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Hey babe! I’m Tatum. I’m a social media influencer, blogger and vlogger passionate about helping people all around the world turn their travel dreams into reality. I circle the globe full-time promoting scenic destinations, affordable hotels, and brands that encompass all things travel on my blog! My overall goal is to inspire babes to get out of their comfort zones and travel the world—on their own terms. I want traveling to feel more attainable and relatable to the average person!

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2022–the hardest yet most rewarding year of my life. I had the privilege of bringing the most beautiful baby girl into this world with a loving partner by my side. Each and every moment we’ve spent together over the last 8 months has been nothing short of magical. But just as life happens, it’s also taken away. I’ve experienced so much heartache, stress, and mental health lows while simultaneously feeling unconditional love, true fulfillment and happiness. What a fucking whirlwind it’s been 😅 Salem has taught me so much this year that I’ll be taking into 2023… — How to have more patience with myself and others — How to slow down, be present and soak up every seemingly mundane moment — How to see magic and excitement in the small things Just to name a few… Thank you sweet Salem for being the teacher I didn’t know I needed, and especially for making me a mom 😭 Thank you to @sinagoodarzi for being the greatest dad and never leaving my side when things got too hard… or when our sleep deprivation got the best of us 🤪 Salem doesn’t realize yet how lucky she is 🥹 I’m not sure how we will top this year but I’m going into it with an open mind, kinder heart and hopefully, more sleep 🥲

Just when I feel like I’m getting my head above water—life has a way of pulling you back under. Yesterday, we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to the best boy 😭 After getting in some diluted chemical water we rushed him to the vet only to find out he had been silently dealing with DCM, something extremely common in the Doberman breed. One day he was a perfectly happy and seemingly healthy dog, and the next, he’s gone. In hindsight—there were a few signs that could have been a cause for concern—but it’s like going into the doctors office for a cough and asking them to check for cancer. DCM affects up to 48% of Dobermans and there is a hereditary component to it—which basically means there was nothing we could do but give you the best and most fulfilled life possible. The vet said it was just a coincidence that he got into the chemical water and the universe has its way of working itself out in the weirdest ways. If he hadn’t gotten into the water—he would have only had a few more months to live and one day we’d wake up to him being gone without any understanding of why. The best case scenario would have been you, in and out of hospitals with no possibility of returning to your normal self. No more doing the one thing you loved in the whole world which was playing fetch with your orange ball ☹️ I would do anything and I mean ANYTHING to throw that ball for you one last time 😓 Sadly, Sina and I had to make the decision to let you go. I never imagined spending your last moments together in a sterile vet office with nothing but pain in your eyes. At least we were there to love, hold and be the last thing you saw before you crossed that rainbow 🌈 bridge. This pain feels all too familiar yet so different this time. I hate thinking that I have to live with the memory of you longer than I was able to know you. I would say that I love you more than you loved us but we all know that’s not possible. The silence is deafening without you. I doubt I’ll make it to heaven, but if I do—please save some energy for us to play ball again. I love you more than your big heart will ever know—until we meet again 💔

My first post in over 7 months 😳— took some time off to reevaluate everything and obviously, I had a baby 😂 When I started this page/ my blog over 6 years ago—my intention was to always make travel feel more attainable and relatable to the average person, yet here I am sitting on my couch with no real travel 🧭 plans in sight. I find myself mourning the loss of the person I once was—a spontaneous adventure traveler 🧳 who would pick up and go whenever I felt like it. I’d book last minute trips, visit friends all over the world 🌎 and never bat an eye 👁 Summers were filled with road trips 🚗, music 🎶 festivals and weekend getaways… Then I became a parent…and all of that changed. Some people would say that going from 1-2 kids is hard, but going from a fully functioning adult 👩🏻 to now a parent 🤰🏻who is solely responsible for keeping another person alive has been extremely hard 😔 I feel like Covid stripped me of my travel ✈️ plans—I wasn’t able to hit 30 countries before my 30th birthday and I realized that I haven’t been out of the country since 2018 😭 It’s okay to mourn the person you once were, but instead of wallowing in all the “what ifs” and “should haves” I’m going to embrace this new found love 💗 of being a mother and seeing the world 🗺 through my little girls eyes 🥺A statement I never thought 💭 I’d get to make. She’s not a burden but instead, a teacher who challenges me each and every day to get out of my comfort zone and reinvent the woman I use to be 🤩 So..to the woman I once was—thank you for building a foundation where I feel mentally and physically capable of taking on this new role and prepping me for a lifetime of travel and new experiences. I can’t wait to explore the world with you my sweet Salem 🥲… And I hope you guys will come along for the journey! 💜

