Brittney Fusilier

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Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for visiting my page! So many amazing things happening, glad to have you on this journey with me! Head over to my blog!:)

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Happy Sunday! Remember to smile today.❤️ It’s clear that Emily thinks Murphy is her bestie. Haha murph, he’s the most patient, gentle pup you’ll ever meet, and im so grateful for that. He definitely was like ok sis, it’s enough at the end of the video though 😂😂😂 the bestie he never asked for! Our favorite sweatshirt is from @showmeyourmumu!

JD and I have always been pretty attached at the hip, haha going back to our pharmacy school days. But this attachment hits different with kids. Haha It’s more about where do I think I’m about to go being almost 20 weeks pregnant, with 3 kids that all require being safely buckled up in their car seats all by myself? Then when you get to the destination you’ve got to do it all over again. Nahhh… the nanny left early so I can’t leave them… so we can just stay home and figure this thing out when daddy gets home, because… I’m literally out of breath just thinking about it. 😭😂 This pregnancy has my energy tapped, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!🥰🥰 take it easy, they said. 😏

I’ve been having so much fun dressing my bump, and @jcpenney has been making it easier than ever to find stylish and cute pieces for all the occasions! I’m loving all 3 dresses and trying to decide which one I’ll wear for our actual Valentine’s date! Which one are you thinking? #JCPFam #JCPPartner #allatjcp

#AD Cough and cold season is in full throttle, and I can’t help but try my best to be prepared! @Vicks_us products have been a staple to our family for years and I’m thankful that @cvspharmacy has our go-to products! Here’s to stocking up our medicine cabinets and preparing for cough and cold season all winter long!

Y’all. Idk how many times I walk into a room and find my husband doing the most our baby girls?🤣 Like sir, their hands work, why are you holding their iPads? Haha. But I secretly love it, the way he loves them, protects them. He’s setting the bar high and I’m not mad about it. I pray that our girls never settle and always know their worth. Because the way he loves us, whew, I just couldn’t imagine it any other way.❤️

Primary Room Transformation in progress! When we chatted with our interior designer with the vibe we wanted for our primary wing I told him I wanted luxury boutique hotel/oasis vibes. I wanted our entire wing to feel like an private retreat! Well, let me just tell you… its giving staycation vibes on the regular and we aren’t even done yet! @jefftaaffedesigns shared that his goal in any build is to over design and under decorate. It’s when you put more emphasis on the build design than on the decor and let the room as a whole make a statement versus just decor overload. It’s in line with the less is more concept. We have a few more structural plans that we plan to do with this space that hope will be completed in the next month or so, but I can’t lie… I’m already in LOVE! P.S. Our @cozyearth duvet and sheet set feel like heaven, literally my holy grail. I’ve been lazy am haven’t added all the pillows and blankets yet, haha but I can’t lie… my bed may never get made up after all of that is added! 😂 My code to save is CE-BRITTNEY! Rug is from @loloirugs! 😍😍😍

I can’t lie, even with this being my 4th pregnancy, the crazy comments still have me speechless sometimes. Haha. Mom of soon to be 4. That’s wild! I was telling someone the other day, now that Emily is completely weaned and she’s approaching 2, it’s now that I’m getting the full effects of what having 3 kiddos on the go feels like. Haha. To think we are adding another to the mix…the further along I get, I’m definitely getting nervous haha but so so excited! As an only child, to wake up to a full house a chaos is something special! I’m curious! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard someone say to a pregnant lady? Haha

# Ad Is anyone else’s significant other a big baby when sick? JD is for sure! Haha. #ZicamPartner He’s usually a hot mess at the onset of a cold, haha and luckily I know exactly what he needs! Zicam! Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Spray is my go to for him. I give it at the first sign of a cold, one of the only cold medicines that shortens colds!🙌🏽 Now, we wait for him to realize he’s actually going to be OK! Be sure to pick up Zicam this cold and cough season!

Self Care Monday was an absolute HIT today, honey!!! One of my goals for this year was to start taking better care of my natural hair. I had been dodging getting a good wash and trim because I thought I was going to have to cut all of my hair and start over, but was pleasantly surprised! I did a private home visit with @vbabyyyy_ where she came to our home and she did not disappoint. I got the shampooo of a lifetime, deep condition, trim and then braided back up for my infamous unit😝. It’s always gonna be the protective style for me! She also serviced two of my lace units and to be honest, I’m over here feeling a million bucks!🤣😝 One thing that I’ve shared in my stories is that I suffer from a condition called trichotillomania where I twirl my edges and it causes breakage. I’ll be using Jijoba oil, sweet oil and @inala oil to grow out my edges! I’ve been super self conscious about it and would honestly just took it away but now I’m taking on the disorder head first! Let’s go! But anywho! Some people have asked who makes my units? Where do I get the hair from! The answer is @vbabyyyy_! She can literally do it all, and if you aren’t local, she ships! She’s challenged me to switch up my looks this year, so get ready! We about to have some fun! Haha I think! What style should we try next?

Want to know my ultimate shopping with toddlers at Target parent hack? As soon as you get into the store, get them a snack! Emily’s favorite is the @onceuponafarm Immunity Blend pouches! Not only do they taste great, they are nutritious, cold-pressed snacks that kids of all ages love and parents trust! They are also convenient to grab on the go! Even better, they are on sale at Target until January 21!🙌🏽 Be sure to visit a Target near you to stock up! #ofarmpartner #FarmtoFridge #noaddedsugar

Lucky 7. That’s what we’re calling this year. 7 years being married to the absolute love of my life. This life we are building together is better than my wildest dreams. I could go on and on about our love, but what’s understood doesn’t need to be explain. My king. It’s always been you! I love you forever. Happy Anniversaryyyyy! Here’s to many many more! P.S. Thank you for making our weekend extra special. I was shook when I chose pizza over crawfish, but I’ll have to admit…I’m excited for the ring upgrade!🥰😌🥰 y’all know we like a custom experience, so we will definitely take y’all along this custom ring experience too!🙈🥰😘

Family days are our favorite!🥰🥰🥰 it’s kind of hard to beat Saturday’s like this! It’s our anniversary weekend and we are so grateful. Each year together just keeps getting better and better! 3 beautiful daughters with baby #4 soon to join our crazy crew. Its still wild to see how far we’ve come. God is so good!🥰🥰 @jfusilie, I love you more than life!

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