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Beltkiss Sanborn is a Social Media Influencer and blogger with a reach of over 70,000 across her social channels. She is a full time influencer, dedicating her time to curating posts. An eye for creativity, Beltkiss loves creating unique quality authentic content for brands. A wife, mother and entrepreneur. Beltkiss homeschools her daughter. She also takes pride in cooking amazing meals for her family. Her hobbies are baking, learning, reading, travel, photography, real estate and philanthropy. Beltkiss was born in Nicaragua and raised in Yonkers, NY. She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and their six-year-old daughter.

Location Montclair, NJ
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 07, 2020
Social Audience 66K
bilquisoconpr 62K Last Month Last 3 Months
  • Posts 20 79
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  • Avg Likes 595 505
  • Avg Comments 25 18
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I really enjoyed myself during CES 2020 😌 As an office fan this was a treat 😍 I was able to sit in a recreation of Michael Scott’s desk 😆 Do you have a favorite episode of the office ? Mine is the dinner party where Pam thinks she’s been poisoned 🤮 I also proud to say I’ve dropped 6 dress sizes 😉 #theofficeshow #michaelscott #ces2020 #ceslasvegas #ceslasvegas2020 #ariacasino #tuesdaythrowback #tuesdaythrowbacks

I am so proud of my friend @lanasavoca for launching her business during these stressful and uncertain times ✨ I met Lana at a blogger event and instantly was captivated by her 💕 She was so kind and genuine 🌈And kind enough to invite me to events 😌We connected even more during the pandemic 😷 I am pleased to be able to feature women business owners on my platform who are also my friends 💖 Community to me is everything ✌🏼Let’s shop small this holiday 🌹For press inquiries DM me or Lana directly 😉 #shopsmallthischristmas #shopsmallbiz #mommyentrepreneur #mommyblogger #mommybusiness #womensupportingwomen #womenownedbusinesses #mommyhoodblogger #momssupportingmoms #njmomblogger #montclairnewjersey #montclairmom

Today ✨If you are in Astoria or can drive or travel to Astoria, this is highly recommended ♥️ Tickets available via link in bio 🎫 This dope show is curated by my friends @startshows @sophotoons @thais.coelho.artista 👏 #artshownyc #artastorianyc #astoriaqueens #astoriastrong #astoriaart #artgallerynyc #artistsupportartists #creativesunite

I had such a great time at the ultimate women’s expo hosted by @uwexpo 💕 It was great being out and about ! I discovered a yummy new hot sauce from @hank_sauce ❤️ Had some yummy Spanish food and shopped 🤩 Also shoutout to @drinkyerbae for the energy drinks ✨ I also loved the different keynotes 💡I am so excited for next year’s event 😌 #ultimatewomensexpo #ultimatewomensexpo2021

All cheeks no bones 😱 #ᴛʜʀᴏᴡʙᴀᴄᴋᴛʜᴜʀsᴅᴀʏ #throwbackthursday❤️ #yonkersgirl #yonkersny #yonkersdoinitfordmx #yonkersproud #yonkersgirlforever #yonkersgirls #homeofthebrave

Standing here like chick please 😎 friend of mine spoke about it’s never too late ⏰ For her it was finishing college for me it was getting back in shape ♥️ I started offering styling services btw 😉 Learn how to dress from me 🤗 I really enjoy fashion especially indie brands 💯I loved this shirt the moment I saw it 😍Time to get another one ☝️ T-shirt by @erare_nyc 👑 Glasses by Gaultier 🙌 Lipstick by @studiogearcosmetics 💄 #indieclothing #indieclothes #indieclothingline #erarenyc #nycclothing #redlipstickday #redlipsticklover #latinasexy #latinasdoitbest #gaultierparis #tshirtlovers #tshirtmodel #curlyhairkillas #curlygang #njmompreneur #montclairmom

Only you could paint the sky with your brush 🌈 God you are the beginning and the end 🤗 This picture made me think of dmx talking about discovering god’s country 😇 I saw this sunset 🌅 while waiting for the train 🚊 I really need talk to you Lord Since the last time we talked, the walk has been hard Now I know you haven't left me, but I feel like I'm alone I'ma big boy now, but I'm still not grown And I'm still goin' through it (What!), pain and the hurt (Yeah!) Soakin' up trouble like, rain in the dirt (Yeah!) And I know, only I can stop the rain With just the mention of my savior's name, in the name of Jesus.. @dmx your passing was the one that hurt me the most 😥 #dmxquotes #restinpeacedmx #dmxlives #yonkersraised #yonkersgirlforever #yonkersgirlsdoitbetter #yonkersgirl #yonkersraisedme #metuchennj