Happy birthday 🎉 to ME! Wanna know a secret?! I was crying 😢 last night in the shower 🚿 and no it wasn’t because of my raging hormones 🤪 I’ve been so overwhelmed with life lately that pregnancy has actually been the easiest part of it all 😯 I was fully prepared to spend my birthday 🎂 feeling stressed but then… I woke up this morning to the best neighbor dropping off a gift 🎁 at 7:30 am, and an inbox 📨 full of the sweetest messages from the best friends and family 😭😭 At that moment I realized that yes, life is fucking hard sometimes 😣—not just for me but for most people. The difference is, I have friends all over the world 🌍 who are there to love 💕 and support me even through the dark times 🥺 and they never let me forget what a badass I am 😝 Idgaf if it’s corny or cliche. It’s true. You guys know who you are and I’m forever grateful for this roller coaster 🎢 of a life with y’all by my side 💕 So instead of wallowing in the chaos that’s been my life for the past 4 months, I’m celebrating 🥳 (in the most sober way possible 🥴). A beautiful baby girl on the way, an amazing new kitchen that should be done ✅ any day, a fiancé that treats me like a queen 👑 and the best friends and family a baby mama could ask for! Thank you to everyone who has and will continue to celebrate ME today! I love you 🥰 PS. Bump pic in NYC 🤰🏻

I guess the only thing I’m gonna be for Halloween 👻 this year is SOBER 🥲😂🥳 (peep the last pic to see how times have changed 😅) #OGbabygirl due April 2022 💖 PS. Posting these close to Halloween to give a slight hint at her name 🧙🏻‍♀️ PSS. Yes sorry, all my IG videos of me drinking have been fake 😝 since Las Vegas. I’m just happy to finally quit living a double life 🙂

They don’t call @vegas Sin City 😈 for nothin 😝 this trip ( and every trip before it) just goes to show that ANYTHING is possible when you’re in Las Vegas 😂 Here are some tips for your next trip (if traveling soon): 🎉 Book reservations well in advance—a lot of the good shows, restaurants and pool parties get sold out 🎉 Have an even girl/guy ratio if you wanna do anything—sorry guys but women are definitely superior here 😘😘 🎉 If you’re wanting to do any type of partying, reach out to a promoter on IG to get free entry. Thanks @hooman_viphost for hooking us up 🤩 🎉 Check the dress code + rules for all places including restaurants. I learned the hard way that they are VERY strict! 🎉 Don’t be a thirsty bitch because it’s hot as hell there! Hydrate 💧💧 (then you can drown yourself in alcohol 😬) 🎉 Its pretty expensive to eat & drink so expect to spend some money 💰 especially if you like to gamble 😝 but drinks are free while gambling so add $10 into a slot machine and drink up! 🎉 Remember, you can do anything but you can’t do everything! Take in as much or as little as possible and enjoy Vegas for what it is! Did this help? Reach out to me if you need some suggestions on where to go, what to see etc! This was my 7th time here and won’t be my last 😜😈🎉😻 #whathappensinvegas #lasvegas #vegaspoolparty #wetrepubliclasvegas

🎶 In Newwwww Yoorrrrk 🎶 Oh shit wait, we’re in Chicago 😂 One of many jokes from this past week in Chi Town visiting random girls front the internet 😬 Actually, we’re way more than just random internet friends. For the past 2 + years we’ve all been brought together thanks to @thetravelcoachnetwork to work on our businesses hand in hand ✋🏼 while cheering 📣 each other on. If Covid taught me ANYTHING—it’s that life is too fucking short to wait and good friends are few and far between 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m so lucky 🍀 to have people like this in my life (as well as all my other amazing 🤩 friends) to support me in every crazy adventure I pursue. Thank you @sahararosethetravelcoach for cultivating a community like this! And if for some reason you’re hesitating on a decision right now (whatever it might be) I say, FUCKING DO IT 🥳🥳 Now, who wants some recommendations for visiting 📍Chicago?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

