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A gluten-free, dairy-free, autoimmune-friendly travel and lifestyle blog designed to inspire adventure and healthy living without limitations.

Location San Diego, California
Member Since JUNE 29, 2018
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Hiiii. 💕💕💕🪞🪩Here are my fav #OOTDs from February/ March that I got photos of. I’ve been terrible at documenting (story sale coming soon!!! Scroll down for more info). This is my second carousel for the #75hardstylechallenge 🌈The challenge rules are that you get dressed daily, only shop your closet (no new purchases), and a bonus rule of choosing one new piece to style everyday, with a goal of styling your entire closet. As mentioned previously, I’ve further Mari Kondo’d (it’s a verb now, r?) my closet bc of this, and am focused on creating a capsule wardrobe as I prepare for my big move (literally living out of a suitcase for a while… and yes, that includes all of my health-related items 🧳). Pls join on in if you also feel inspired (I’d love to see what you’re wearing) ✨ Winter/ the recent cosmic events have been bit rough on me. I moved through some acute health challenges (Thx Mast Cell/ EDS) after a surgery (still am, but now on the mend 🙏), and, also some big changes in my home. I’ve been hermitting and retreating more than my usual self in order to heal and process my varying emotions, plus purge and organize for the move. I trust and know this is all for the best, and in divine preparation for a season of expansion ahead. Into the portal I goooo ⭕️ Side note: I’ve got a bunch of items listed on Depop (@buenqamino) and Poshmark (@qristina), that you can shop rn (links are in the bio) 🛍️🛍️🛍️🛍️🛍️🛍️ BUTTTTTTT I’M SO EXCITED THAT @lessen_space IS GOING TO BE DOING STORY SALES + MORE, WITH MY WARDROBE - she has a bunch of items that haven’t even been listed yet. So, follow her beautiful page (even if you’re not interested in the sale, you will be swooning over her store - last slide). We will also be hosting a joint workshop together in May😻 P.S. I just opened up the calendar for @casa.erimos - It’s starting to fill up already, so get in on it. P.P.S. Dez friends - I hope to host a clothing exchange next month. Stay tuuuned. <333

The sparse but mighty storms that roll through are one of my fav parts of living in the high desert. It feels nothing but magical to witness mother nature’s vastness out here. 🙏🌵✨✨✨ I’m going to miss it.

Happy International Women’s Day to ALL of my Queens and activated goddesses… I don’t know where I would be without this collective. Ty for both reflecting and reminding me of my own strength, magic, beauty, unconditional love, fire, multidimensional layers/ spirit, creativity, and power. 💕💕💕You are everything. You. are. Medicine. Love you. Alt-text: “Fill your life with women that empower you, that help you believe in your magic and aid them to believe in their own exceptional power and their incredible magic too. Women that believe in each other can survive anything. Women who believe in each other create armies that will win kingdoms and wars.” Nikita Gill

Καλό μήνα! It was amazing to roadtrip through #Greece in September. And to be able to finally visit this #bucketlist item for myself was 🤌 #Meteora 🇬🇷⛰️…. One of the oldest places on our planet. Meteora is a @unescoworldheritage @unescoworldheritagesites - And the translation of its name, means “suspended in the air.” It is geographically, archaeologically, anthropologically, and spiritually significant to many. ⛰️Geological forces formed these magnificent limestone rock pillars between 137 and 65 million year ago! While, according to archaeological evidence, it is also home to one of the oldest human construction sites - #TheopetraCave, which goes back an incredible 130,000 years. We are talking, late Paleolithic to the close of the Neolithic. In more “recent” history, aka during the medieval times, it was not uncommon across Europe for hermits to seek isolation in caves. The first hermits to ascend the pillars at Meteora in search of caves for cover and protection were around 950 AD, eventually attracting more to the area and building the monasteries, built in precipitous locations and whereas some are fortified with strong walls, others rely on the verticality of the pillar cliff faces for protection. Six (of an original twenty-four) Greek/ Eastern Orthodox monasteries (two of which are run by nuns) built between the 13th and 14th centuries can be accessed. The spiritual/ Orthodox community there thrived until the 17th century, under Turkish occupation. For those who would like to visit, you no longer need rope or ladder 🚐the roads get you pretty close to see them (however, a lot of walking is still required to get inside). If you plan to visit, bring cash/ euros for each monastery (unless you’re a Greek national 💸), and all are required to cover legs and shoulder, and women are required to wear skirts (aka don’t show up in jeans like I did😅). I saw many people hiking, biking and rock climbing the area. Also, the monasteries are all open on diff days, and at diff times. My jaw was on the floor the entire time I was there. There’s so much to take in. I look forward to returning back ✨✨✨ Would you like to visit, or, have you already been?

