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Wife. Mom. Online shopper & sharer of things that make life a little easier + sharing stories that make you 😂. PODCAST coming soon @thebigbaintheory

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This weekend, as my entire family gathered for my cousin’s wedding in Denver, my mom and dad told me some incredible stories about their escape from Vietnam. These were stories I had never heard before and I was blown away. I cried a few times imagining myself in their shoes and I don’t know if I could have been strong or brave enough. I used to be embarrassed by our “weird” non-American traditions but now I am proud of them. I want to raise my kids with the same respect and appreciation for these beautiful Vietnamese traditions. I’m so thankful for parents who were brave beyond belief and for this life they gave me.

My cute (and single) sister came to visit this week. She’s always the most supportive of my kids and they’re so lucky to have her. We laughed and we cried this week and it was just about perfect. Cheers to seeing her again in two weeks in LA.

Years ago, when we first started our online boutique, I was doing the photography so it became a little hobby of mine. Then for a brief moment, I got into portraits and that was fun but too much work. I still love taking photos but glad I can do it just for fun now. You guys seem to love the before and after so swipe left and you can see how I cloned the grass so the bright spots were gone. I’ll be showing you how to do this on the tutorial coming soon. Kyson has been loving his dirt bike. So much so that we may be getting some when we head back to Austin. The ear to ear smile he has while riding is something I want to see year round. I’m grateful to have family here to take my kids to do all the fun things I’m too lazy to do. 🤣♥️

Looking at this photo, you may think TJ and I were on some remote island vacation right? Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and there were about a hundred other people there. Either way, we had a lot of fun exploring Hamilton Pool. Swipe left to see the before image. 😱 EDIT: I’ve got lots of messages to see how I’ve done this. If you want me to do a little video, comment below and I’ll what I can do 😉

This guy. We try to celebrate him always but for Father’s Day, we made him a little video and I’m happy to say he cried his little heart out. We feel so blessed to have someone who loves us as fiercely as he does. We feel safe and loved because of the way he loves us. Happy Father’s Day to him and to all fathers out there. ♥️ Swipe watch the video ☺️

Welp, there you have it. All three kids in school all day long! I can’t believe how quiet it is in my house 😱 Am I sad about my baby going to kindergarten and my oldest going to middle school? Sure, I am. But I think I’ll feel better once I take a nice, hot, quiet, undisturbed bath with aromatherapy and zen music and then enjoy a nice lunch without anyone asking me for a bite or two or three. Yeah, I think I’ll be just fine.

Another fantastic week in Lake Powell ♥️ So grateful for this family I married into. Not everyone could handle a full week with their in laws but I’m proud to say I’ve got the greatest of them all!

Tatum and I got to sleep over at the San Antonio Zoo the other day with her Girl Scout troop. We met a few of the animals and got a special night tour of the zoo too! It was our first time to the SA zoo and it was so fun! I seriously learned SO much - like did you know when kangaroo joeys are born, they’re only the size of a jelly bean and they have to climb up their mama’s into the pouch without any help? 😱 Yeah, me either! I also saw a bunch of animals I had never even heard of like the okapi, tenrec, and cassowary. Animals are so incredible and this trip gave me even more love and respect for them ♥️

It’s this guy’s 40th birthday today and I’m so sad he isn’t even here to celebrate! He’s in Sydney for 10 days for a work retreat and having the time of his life! If you know TJ, you love him because you can’t help but feel genuinely loved and accepted by him. He has a gift of really understanding people he meets and he truly sees them for who they are. He is patient, selfless, and kind. He sucks at putting away my laundry after he washes and folds it but, hey, we can’t all be perfect. And sometimes when he cleans the toilets on Saturdays, he doesn’t clean all the pee off the sides, but again, I’m slowly teaching him 😜. I’ve always been pretty self confident but this guy is the reason I am the way I am. Just knowing someone like TJ always has my back, always believes in me, and always thinks I’m beautiful is all I need in this life. When your husband is your # 1 fan and really shows you, you can’t help but feel like you can do anything. ♥️ He really is the BEST person in the world. And it doesn’t hurt that, even at 40, he’s got the best body ever! ☺️ Happy birthday to my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate!

When they have props and ask you to take a photo, you reply with YEEHAW! It felt like a thousand degrees today and we were all sweating but we got free hot dogs and toys so all in all, I’d say it was a win! 🙌🏼

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