Brittny Hiatt

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Bartender and coctail curator in Dallas, TX. Quarentine creative, meets forager, finder, seeker, embiber.

Location Dallas, TX South
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 29, 2020
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Thank you for empowering women. I accept the challenge @yes_liketheseason you sweet angel. I have made a hard choice to step down from my job today to further the pursuit of women with children without assistance or relief. I have always been incredibly filled with emotion on this subject and it’s time I take my passion into play. Please think positive thoughts for the women and children I will strive to serve. I feel incredibly proud of the women in Syria who are protecting each other. There is so much help needed close and far. The sooner we start helping the brighter our future will be. All Children’s Lives Matter.

I do not pray but I would if it could make this any better. I am heavy hearted right now.

What a crazy life it has been. What an extreme year. I am so thankful for every low because I learned so much, even though every mistake in life still keeps me awake, every single night. I do try and live in the successes. Success for me has always involved you. The people I love so extremely much. I am so people rich it’s dumb. That’s why I believe in us even when things get beyond hard, disparaging, and down right uncircumventable. I don’t know what is in store for my second lifetime but I am dreaming of everything incredible for you, and me, but especially for every child. We need to do this for them. And for all things beautiful.

Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk too much:

I am definitely also here for every single, out of work hospitality human. It’s time to help our fam and I support them and their families. Pass this along. I believe this is what the American Dream is made of. Like Sees Like http://Uwfd.Squarespace.Com

Come to @940skc so I can make you Harry Daniel shots, giant Ranch Waters and maybe a Fernet, while I tell you I wish it was Malort. If you can’t stop by please write a 5 star review for a place you meant to, but forgot bc you had such a great time... Please Gasss Up 940’s, your local spots and your hospitality fam. I love you so much!

Women Crushing it Wednesday Y’all. This group is not stopping or slowing down now. I am proud of all of you and can’t wait to see what you do in the future!!! Go vote for us for Best Mixed Drinks and Best Drink Menu *Best of Denton County!!!!

Ranchwaters and Beth Marie’s with thee peoples.

This child.

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