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🍃Motherhood and moms supporting moms 🍃Stay at Home/WFH Toddler Mama 🍃Kindness Matters 🍃 Healthy-ish Mama (because, #queso)

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We've subscribed to @littlepassports Science Jr. kit for a year now, and we've also tried the Early Explorers kits and Cam has enjoyed both of them. This is his first (gifted) box from the Space Quest line. It's just as fun, interactive, educational and hands-on as all of the others - quality we've come to expect from Little Passports. There are only 6 boxes in this line, so its perfect for a 6 month subscription 🙌🏻 We'll subscribe to Science Jr. again to finish the second year, and Cam also really wants to try the cooking adventures kits. Luckily, you (and I!) can save 50% on any new subscription right now thtough this link --> with code THANKS 🦃 (aff link) I love getting a subscription box as one of the boys' gifts, because it gives them something to look forward to all year. 🙌🏻 Do your kids like subscription boxes? What are their favorites? #littlepassports #littlepassportspartner #littlepassportsspacequest #subscriptionbox #kidssubscriptionbox #momcontentcreator #momcontent #ugccreator #discoverunder20k #motherhoodunfiltered #kidgiftideas #keepitsimple #simpleholiday #christmasgiftidea #christmasmagic

Give yourself permission to say no because you just don't feel like it. Because you purposely left your plate half full. Because you left space for yourself. Because you are working gd HARD to make sure your plate doesn't come close to full. Because you are modeling to your kids how to set healthy boundaries and care for yourself. Because it's not in your (or your family's) best interest. Because, if you say no to the things you aren't interested in committing to, it leaves room on your plate for you to say yes to the things you do want to do without feeling overwhelmed. Because 'no' is a complete sentence and you don't owe anyone an explanation. Give yourself permission to say no just BECAUSE. Your mental health and happiness matter. Everyone else's opinion on you saying no or yes doesn't. What's one thing you're saying no to for the rest of the year? (Mine: 'No, we will not show up to this gathering until our children have napped. We will not skip naps just because "it's one day and you always skipped your kids' naps for holidays when they were little and it was fine." Our children are not yours, and our family is happier and healthier when the kids nap. ❤️) (4 piece holiday set is @kingofchristmas )

Slumberkins are not your typical stuffies: When people first see them, they just think "Aww, another cute stuffie." But @slumberkins are SO MUCH MORE than that. (We were gifted these Kins, but we have purchased sooo many on our own) Yes, they're cute. And they're machine washable, which is AMAZING with little kids. But Slumberkins are tools to teach your kids emotional learning. Each character has a purpose and has 2 accompanying books to help teach your child. Cam's first Slumberkin was Sprite, who teaches about loss and grief and missing someone. Cam lost his grandpa and 2 great grandparents and was having a hard time understanding and processing. When we saw him really struggling with making mistakes, we got him Yak. She helps teach that you don't have to be perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. (HOW CUTE IS HOLIDAY YAK?? 😍) When he started staying at preschool all day and was really worried about it, Alpaca came in, because Alpaca holds your worries. Alpaca is Cam's favorite, because he has a lot of anxiety, and he relies on Alpaca to help him. ❤️❤️ When we dropped Lawson off at Tumbletots, Sloth helped him learn about new routines and that mama would come back for him. Want to help your kids learnt to manage their emotions in healthy ways? 🚨BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 30% off sitewide + up to 60% off certain items!🚨 Use this link to shop the sale: Alongside stuffies + books, Slumberkins also has: - stocking stuffers (stickers, ornament kits, puzzle, coloring book, etc) - minis (small stuffies that fit perfectly in stockings!) - 2 Kinspiration kits (sensory kits) PLUS: FREE PRINTABLE ACTIVITIES for every creature SLUMBERKINS SHOW on AppleTV Grammy-nominated music album with songs that help kids regulate emotions You guys. We are all in over here. My kids watch the show, listen to the music, read the books. Cam asks for specific songs or episodes to help him deal with a big emotion. Slumberkins is for real, y'all. I really truly believe in their mission, because I've seen it work with my boys ❤️❤️ Which holiday character resonates most with you?

THE BLONDE IDENTITY by Ally Carter Synopsis: A woman wakes up on the snowy ground in Paris, with no clue who she is, how she got there, or why huge men are trying to k*ll her. When a - very hot - guy shows up and whisks her off, she learns he's a spy, so she figures she must be one too! (She's not.) In order to keep her safe, they have to pretend to be star-crossed lovers. While she tries to figure out who she is, she also has to keep fantasy separate from reality. The relationship isn't real, and they aren't actually in love - they're just trying to keep the bad guys from catching up. Right?! Hmm... My Review: I grabbed this one, because I thought it would be like the Finlay Donovan series. And it is, sort of. This is a YA author's first adult novel, so there's no steamy scenes, and the woman is at times a little too sweet-and-innocent trope. But overall, it was funny and entertaining and the spy stuff kind of feels like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was a fun read, and worth adding to your list!