The only reason I’m posting is to wish the most handsome man in the world a very Happy 3️⃣0️⃣th Birthday 🎉🥳 Yes, I’m only 6 months older than you and you never let me forget it 😂 but all I can say is thank you for every selfless act, every hard working minute and every form of love 💕 you give me 🥺 It’s days like today where I truly believe you were born to do amazing things but selfishly, born to be mine. I love you more than I could ever put into words as cliché as that sounds 😅 Happy birthday 🎁 @sinagoodarzi, there is no one else’s shit I’d rather put up with forever 😝

I'll never forget taking my first European train ride from Amsterdam to Brussels... I remember pulling up in the train station, excited for a new city in a new country, only to be greeted by men in armored outfits holding big guns. What a great first impression right? The bombings in Paris had just happened a few months before this, and fast forward to only ONE WEEK after leaving Europe, there were bombings in that exact train station I arrived in. This realization was scary, to say the least. But an even bigger realization I had was that BAD THINGS HAPPEN EVERYWHERE. One criticism I used to get all the time was "it's too dangerous to travel", "you'll get kidnapped being a woman and alone", + so many other variations of these comments. I feel like THIS is one of the key factors that hold people back from traveling...but the truth is, bad things happen everywhere. I was in Orlando when the shootings at Pulse Nightclub happened. A place I used to frequent when I lived there. I left Italy THE DAY they had a massive earthquake. Call me bad luck 😂 or extremely lucky but the point is to show you that anything can happen at any time, anywhere in the world. Did I EVER let these experiences define my future travels? No. Did I research more, learn to trust my intuition, and be a little more cautious? Yes. Common sense plays a huge roll in being "safe" while traveling. Don't go out and get drunk, walk down a dark alley and just think--wow, I'm being fearless! I truly believe the way you're meant to leave this Earth will play out exactly as it will, and I'll never allow fear, self-doubt, and especially, other people's opinions to hold me back. Do your research, confide in others who have gone and done the things you want to do, TRUST yourself, and most importantly, keep traveling. So, do you think I'm crazy? 😂😜 . . #backpackingeurope #trainstation #europetrip #eurotravel #backpack #budgettravel #fearless #fearlessmotivation #bonvoyagebabes

No way?? I’m not staying in one of those…have you SEEN the movie? Yes, I have seen the movie and pretty sure I fell asleep watching it because I got bored. The dreaded, scary word: Hostels. Okay, it does sound kind of Texas Chainsaw massacre(ish) but please do not be fooled. Hostels are wonderful for traveling and here's why. 💜 Affordable: If you're traveling on a budget, you can't beat the price. 💜 Meeting others: If you're traveling solo or even with some friends, this is a great way to meet other travelers! *bonus tip* book one with a bar and you'll be sure to find some new friends 😂 💜 Events: They usually set up icebreaker events like a Pub Crawl. Movie Night, or free walking tour which another fun way to make friends and site see around a new city without doing it alone. 💜 LOCATION: You can find ones that are in PRIME locations to either walk to sites, public transportation, restaurants, bars, etc. 💜 Flexibility: Something most places don't offer. You can literally walk into a hostel off the street, and if they have a room available you can book it right away! No secret resort fees or usually, cancellation fees. 💜 Private Rooms: If you don't feel comfortable staying in a dorm room, most places offer private rooms so you get the best of both (the communal aspect as well as more privacy) 💜 Meals/Kitchens: Not all but a lot of hostels have a community kitchen or some type of way to prepare your own food which saves you a ton instead of constantly eating out! Hostels do come with some downsides though: ✖ Noise: Doors slamming at all hours, people snoring, people screwing haha you get the idea... ✖ Sharing: Shared bathrooms, bedrooms, spaces--if you aren't comfortable changing, sleeping or basically living with others for a few nights then maybe hostels aren't for you. Amsterdam was the first place I had ever stayed in one, and continued to stay in them throughout my entire trip--so... did I scare you away? Hopefully not! Hostels are one of my FAV ways to meet people while traveling while also staying on budget! Most are sticking to strict COVID guidelines as well so my question is... Would you stay in a hostel? Why or why not?

