Brittney Fusilier

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Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for visiting my page! So many amazing things happening, glad to have you on this journey with me! Head over to my blog!:)

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#TidePartner I was #TodayYearsOld when I learned that turning to cold water with @TideLaundry is the ultimate life hack to having 4 girls under the age of 7!​ ​ Thanks to Tide PODS' new formula, I'm able to lift tough stains on cold which saves clothes, our pockets and our planet. Washing in cold instead of hot not only helps reduce energy use, but also helps keep the girls' clothes looking new, longer! This is essential for us, but the girls are ALWAYS getting into something. Stock up on Tide PODS today and switch from hot to cold! #TurnToCold #CleanTok #LaundryTok

Summerrrrrrr fun has begun! We made it to Dallas last night and kicked off our stay with a pool and cabana stay! The resort we are staying has a pool that's under construction but we used @resortpass and were able to make it happen! We have some fun things planned for the girls this trip, including going to see Chicago Sky play!🙌🏽 Also, I took my faja off for 2 seconds to snap this picture and now I'm chillin poolside with a faja with a swimsuit over it 😂 gotta love it! I have another 3-4 weeks until I'm able to go a couple of hours without it. So ready for all the swelling to subside and to see the final final results of the laser lipo but that won't be for another couple of months! P.S. it's time for me to go swimsuit shopping 🤣

Today was Louisiana Festival day and they had a play where they shared about Louisiana culture and history! Maddy was her favorite basketball player, Angel Reese, and I think she nailed it! Haha. What do yall think? Haha #overtime #angelreese #lsutigers

Schools out, summers in and the girls are ready! Can't believe Liv is heading to kindergarten and Maddy's heading to 2nd! Like are we here already?! They wanted to create this reel to show yall their new swimsuits from @target! The colors are a vibe!🥰 linked my favorites on @shop.ltk! #ltkfashion #ltkswim Also, Emily's gotta be stopped 😂😭😂

Please help me wish yalls niece Emily Claire a happy birthday! How is my girl already 3? They grow up so so fast, and while I'm always intentionally about living in the moment, how do I blink and it's another year? Whew. I'm an emotional mess this morning. Haha. Emily Claire, you are a force and so amazing! We love you more than words. Happy birthday sweet girl!

#sponsored We are planning an overnight trip to New Orleans, one of our favorite cities! Aside from the mommy and me matching dresses, adorable pajamas, we definitely aren't leaving without our warm weather essentials! The NEW! Neutrogena® Sport Body Spray SPF 70 works great even through sweat! ZYRTEC® Allergy Relief Tablets, another staple we can't live without, it starts working at hour 1 and alleviates our allergy symptoms.. The BAND-AID® Brand Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages are a must have as well because they stick better, which means they work better! We are packing light and smart! Shop our go to warm weather essentials on Amazon and save up to 15% on Amazon Deals! Products on Deal are subject to change @zyrtecallergy @bandaidbrand @neutrogena

When you know, you know. 🖤🙏🏽🙌🏽 Woke up feeling beyond grateful for life with my person, my soulmate, my best friend.

Holding on to my family extra tight today and not taking even one moment of motherhood... and of life, for granted! Yesterday feels surreal. We had the biggest scare of our lives! We were visiting a church in Abbeville to witness our nephews first communion and the worst thing happened. A young man walked into the church armed. The fear and uncertainty as my family, and others kn attendance and I ducked under the pew was something I can't even explain! Thank GOD no shots were fired because he was detained in time and no one was harmed! God covered us and protected us and I can't tell you how grateful I am. He is SO good! Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms especially my own....out there holding it down! I see you! 📸 @jordanneguerinphotography

It’s insane the amount of PET Plastics I use on a daily basis! Polyethylene Terephthalate, also known as PET, is typically used for beverage containers such as water, food containers, and personal hygiene products. But what if I told you PET plastics are more eco-friendly than glass and aluminum and recycling PET plastic is the best, and easiest, way to help the environment? And that PET Plastics can be 100% recycled? Here are some cool facts and best practices for PET: To identify a PET plastic container, look for the #1 etched on the packaging. This can normally be found on the bottom of the container. Be sure to rinse your PET containers to prep them for recycling! And make sure you keep the lid or cap on, so it can be recycled with the bottle. Recycling practices vary from city to city, so make it a habit to check your local recycling programs to find out how to recycle as much as possible. Sponsored by Positively PET #DITL #MomLife #ad #CleanLiving

I kid I kid! So grateful for my village that allows me to do what I do! And Moms, in case you don't hear it enough. Keep holding it down, you're doing amazing! To the 4 girls who made me a mom, I love yall endlessly! Celebrating motherhood this weekend and always... #blessed. Dresses from @ivycityco

My thing you know my order by heart and still manage to mess it up?! Haha I love you bae, but really? @jfusilie

Anyone else experiencing sleep regression?! I've got a parent hack for that! Charlotte’s been experiencing sleep regression and we’ve FINALLY found something that’s been helping! Nanit recently released a new feature called predictive pairing. It links our Nanit Pro Camera and it’s companion Sound + Light Machine together and allows the Pro Camera to recognize when she’s awake and sits up, triggering the sound+light machine to turn red to signal to her that it is not yet time to rise. When it’s ok to wake, the machine will turn green and signal that the day can begin! It’s so innovative and it works! Here’s to more sleep during the night for us all! Check it out for yourself, the link is in my bio! #NanitPartner

Here's my thing...Why you worried about what's in my cup?! It's MY cup!😂 Also, not me wearing a fitted dress for the first time in forever 😜🤪 #couplehumor #couplejokes #marriedlife

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