Parks Service encouraged park-goers to avoid groups, wash hands often with soap and water, avoid touching one’s face and cover one’s mouth during a cough or sneeze.” . . If you plan to hike anytime soon, check out your local regional/state/national park’s website for updates first, respect physical distancing and be smart. Hospitals are extremely overloaded right now, especially in rural areas. Let’s mitigate their stress load, while mitigating our own. Happy hiking/grounding, y Buen Camino🌿 P.S. Don’t forget to practice tick safety!

Community Resource Guide: How to Access Free Food, Health Care & Other Services in San Diego County, California (+ State/ Federal Programs) DURING THIS TIME for @ediblesd (LINK IS IN BIO) 💛 . . . “Whether you’ve lost your job, had your hours cut, or are facing other challenges due to the pandemic, there are resources available to help you get through the coming weeks. We have compiled a list of resources for accessing food, financial, housing, and health benefits…  Information is quickly changing, often within hours, but this list accurately reflects resources available at the time of publication. We will continue to update as necessary to reflect the latest information. ” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEAD TO THE LINK IN MY BIO TO SEE ALL OF THE RESOURCES. I WILL ALSO BE POSTING THEM IN STORIES, AND WILL CREATE A HIGHLIGHT TO KEEP THEM ACCESSIBLE. . . . I’ve been a practicing social worker/mental health clinician since 2010, and have been writing since 2016/2017. I never thought I would be writing an article like this for @edible.communities that combines my two professional worlds. But here we are, coming together as a community to help each other. I hope this list is helpful to anyone affected by this pandemic. For us social workers, we are on the frontlines, and we see where government resources both succeed and fail our clients and patients. However, there are some really great private organizations that are trying to bridge those gaps, especially right now. . . . **********VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ****************Food banks and pantries are under a lot of pressure to provide food (including deliveries) to those who need it, while taking extra precautions to limit any spread of the virus by using gloves and practicing social distancing. If you are healthy, and not a member of a vulnerable population, you may be able to volunteer, and/or donate food to the following organizations: @sandiegofoodbank @mamaskitchensd @mealsonwheelssd @jfs_sd @itsallaboutthekidscharity @mountainhealth_ @servingseniorssd . . . . PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE, AND PLEASE LET US KNOW OF ANY RESOURCES THAT WE ARE MISSING, AND WE WILL GLADLY RESEARCH AND POTENTIALLY ADD IT ONTO THE LIST. #BETTERTOGETHER

We’ve all been resting our heads on (hopefully) old/familiar pillows for a minute now, and I can see how much this situation continues to change, and shape each of us differently. Many are saying they will never take being outdoors, going to work, out on the town, traveling, in good company, or in a warm embrace for granted again. For me, it will be appreciating every moment I can out in nature, and with my loved ones. I also can’t wait to travel again. How about you?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at following any recipe (so I usually just use them as inspo), and I’m even worse at keeping track of the ones I come up with. 🍚I’ve tried making #tahdiq (a Persian rice dish) a number of times, and it came out perfect last night. The only ingredients I used were organic @lundbergfarms basmati, saffron, salt and avocado oil. Measurements? No clue. 🥘 But it paired nicely with my fruit and turkey @coconutsecretofficial teriyaki stir-fry that I also don’t have a recipe for. 👩🏽‍🍳 People have asked me to come up with a cookbook, or open up a cafe and I laugh at the thought of it bc nothing I’ve made is written down or ever turns out the same when recreated. Maybe someday I’ll get it together. Are you the same when it comes to cooking? I hope not, but I would also like to not feel so alone in my disorganized culinary practices 🙈

This #TravelTuesday is bringing me back to celebrating #BuddhasBirthday in a temple in the mountains outside of #Daegu, South Korea. Have you been to #SouthKorea? 🇰🇷 If not, I’ve got multiple #travelguides written for South Korea on the blog (link in bio👆🏽), and ready for when we can all safely and thoughtfully explore this beautiful world again. Until then, let’s continue to dream and envision our future adventures. 💕📰✈️

C-19 Resources for Families: How to Access Free Food, Childcare & Activities for Kids in San Diego County (Many of the resources expand beyond San Diego, CA and the US). 💛 New @ediblesd article. LINK IS IN BIO! . . . We have compiled a list of resources for accessing food, childcare, and education, and activities. For a full list of food security and financial resources available to all San Diegans, please see our full C-19 Resource Guide (link is also in bio). Thank you so much to #EdibleSanDiego/@ediblecommunities for allowing me to continue sharing these helpful resources. . . . . Please let us know if there are any resources we are missing, that should be added to the guide. We are updating both articles, as we come across new resources. Be well my friends <3

@ediblesd’s best issue yet, aka their spring issue is here! 🌼 I’ve got a Hot Dish article on the Best BBQ Spots in SD 🍖🥓🍗 (all #glutenfreefriendly, and you can still support them via pick-up/delivery), and an In Season article that focuses on five spring fruits and veggies. 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍈🍓🍇🍉🍌🍒🍑🥭🍍🥑🍆🍅🥝🥬🥒🥔🌽🥑🥦🥕(get your CSA boxes from the farmers/markets I mentioned👩🏽‍🌾). Also, can we discuss how gorgeous this cover is?! 🖼I see you, @oliviahayo and @mariafromediblesd ! . Head to @ediblesd’a bio to find out where you can pick up a physical copy 📰 (we picked up ours from @windmill_farms, but @catalinaoffshoreproducts 🍤 is another great option). To view it online, head to the link in my bio. ☝🏽 . . Please also consider subscribing to the magazine. 🙏🏽 Publications need your support more than ever before. Let’s keep it alive, and writers/photographers/illustrators/publishers/printers employed. 💛 . . P.S. We’ve got another SD online resource guide headed your way! 🤳🏿💕