This trip brought on so many firsts.. ...so many chances to break free of my comfort zone 🚫 and that’s exactly what I did. I had my 1st hostel experience, went on my 1st foreign pub 🍺 crawl with strangers, walked around the city 🌃 ate lunch 🥙 , and partied 🎉 all by myself. It was the most exhilarating experience and it had only just begun! I ended up meeting two US guys at a museum (that ended up being closed for construction 🚧) and started chatting with them briefly. Before I knew it, they had “adopted me” for the rest of the day. Over the next 8 hours, we shared stories of our lives, went on numerous adventures around town and almost got kicked out of a bar for being “loud” 🤣 Afterwards, we said our goodbyes, I helped them pick out trinkets for their wife and kids, and thanked them for their incredible hospitality. I let go of all expectations.🙅‍♀️ I had no real agenda while in Amsterdam but the universe showered me with opportunities, simply for stepping out of my comfort zone. I knew this was the start of a life-changing trip. Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat! 💜 Amazing things happen when you step outside the realm of “comfortable”. Was I scared 😥 to walk around a new city in a foreign country with complete strangers? Actually, no. I was just happy to have some company instead of wandering the streets + visiting museums alone. It all comes down to perspective. I was able to turn any negative thoughts into positive ones--reframing the "what ifs" because my desire to have an amazing trip outweighed any doubts or negative thoughts I had. ACTION STEP: If you have social anxiety, next time you're out in public, just simply compliment someone else. That could lead to a conversation or hell, even a friendship or opportunity. Take your dog to the dog park and find someone to chat with, sing up for a fun local class of some sort and introduce yourself to a few people there. It's okay to dip your toes in and just keep trying! This is like a skill, it takes time, perserverance and practice for you to see results. Have you ever sparked up a convo with a stranger? If so, how did it go? ⬇⬇

Before I take you on the journey overseas--let's talk money 💲 Everyone assumes it's expensive to travel, but have you ever asked someone how much their trip costs? 🤔 In episode 25 of @20tilltakeoff, Leisa talks about opening up and having conversations about money. "When we aren't talking about it, we aren't learning about it" she states. There is a HUGE stigma around money talk--but we can break this cycle by showing sincere curiosity. You might be surprised 😳 by the answer! Experiences or destinations you thought were out of your reach might very well be attainable. Going back to my previous post—just ask! So, how did I budget for this trip? I made it my top priority! "If it's important to you, you'll find a way, if it's not, you'll find an excuse." I saved, I made choices not to participate in certain activities, and I cut out unnecessary BS spending. People use money as an EXCUSE, yet turn around and blow $100 at Target 🙄 Budgeting takes discipline, research, and consistency--but it is all attainable if you decide it's worth it (and trust me it is!) Can you guess how much I spent on my entire trip?? This number included all my activities, transportation once I got to Europe (planes, trains, and buses), food + drinks, accommodations, and some shopping. The answer: $5,000 roughly. What do you think about this number? Too much? Not enough? Completely unattainable? ACTION STEPS for any type of travel: ✈️ The next time someone goes on a trip you're interested in--politely ask them how much they spent. ✈️ Do your research and create a budget ✈️ Make travel a PRIORITY and save what you can! Change your relationship and mindset with money and watch how your life changes! 🤑 Let me know in the comments what you think about the number I gave you and come at me with any questions you have! I'm here to help! ⬇⬇ . . #europetravel #moneymindset #moneytalk #mindsetmatters #mindsetiseverything #backpacking #budgettravel #bonvoyagebabes

