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A gluten-free, dairy-free, autoimmune-friendly travel and lifestyle blog designed to inspire adventure and healthy living without limitations.

Location San Diego, California
Member Since JUNE 29, 2018
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Craving and looking forward to cooler days up here (I miss long desert hikes) 🌵❄️💕 Has fall weather started where you are, or are you looking forward to it?

✨Happy National Celiac Awareness Day✨ Finding out I have #celiacdisease (almost 10 years ago!) changed my life for the better. Part of the reason I created this blog was / is to help others navigate the world, traveling and social situations with food intolerances. We may have food restrictions, but we aren’t restricted from enjoying life + delicious food! 😋 When I was planning to attend a wedding in Guanajuato, Mexico 🇲🇽, I knew I needed to bring #glutenfree snacks for myself (+ to share with others). And since I don’t get to try all of the local staples because of dietary restrictions, I really enjoy bringing shelf-stable items like @scharglutenfree products to create meals using local whole food ingredients (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, spices, etc.) - This is why I love having a kitchen wherever I travel to. In this case, I went to the local fruteria to purchase produce and made a plate for our group to enjoy with @scharglutenfree table crackers while we did a chocolate and mezcal tasting. This was much appreciated by the bride (also #celiac) and a couple of #glutenintolerant guests (especially knowing there was no cross-contact). Grateful for #Schar for making being celiac, and traveling with celiac easy. 🙏🏽#scharglutenfree #scharpartner 👯‍♀️👯👯‍♂️How do you navigate social settings with food restrictions? Click on the link in the bio to check out and purchase all of the Schar products you desire to make any future socialization / travel safe + delicious for you, and yours! P.S. They are currently 30% off with FREE shipping 😍🛍 https://www.perlu.com/swipe?perlu_campaign=4862034b4c95dd289705d53f

Ready for a lil’ escape. 🌿🌿🌿Hbu?

Watermelon Mint CBD Mocktail Recipe for @ediblesd to savor the last bit of summer🍉 This refreshing summer recipe makes a large batch of watermelon and mint juice that will keep in the fridge for two to three days. To serve, simply pour it over ice along with sparkling water and your favorite CBD tincture mixed in. This recipe was made with @cordialorganics Whole Flower CBD Herbal Tincture. 🍹Head to the link in the bio to get the full recipe!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for most things in life. This is why we have to constantly assess and advocate for what makes the most sense for our body and situation (anyone with chronic illness knows this to be especially true). With that said, we also have to believe and trust the same for everyone else. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa, and that’s ok! We may choose differently (that’s what makes this world beautifully diverse), but we share the same desire to freely live happy, and healthy lives. Let’s meet each other there. As a social worker, I hold the four principles of medical ethics close to my heart which can be applied to any choice regarding our bodies: 1. Beneficence 2. Nonmaleficence 3. Autonomy / Informed Consent 4. Justice/ Equality You are worthy of making the best decision(s) for your body/life using the science, resources, and support available for access, and I trust that you will. 💛 💕Sending you all love. P.S. This is not an anti - v x post. In case there is any confusion. Alt-text: “My body, my choice. Your body, your choice. I trust that you’ll make the best decision for yourself, regardless of whether, or not, I would choose to do the same. Love you.” - Christina P. Kantzavelos

Another cute spot in @visitabq - @lospoblanos is great place to eat, stay at, or walk around. The shop is full of artisan products, their lavender apothecary line, Native American jewelry, local ceramics, books and housewares.

While in Mexico, we got to visit some lovely hot springs. 🇲🇽🌿💦Naturally, I wanted to make sure I had food options as I didn’t know how remote it would be. So, I made a veggie sandwich using @scharglutenfree’s new baguette🥖. As always, their products are shelf-stable and easy to travel with. Even better, it still tastes yummy without being toasted. I purchased the ingredients for the filling at a local fruteria which included avocado, red bell pepper, cucumber, and a little bit of Yerba Buena aka spearmint + mineral salt. It was simple/quick to make, and delicious to eat. 💕✈️🚘🏔🚊⛺️I’m thankful to brands like @scharglutenfree that make traveling and adventuring #glutenfree, both uncomplicated and yummy. #Schar #scharglutenfree #scharpartner 🧳🍿🍟🥨🫒🌮🥗🥙🍌🍉🍽🥯🥒🥖What are your fav foods / snacks to pack on your adventures?

