Lisa Bonny

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🍃Motherhood and moms supporting moms 🍃Stay at Home/WFH Toddler Mama 🍃Kindness Matters 🍃 Healthy-ish Mama (because, #queso)

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📚 LOCUST LANE by Stephen Amidon 📚 Life is comfortable in the wealthy suburb of Emerson, and everyone is 'fine.' Until a young woman ends up dead. Three high school friends were with her that night, so they all come under suspicion. As police dig into the case, family secrets are unearthed, and parents will do anything to protect their kids, themselves and their reputation. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I blazed through this novel in 2 days. It was a slow burn, but everything mattered and it kept moving at a pace to keep me riveted. Honestly it would have been 5 stars for me, if not for the ending. I don't mind an open ending, but this just didn't resolve anything. If you need resolution, this is not your book. But if you like realistic fiction about drama and justice (think Little Fires Everywhere), this is your next read! Are you more of a fiction or nonfiction reader? Thanks to @celadonbooks for the ARC! Locust Lane was released last week, so you can grab it everywhere now! #bookreviews #bookstagram #bookrecommendations #bookrec #whatimreading #avidreader #seatatthestyletable #readingismyjam book review, book recommendations

We celebrated #nationalpopcornday with a popcorn snack board for lunch today. 🍿 #ad We had a popcorn flavor taste test. Ranch was my winning choice, Andrew is a diehard caramel fan, and Camden liked "all four best." 😆 Since it's National Popcorn Day, you can head to @thepopcornfactory and enter to win some of their delicious popcorn! What's your favorite flavor of popcorn? #thepopcornfactory #snackboard #snackboardideas #snacksonsnacks #kidsnackifeas #popcornlove #mylifeandhomedays

It's been a bit quiet around here recently, because we had a lot of big, hard stuff happening. Just last week, I had a medical procedure that was both good and bad, Lawson got a 2nd degree burn from touching a hot coffee pot, and Cam and I both got food poisoning. Then, late last week, Andrew's grandma/Cam's great-grandma passed away. Cam loved his great-grandma, and he's been pretty sad that she's gone. When Andrew went to visit her the last time, Cam drew/painted a bunch of srt and told daddy, "tell great grandma she can take these with her when she dies, so she'll always remember me." 😭😭 Her husband, Cam's great-grandpa just passed away in October, so there's a lot of sadness. I think people forget how loving, how attached, how attuned, how smart, how intuitive, how intelligent young kids are. They love big. They love hard. And I want to protect them from everything, which makes it so, so, so impossibly hard when we lose someone and have to guide our littles through sadness and grief. ❤ So that's what's happening over here. It's quiet online, but it's loud and messy here. The whole house is pretty deregulated after all that, so it's chaos. This is a photo of the first time Camden met his great-grandma 🧡. His favorite memory of her: "Every time we went over to have lunch with her and she always had ICE CREAM and COOKIES." She never let kids leave her house without treats. #kidsaresmart #emotionalmoments #kidshavebigemotions #greatgrandma #motherhoodishard #learningthroughlife #regulatingemotions #mylifestyleofdesign

It's that time of year: time to remember that you're great just the way you are, and you don't need to change 🙌 I want 'slow'and 'less' in 2023, so I can enjoy who I am, who my family is, and what I enjoy. #ad I'm partnering with @atkinsnutritionals because they're here for that too. Follow them or check out all their socials/website for easy recipes that taste good. No need to 'focus on health' or any of that resolution BS; just grab some good recipes and start the new year slow and easy.  They just posted a delicious looking Greek salad that's on our menu now for next week! Is 'slowing down' part of your 2023 plan? #easydinner #dinnerideas #sameoldme #mycozywinterhomeview #chilly_fridays #NEWyearSAMEme #AtkinsAnytime #Atkins #its2023 #2023goals