Self-love notes from the desert 💌

“The universe will never give you peace in something you were never meant to settle in.” How does that resonate with you? ✨✨ 🎥 Hot spring magic @punarainforestretreat on the Big Island of Hawaii 🌸

BQ’s Winter 2023 Playlist vol. 15 (just in time for this v winter-y day here) // Songs to peel back the layers to. 🧅Panchakarma not included. 🌎A handful of the countries (outside of the US) being rep’d on this one:  Tokyo, France, Germany, Canada, Nigeria, Austria, Belgium, Cuba, Brazil, Greece, the UK, Australia, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, India, and others :> 🍅This @iam_7co song was playing all over Tokyo, and I was hooked. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕It makes me happy to create/ share thoughtfully curated seasonal playlists filled with songs that have either inspired or have been discovered during my travels, and other life experiences (thx @shazam). ✨ I hope you like it. Link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5Pbtr0MaW8FV6TA8AdJjk7?si=7747946121c0417c More playlists: www.buenqamino.com/music

Not a fashion account, but I do love me some fashun/ getting dressed up (even if I haven’t left the house in days lol). 💕💕💕🪞🪩Here are my fav #OOTDs from January. Thanks to @jaclyn.najjar for inspiring me to do the #75hardstylechallenge 🌈The challenge rules are that you get dressed daily, only shop your closet (no new purchases), and a bonus rule of choosing one new piece to style everyday, with a goal of styling your entire closet. I’ve further Mari Kondo’d (it’s a verb now, r?) my closet bc of this, and am focused on creating a capsule wardrobe as I prepare for my big move. Pls join on in if you also feel inspired (I’d love to see what you’re wearing) ✨ Side note: I’ve got a bunch of items listed on Depop (@buenqamino) and Poshmark (@qristina), that you can shop rn (links are in the bio) 🛍️🛍️🛍️🛍️🛍️🛍️

🧆🍲🍛🍜🍝And, you have yet to eat the best gluten-free dishes in your life… I couldn’t include ALLLLL of the delicious food I ate in 2023. But, shoutout to @rizlabokitchen @brownrice_tokyo @breizhcafe @benzaiten.daifuku @farm_of_life via chef @latierracura and @harmonifoods in this lil video. Since this is Tokyo heavy, I’m going to answer a question a handful of you asked… Is eating gluten-free hard in Japan? 💴🏯🇯🇵🗾🎌👹👺🍜🍡🍣🍘🥟🍚🈲🍱🎏🈁🈷️🎍🈳🎎🈵🍙🏣🏣🍢🔰 When I was last there in 2017 it was v hard. The guide I made then will pale in comparison to how I’m about to update it. People don’t realize that most soy sauce is made from wheat, and many Japanese dishes include it as an ingredient. Thank you to @endlessdistances for her beautiful Tokyo guide. I was spoiled with mostly 100% GF spots. But, at one point, I was glutened at my hotel 😭, and it took me a moment to recover. And yes, they (the hotel) generally take allergens/ Celiac seriously, and even had me fill out an allergy card. But, somehow, something was lost in translation. There is a risk anytime you eat at a non-100% gluten-free option. But again, the pros outweigh the cons for me. 😋What was your fav dish you ate in 2023???

Film photos I never posted from Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca, as well as, Mexico City, Antigua, and Lago Atitlan in Guatemala last fall. A confluence of joy, excitement, confusion, grief, strength, reverence, sadness, amazement and gratitude allude these photos and time period. But, mostly gratitude. Gratitude for my body letting me really test its boundaries since my Lyme diagnosis. This was the longest trip taken since getting sick. I went from being couch-bound, and borderline agoraphobic, thinking I may not be able to properly travel or adventure again, to taking so many flights, boats, and taxis here. Eating the most delicious street food. Drinking the water. Chewing the ice. Swimming in the lakes and water holes. Even stepping on a scorpion! Being eaten up by the insects. Dancing in the street. Working with sub-par/ sometimes non-existent wifi through four different time zones and a time change. Taking in really breathtaking places. Meeting the most wonderful people. Truly LIVING. Travel is medicine. And how lucky am I to experience any of it? I ask myself that everyday.  Gratitude for remaining present, hopeful, and healthy (not-flaring), despite the stress, disregulation and disharmony I was facing at the same time. Proof that various emotions and experiences can coexist. The tears and challenges were transmuted into self-compassion, self-love, poetry, and processed in deep, loving, and coregulating conversations with friends (y’all know who you are 💛), my therapist and hugs from new friends kindly holding space. Gratitude in realizing how supported and blessed I am. Ultimately, I am grateful for this trip providing me with the wisdom, confidence, inner-work/ knowings, resources, support and permission to experience, heal and live even more (cue visiting 13 countries across 4 different continents since then). 🙏🏽 P.S. So much respect to film photographers safely getting their rolls across security each time. That was beyond stressful, but worth it. P.P.S. I still haven’t responded to messages on here. Email, or text me if it’s something important 🫶

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