🙅‍♀️ Things I said (no) to, just in the last week: 💛 hosting a family holiday get-together 🖤 adding an additional activity to our homeschool plate 💛 a collab with a brand I actually really love 🖤 volunteering for Cam's activities (scouts, basketball) Here's why: I've never been great at saying no, and often, even when I DID say no, I'd feel guilty about it from the time I said no until a few days after the thing happened. NO MORE. One of the reasons I was attracted to homeschooling our kids was to live a slower pace and not be forced into the rat race of early wakeups and crazy schedules. Between homeschooling activities, extracurriculars, family obligations, holidays (especially this time of year), I felt my body just screaming at me to say no. So I did. There are reasons why I said no to each thing, but, actually the reasons don't MATTER. We can say no to things, just because we want to. Say no if you're not interested. Or too busy. Or too tired. Or because you just don't want to. Say yes to the things that bring you joy and make you happy and are interesting and leave the rest behind. Are you good at saying no, or is it something you need to work on?

Rarely have I been so excited about a book release 🥳 (It's giving Harry Potter release day vibes ✨️) Also. I did not realize this book was almost 700 pages long. 😳 But I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS. I will not be cleaning or parenting for the next three days. Just reading. Just me and my book. Some coffee. A cozy blanket. Just kidding. My kids will sniff me out in a heartbeat. 'Mama's reading??? Quick, turn on the stove, set off the smoke alarms, drop a glass jar, anything to end that craziness.' In between parenting and schooling, I'll be reading. See y'all in a few. UNLESS YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS BOOK. My DMs are open for Iron Flame discussions. That is all. It's book time, y'all. Did you read Fourth Wing? (If not, I mean, is it at least on your tbr??) #booktok #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booktokmom #bookstagrammom #ironflame #fourthwing #rebeccayarros #fantasybooks #tbrpile #brbreading

#ad | The reason the Skeletool from @leathermantools is the perfect gift for my husband: a) it's perfect for everyone AND b) it's to go into his camping gear. He requested camping items for Christmas this year, and this seemed like a great addition to his gear. It's got a knife (for cooking, cutting, etc), pliers, screwdriver (for bikes, etc), and a bottle opener (because summer camping means time for a cold beer!). c) it's only 5 oz, so it's super lightweight to carry in his camp gear d) I'm obsessed with the Topographic color design! My husband comes from a family of useful gift givers, so he appreciates gifts that have a purpose to them. The #leathermantools Skeletool has a purpose, but it's also just plain cool, too! If you need a gift for the outdoorsy person in your life, definitely keep Leatherman in mind! Who in your life could use a durable, well built multitool like this one?

What's in my TBR pile for November? ⤵️ THE CHICKEN SISTERS by @kjda - Two families who own competing chicken shacks serve both the best fried chicken and the most legendary feud. One of them contacts the show Food Wars to help, and obviously chaos ensues. Her book 'Playing the Witch Card' was my FAVORITE fall read, so I'm excited to read this one. It's not new - about 3 years old - but new to me! SHARK HEART: A LOVE STORY by Emily Habeck - soooo much talk about this book. Lewis gets a rare diagnosis shortly after he marries Wren: he has a condition in which his body will gradually turn into a great white shark. It sounds so ridiculous, but also, everyone is saying it's so good, so I have to read it! THE UNMAKING OF JUNE FARROW by Adrienne Young - June Farrow risks everything to destroy the decades-old curse upon the women in her family, solve her mother's disappearance and find love. Okay, okay, these are just my October Book of the Month choices and I want to read them all right now. But I'm currently reading another book, and IRON FLAME comes out soon and I will abaon EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE for that book. What's new on your TBR? (If you're looking for a book recommendation, make sure you scroll through my 'Books 23' highlight)

We did SO. MANY. THINGS. in October: 🍁 Mum Farm 🍂 Pumpkin Patches 🍁 Pumpkin Crafts 🍂 Strawberry Picking 🍁 Morton Arboretum 🍂 Firehouse 🍁 Indianapolis Zoo 🍂 Boo at the Zoo 🍁 Corn Maze Date 🍂 Trunk or Treats Galore! I think we successfully October-ed. 🎃 Let's do it again next year Hello, November! Time for Christmas lights 🎄(Although, we've still got a homeschool Halloween party Friday and Cam's Halloween party on Saturday,  so we're dragging out a little extra Halloween fun.) Best part of your October? ⤵️

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