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A gluten-free, dairy-free, autoimmune-friendly travel and lifestyle blog designed to inspire adventure without limitations.

Location San Diego, California
Country United States
Member Since JUNE 29, 2018
Social Audience 14K
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I vote because it’s my right. I vote because women have fought, and suffered for me to do so. I vote because I’m a first-generation citizen, and feel it is my privilege. I vote for those who can’t due to their legal status(es), or feel that they can’t due to voter suppression, systemic oppression, etc. I vote for democracy. I vote for humanity. I vote for positive change. I vote for the future. I vote for hope. I vote for peace. I vote for the planet. I vote for us. We are less than a week away! Let me know you’re with me by commenting down below ❣️ A few more lovely voting-inspo quotes… “Every election is determined by the people who show up.” - Larry J. Sabato “There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter. It all matters.” - Barack Obama “The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.” - John Lewis “When we vote, we take back our power to choose, to speak up, and to stand with those who support us and each other.” - Loung Ung “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead Alt-text: Quote by Sharon Salzberg that reads, “Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country, and this world.” Vote.org @votedotorg

I love hot springs, and will literally make a point to find and visit them anywhere I’m traveling 🏔♨️ #MammothLakes has some solid ones (you can read more about them and hot spring etiquette under the “California” section of the blog - link is in bio). 🌋 Where are your fav hot springs?

#TravelTuesday is taking me back to the @trickeyemuseum ‘s #IceMuseum in Seoul, South Korea❄️ It was definitely a coool experience (#dadjokes). Read more about this, and other things to do in the #SeoulTravel Guide - Link is in bio 🇰🇷 Alt-text: Christina Kantzavelos sliding down an ice slide inside the Ice Museum within the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul, South Korea.

Happy belated bday to the one, and only, Georgia O’keeffe💫 I was inspired to visit San Francisco de Asis Mission Church after seeing her paintings of it inside the @okeeffemuseum . 💒 You may also recognize it from Ansel Adams’ photography work. Each year, the church’s community volunteers to re-plaster the church in adobe (made up of clay, sand, straw, and plaster), making the structure essentially resilient to the elements. The parish hall is also home to the famous 18th Century oil painting called “The Shadow of the Cross” by Henri Ault, aka “The Mystery Painting.” Apparently, it glows in the dark (and they still don’t know why). ✨You can see it glow for $3. P.S. Full #TaosGuide coming to you soon 🙌🏽🗺 #taos #visittaos #cityoftaos #traveltuesday

This has been a year of immense change for all of us. 💫How are you settling into the new ‘you?’ . . Alt-text: Quote by Yung Pueblo that reads, “When you grow rapidly and experience such deep insights that you can no longer look at yourself or the world in the same way. Be kind, allow yourself the time and space to settle into the new you.”

I’m so grateful that @casaerimos has the cutest backyard to host stay-at-home picnics in. I created a plant-based charcuterie board (yeah, that’s cashew cheese 🧀) for a couple of close friends, and we loved it. @scharglutenfree makes my favorite table crackers, so they are almost always included on my boards (and with soups, and meze plates, etc.). #AD These crackers are gluten-free, preservative-free, lactose-free, and low-fodmap. Plus, a little salty for my POTSIES fam. . . Have you tried @scharglutenfree’s table crackers? Also, what’s your favorite item to include on a charcuterie board? #schar #scharpartner #scharglutenfree

Guanajuato is one one my fav cities in Mexico (🗺checkout the weekend guide in the link in the bio). 🇲🇽✨ I can’t wait to further explore MX as soon as I feel comfortable enough to travel again. #TravelTuesday Have you been to Mexico? What’s your favorite part?

One way I handled my stress from last week >>> Turning this drab cabinet space into something funky (I found the doors while cleaning and organizing the garage 😻 - They needed a good scrub and a couple of layers of white paint). You’re looking ssssso cute, @casa.erimos 😘🏡🌵 An additional win >>> Although I selected low-toxic house-paint, I’m quite proud of my body for tolerating the scent/chemicals. MCAS (histamine intolerance) had me only using watercolor as a medium for years, with a fear of touching anything remotely scented (migraines, hives, respiratory distress, brain fog, etc.). ✨A big thank you to neural retraining, escaping from mold, detoxing in all forms, and my LLMDs at @ifsmed @restorationhealthcare1 for getting me here. 🙏🏽 We are all capable of healing. 💛 Looking forward to busting out the oil and acrylic paints again. 🎨💕

Living here has been a dream so far. ✨ Have you visited @joshuatreenps ? If so, what’s your fav spot in the park, or in town? If not, is it on your list? Continue to stay tuned (possibly indefinitely) for @casa.erimos 🙈🌵, and head to the California section of the blog (link is in bio) for the weekend guide.

Some Big Sur calm for you on this #traveltuesday x #electionday. If you haven’t already (and are willing and able to), please vote (CA is one of 21 states that allow for same-day registration/voting). And if you have already voted, or once you do, please create space for self-care... take a break from social media/the news, rest, ground in nature, breathe, meditate, take a bubble bath, paint, sing, draw, write, play some music, move, dance, cook or bake something yummy, watch a silly show or movie, talk to a loved one, talk to a mental health professional, etc. Let go, and let universe. ✨✨✨✨

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