A GLUTEN-FREE GUIDE TO ALBUQUERQUE FOR @ediblenewmexico 🍽 @visitabq is growing in its culinary offerings, and it’s no question that their gluten-free cuisine options are becoming more plentiful. Outside of traditional New Mexican plates, one can safely enjoy gluten-free options at restaurants that offer Colombian fare, bar food, comfort food, sweets, breads, south Indian, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Native American, and other cuisines. Always let your server know if you have any food restrictions.  1. @ajiacobistro 2. @plantysweet (I got to try them at @zendo413 ) 3. @annapurnaswvc 4. @indianpueblokitchen 5. Budai Gourmet Chinese 6. @thegrovecafe 7. @sixtysixacres 8. @yannisabq 9. @brixensabq 10. @rad_ishabq *Although gluten-friendly, and aware, some of these establishments do not have dedicated gluten-free environments. Please use your best judgment, and ensure that the waiting staff is aware of the severity of your food restrictions prior to dining.  LINK TO ARTICLE IS IN BIO! 😋✨

While in @visitabq with @ifwtwa1 , we got to take this lovely #biketour with @bosquebiketours along the #RioGrandeRiver, and learn a ton about the history of #Albuquerque, as well as the flora and fauna, birds, and all of the best spots to spend more time at later. While on the tour, we also got to visit the famous #MundosdeMestizaje, a 4,000 sq ft buon fresco housed in the NHCC Torreon (tower) by Frederico Vigil. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s the history of Mexico 🇲🇽, which also plays a part in the history of #NewMexico. Head to the link in the bio to read more! 🗺

✈️🌎I chose the unknown this month. Something that started off as a little joke, resulted in me traveling with a group of people I’d never met before, forging new friendships, and falling in love again with a couple of my favorite places. New neural connections were created, based in the foundation that I am more than safe to travel, that I can thrive while I travel. I was reminded of how much it fuels my soul. I was around new food, strong scents, loud sounds with little sleep, and aside from some random symptoms, I was perfectly fine. This all serves as a reminder that we can heal. We are healing. Without taking the risk I did, I would have lost out on this enriching experience, and such a profound and evident affirmation. What a true bday gift. When it comes to #neuroplasticity, it is important to constantly challenge our brains, to choose the unknown. This keeps our brains plastic, and ensures they are better at mastering new skills, adapting, and healing. We can rewire our brains and prevent cognitive decline. 5 ways to increase your neuroplasticity (the higher the challenge, the better): 1. Learn a new language 2. Make music 3. Travel (duh) 4. Exercise / Movement 5. Create art Happy rewiring 💕💕💕 (and ty again for all of the bday wishes) Alt-text: “One thing is fairly certain: we usually select the known, seldom the strange. We tend not to chose the unknown which might be a shock or a disappointment or simply a little difficult to cope with. And yet it is the unknown with its disappointments and surprises that is the most enriching.” - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

✨✨✨33✨✨✨ Photo cred: @gtoxplorermx (best tour guide / wedding planner / photographer / conversationalist ever)

SAVE 20% OFF WITH CODE “BUENQAMINO”✈️🚗🚌🛳🚊When you have various food restrictions, it can add a layer of inconvenience to traveling/ being on the go. I’m grateful to companies like, @airfarepouch that make it a bit easier/healthier for us. Everything they include in their bag is #glutenfree #vegan #paleofriendly #plantbased without any added sugar. Which is the majority of my diet. I was stoked to come across companies I hadn’t heard of (like @eatabearbar ,@superfoodsorganicliving , @sunandswellfoods , and @thunderbirdbar 😋 #actuallyhealthy #gifted ) and try them out / share some with my neighbors on my plane ride and new friends on my car ride after + current bus ride with my friend. 💕💕💕💕 And funny/long story, but im@in Mexico rn because of this bag. So, there’s lots to be grateful for. I also brought @mrleespurefoods for my meals and @redmondrealsalt for added minerals and vitamin c @ora.organic powder + @liquidiv ⚕️to keep me feeling optimal. What do you like to pack with on your trips? ✈️🫒🍿🌮🍱🍪🍫🍌