When that ball dropped at midn- Scratch that. Who am I kidding? I didn't make it until midnight. Let's try again. When I woke up on New Year's Day, it was a new year and... I'm still me. The same amazing me I was last year. You won't catch me making big 'resolutions' over here. But you WILL catch me doing more of the things that make me feel happy and healthy and that make me 'me', like: reading books, going for walks, spending time with my boys, and making new recipes. I'm following @atkinsnutritionals for recipes that make my body and family feel good. I'm not starting a 'diet,' I'm not worrying about weight, none of that January BS. Just finding good recipes that my family enjoys. Bonus: it's all free (because the last thing we all need after the holidays is to throw money at something else). Are you a fan of 'resolutions' in January? #newyear #mamaforlife #momlife #iamwhoiam #NEWyearSAMEme #AtkinsAnytime #ad #lowcarb #Atkins #keto #keepgoing #youarebeautiful

Are you a parent who lets your kids help in the kitchen, or is it one of those things that stresses you out? I'm all about the boys helping, but if Andrew is cooking, it definitely stresses him out. But I highly recommend letting them in the kitchen, because it's (a) educational, (b) fun, (c) a life skill, and (d) helps them understand what goes into a functioning household. Some tips for getting your kids in the kitchen with you: 🍴Plan for mess - teach them how to stir carefully, but understand they're learning. 🍴Crack eggs into an extra bowl. Pick out any shells before adding to baking. 🍴 Use a kid's cookbook. Simpler recipes, more photos, more explanations. 🍴 For toddlers, pre-measure ingredients into little bowls or measuring cups while they're napping. Then let them add all the ingredients and stir. 🍴 Let them get creative. If you're making chocolate chip cookies and they ask to add marshmallows, why not? They'll never learn what works and what doesn't if they don't try! Keep an eye on my stories to see all the fun creations Cam is making in the kitchen! Some are delicious, some are... experimental 😆

"What does it help with?" "Everything!" A new book will solve all your problems... or at least help you avoid reality for a while 😆 These 6 January releases are some of my FAVORITE reads from last year (advanced reader copies): ❄ January 3 ❄ The Villa by Rachel Hawkins (thriller) The Stranded (YA/dystopian) ❄ January 24 ❄ Georgie All Along (romance - soooo good) ❄ January 31 ❄ - Maame (literary fiction - think 'Remarkably Bright Creatures' or 'Carrie Soto') - Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun (no. 3 in series - my favvvvve series) - Exiles by Jane Harper (crime fiction by the BEST crime writer. So so so good) If you want more details, you can find my reviews in my 'Books 2022' highlight! This is a great month for new book releases - what are you adding to your TBR? #bookreviews #bookstagram #bookrecommendations #cantstopwontstopreading #readmorebooks #cozywinterhomedesign #netgalley #tbrshelf book reviews, book recommendations,

January birthdays: they've already gotten all the toys and you can't imagine adding more STUFF to the house. Plus, they're still playing with everything they just got for the holidays. We're steering away from toys for Camden's birthday. Instead, he asked for gift cards to places he loves to go (perfect for dreary winter days), his Oma is getting him a pass for us to take him to Legoland, and he wants every Dog Man book ever created 😆. Our big gift for him will be a science kit subscription, because (a) he LOVES science and (b) it doesn't add stuff to the house, because once you use it, it's gone! 🙌 If you want a DETAILED list of all these gift ideas, with links to my favorite options, etc,you can find them in a blog post on (link in my stories right now!) Do you have any birthdays to celebrate right after the holiday season? Best non-toy gift ideas? #nontoygifts #giftideasforkids #birthdaygiftideas #nontoygiftideas #birthdaygifts #dressmeupinwinter #januarybirthday birthdays, birthday gifts, kid gift ideas

My current ☕ obsession: Peppermint Coffee with White Chocolate Cold Foam, made with our new favorite Death Wish Coffee. #sponsored If you want the recipe - plus some awesome ways to up your gift giving game - head over to my blog to get it. The link is in my bio. My husband loves Death Wish Coffee because it is delightfully strong - no ‘extra strength’ brewing required - and I love it because it’s 100% organic + fair trade. It’s a winner all the way around. You can also just head to and grab your #DeathWishCoffeeBundle there! Do you like your coffee strong, really strong, or ridiculously strong? #deathwishcoffee #deathwishcoffeecompany #coffeeandseasons #coffeegift #coffeegiftideas #uniquegift #coffeerecipes #jollyhollywishes

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