✈ First Stop on my Backpacking Trip: Boston, MA Here I am, about to embark on a month-long journey around Europe, but first, a flight to Boston. Why does this part of the journey even matter? Well, everyone meet @brooke_n_bones. She and I met through a mutual friend, but only over the phone. We had Facetimed a couple of times but never actually met in real life... When I found out I was flying through Boston --I decided, WTH, I don't even really know this girl but I'm gonna see if she wants to be my 6-hour tour guide. Not only did I ask her to show me around a city I've never been to, but even asked if she could drive us everywhere 😂 The fears I had: 😓 What if she says no? 😓 What if she's really annoying? 😓 What if we don't get along? 😓 What if I miss my flight? So many what-ifs running through my head 🤪 How did I overcome this? Well, by just asking. Because really, what's the worst that could happen? We get so caught up in the fear of rejection or judgment that we end up missing an amazing opportunity. Luckily I didn't miss out on this one--she picked me up, we drove around to some places I found online, and had a fucking blast. And guess what? We're still good friends to this day. 👯‍♂️ Getting out of my comfort zone brought me a friendship that will last a lifetime (it better last that long 😉) + a place to crash when I want to revisit. Since this trip, she's visited me multiple times in Georgia, and I've flown up to explore Salem, MA + Rhode Island with her. How many times do we make friendships online and never act on them? (not the creepy ones) How many times have you talked yourself out of something because of fear of rejection or the unknown? ACTION STEP: FUCKING ASK. This goes for anything in your life! Ask for that raise, for that time off, for help, for love, for anything you've been hiding behind--because what's the worst that could happen? Thank you @brooke_n_bones for being an incredible friend & guide! Has this post helped you? LMK in the comments! . . #backpackingadventures #backpackingeurope #fearlessmotivation #fearlesstravel #bonvoyagebabes #eurotrip #europevacations #boston #massachusetts

In this series, you will learn how I: ✈️ Backpacked around Europe in the dead of winter (and what I brought) ✈️ Got over my fear of traveling solo ✈️ Was able to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone ✈️ Met new and old friends along the way ✈️ Budgeted for 30 days ✈️ Planned out my itinerary ✈️ Was able to kick fear to the curb ✈️ Maneuvered through different cities with no cell phone service + so much more! Even if you've been following me for a while, my business mission has kind of changed. I still want to make travel more attainable and relatable to the average person (who isn't a blogger) but I want to hone in on the fear/comfort zone aspect. The top reasons why people don't travel more are: money 💲, time ⌚ and fear 😓 So I want to address all of these!! This series will consist of real-life experiences that I've had--no fluffed BS! I want to give you REALISTIC practices I used and RAW stories to show you that it's not as scary as it seems. Was the entire trip perfect? Absolutely fucking not. I had one huge meltdown 😭 and a ton of mistakes that happened along the way--and I'm here to share it all with you. 🚨DISCLAIMER🚨 I know this trip isn't practical amidst a pandemic, but all of these stories, practices, and experiences can be exercised in everyday life, and hell, it can help you prep for your next adventure. 😍 So--are you ready to relive this journey with me, learn more about traveling solo and finally flip off your fears?! . . #backpacking #backpackingeurope #budgettravel #hostel #europe #eurotrip

A true winter ❄️ wonderland ⛄️ If you’re headed out on a ski 🎿 trip this season—look no further than my ultimate ski trip packing guide (#linkinbio) 😘 I’ll be honest, I completely overpacked for this trip which is something I NEVER 👎🏼 do..but I’m chronically cold 🥶 and was nervous about freezing on the mountain 🏔 I put together a comprehensive list of things to bring to make sure you stay warm and COMFORTABLE on and off the slopes 🤗 ❌ Don’t be like us and have to pay an extra $100 on the way back because our luggage 🧳 was too heavy 🙄 Here are a few tips: ❄️Packing cubes: they will save you so much space and keep shit organized ❄️ Wear your ski jacket and snow boots on the plane to save space in your suitcase! ❄️ Pack half of what you originally packed! I’m serious—you won’t wear 1/2 the stuff you bring! You can still be bougie while on a budget 😝 because fuck, skiing is expensive 🤑 Let me know if you want a guide to @steamboatcolorado 😘❄️⛷ . . #skitrip #skitrippackinglist #packingtips #packinghacks #steamboatsprings #colorado #snowday

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