✨THE GF #ALBUQUERQUE WEEKEND GUIDE IS HERE✨ @visitabq has always intrigued me, and thus, it’s been on my endless list of places to visit. My brother used to live there and spoke highly of it, and of course, I watched every episode of Breaking Bad (my poor nervous system). I didn’t realize how relatively close it was via flight from CA, or how much it had to offer. It’s the cultural center of the Southwest, and is at the crossroads of Indian Pueblo country (the oldest farming civilization in North America), Spanish and Mexican culture. It was founded in 1706 as a Spanish colony, and at 5,326 ft, it's the USA's highest metropolitan city. In addition, it’s extremely up-and-coming, and has some amazing neighborhoods to explore, places to sustainably shop, and most importantly, gluten-free food to eat. #landofenchantment #newmexico @ifwtwa1 ✨✨✨✨✨ HEAD TO THE LINK IN THE BIO TO START PLANNING YOUR NEXT TRIP THERE. ✈️🚘🚊

It’s apparently #worlddogday, and I don’t think I’ve properly introduce y’all to my puppy, @cowboy.doodle yet🤠 He is the best thing that came out of 2020. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more of a cat person (even though I’m allergic), and puppies aren’t as… well, chill. So, it took a few months+ for me to get into the flow, but I can’t imagine it any other way now. He’s turned out to have the perfect ratio of chill and goof (he’s a Scorpio, after all). He loves to cuddle, kiss, play, gallop, compost any left overs, sniff flowers, watch tv, give standing hugs, awkwardly sit in the backseat of the car, climb rocks, shake hands, swim, chase birds, and plop on top of you, wherever you are. Anyone who meets him, is autonomically enamored. I’m just the human attached to him at this point. Hope you all get to meet this rl beanie baby some day 💘

I was really sick at one point. Like, couch-bound sick due to #lymedisease and mold toxicity. And although I was getting better, I was still in survival mode. I couldn’t be around anyone or anything scented, or eat anything outside my 20 “safe” ingredients without risking a #mastcell allergic reaction. I was en route to agoraphobia because of how fearful I was of the world. It didn’t occur to me that my body was so preoccupied with surviving that it couldn’t prioritize healing, let alone thriving. I finally decided to give neural retraining (including journaling @beginwithintoday ) a try. I had seen it work miracles for others, but it took me a while to jump onboard, because I was skeptical that it could work for me. Anyway, one of the first exercises they have you do is create a proclamation for yourself. It initially felt weird to create this, to write it down, to say it out loud, to think I could one day believe this. That I could one day feel this. But slowly and surely, I retrained my brain. I wrote it down on my blackboard, made it my desktop and phones’s background. I had no choice but to see and read it. The body hears everything we say. I created new neural pathways, and can now be around just about anything / anyone scented (but pls look into /stop wearing synthetic scents, friends💕), and eat most foods without having to clutch onto my epipen. Of course this proclamation wasn’t everything, but it was a big something for me and has been for many others. And I’m so grateful. If you’re interested in creating a proclamation for yourself, please join us tomorrow night, at 6 PM PST for the @sandiegolymealliance #EmpowermentCircle where we will be creating and sharing our proclamations together. Just head to their link in their bio to sign up. It’s free and we’d love to see you there. 💚 Either way, I hope you create one for yourself. You deserve it. Alt-text: A healing proclamation by Christina P. Kantzavelos, LCSW that reads, “I am happy. I am healthy. I am at peace. I am healing. I am brave. I am powerful. I am loved. I am enough. I can go anywhere, do, and eat anything at anytime. I live a life full of joy and ease.”

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