As a busy mom taking my coffee on the go is important to me !!! I love my Chinet Comfort cups because I can take my coffee ☕️ from room to room without spills ! I save my carpets ♥️ My daughter loves playing make believe she has coffee too 🙃 Chinet Dinner Classic Plates are sturdy and perfect for greasy foods like pizza 🍕 garlic knots 🧄 or empanadas 😉 Thank @MyChinet for making eating and drinking easy 😁 I order mine as part of my subscribe and save on Amazon 🥰 #MyChinet

Emotional intelligence is one of the best tools you can arm your child with 🤗 As part of her homeschooling and OT plan I incorporated these wristbands 😌 Each color represents an emotion 🌈 Bundle info: The Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Gift Box is the ultimate emotional intelligence bundle for babies – preschoolers…Our favorite product within the box? The Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Plush & 6 Emotion Wristbands. The wristbands are versatile emotional intelligence teaching tools and each wristband is a different color matched with a different emotion. Toddlers are able to identify and learn primary colors as well as primary emotions: happy, sad, scared, excited, angry & calm. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed placing the wristbands on her own wrist as well as designating her dolls / plush animals an emotion and having them wear a wristband throughout the day! These activities serve to reinforce the soft skills of empathy & emotional self-awareness, while developing emotion vocabulary.” More pictures to come 😍Thank you to @hoppypoppiepinkcheeks for sending us the complete bundle 🎁 #hoppypoppie #hoppypoppiepinkcheeks #emotionalintelligenceforkids #emotionaliqforkids #homeschoolcurriculum #homeschooliscool

I will treasure this perfume forever 💛 It’s one of the first expensive perfumes I owned 🤑 This French perfume is made with argan and other oils that make this perfume smell divine and last all day 🤩 Specs: 3.4 oz – 100 ml. Spray bottle is made from handcrafted French glass and features a beautiful galvanized gold lid. Great gift idea 🎁 #larganique #larganiquebeaute

I love you so much New York 🗽 Before boys and men there was you 😏 My wonderful city 🌃 That filled my heart with happiness and joy❤️ New York is that man who has everything you need 😌 He may break your heart but he has really good food 🍱 Every time I visit I see something new 😎 The second pic is my old building at 450 7th Avenue 😌 Joe the security guard there has been there for years ! #newyorkisback #newyorkisalwaysagoodidea #ilovenewyork❤️ #i❤️newyork #pennstation #newyorkisbae #newyorkcitylife #newyorkcityphotography #newyorkgirls #newyorkismyboyfriend #nycislife

For educational purposes only 💖💖💖 Not for sale ❗️21 and over only or rx for qualified patients 💕 Those in California can purchase from a dispensary or via delivery 📦 I wanted to share my experience with this amazing product 💙Did you know that cannabis has been used for centuries for pain , inflammation and mood swings ! Sounds like my aunt flow 😞 I used these gems during my cycle and felt relief almost within twenty minutes ! My cramping and pain had been alleviated 😌 #helloagainproducts #menopauserelief #perimenopause #allnaturalremedies

Throwback to my prom photo 💎 My mom searched all-over Yonkers for a dress 😥 She didn’t want to risk me having the same dress as anyone else ! So we headed to the city and found this turquoise number 👗I loved it and she bought me this gorgeous silver sandals 😏 She bought me a purse and jewelry set 👛 Two people I know ended up wearing the same dress 🤣 I was like well at least it wasn’t me 😭Thank you mom for preventing a fashion faux pas 😊 #classof2004 #classof2004🎓 #prom2004 #promdress2004 #throwbackday #throwbacktuesday❤️ #turquoisedress #latinagirl #latinafashionista #latinasdoitbest #fashionfigure #wheniwas16 #yonkersraisedme #yonkerspublicschools #yonkersrising

No caption needed 😉😎 Repost from ♥️ #katzdelicatessen #katzdeli #katzdelinyc

Happy Monday 💕 #notanad here’s a review 😻 Thanks to @popfitclothing for making the most amazing leggings and sports bras 💖 Not only are they cute, they are made of amazing materials, fit well and come in so many colors 🌈 Ohh and it’s perfect for moms and every lady who needs pockets 👌 Pockets for your pen, keys and phone or a bottle of water 😂 If you ever wanted to start working out 💪🏽What are you waiting for ? It won’t be easy but once you start it will be the best thing you have ever done 😝 #popfit #popfitclothing #popfitstyle #popfitleggings #motivationalmondays💪 #hotmomclub #hotmomcheck #hotmomsclub #latinamomblogger

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