Daisy Fabelo

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I just revamped my work during the shift of 2023. I launched my new webpage https://www.daisyroselovegoddess.com/ I have been teaching classes since the closing of 2022. I have wealth classes, manifesting through scripting classes, along with my journals of manifesting and scripting. After some serious health issues and circumstances about ten months ago. I set a huge Goal to shift everything and focus on what I really desire. I also want to be able to help others along my quest. In my webpage I have an amazing affiliate program where my supporters make a great percentage bonus from the sales of my courses, journals, and if they HOST me on their platforms. I want to makesure it is a win win for us all. I look forward to the magick of the closing of 2023 and what 2024 has in store for us. I feel we have came out of some dark shadows and many of us are still finding our ways and we are meant to guide one another with our inner lights. I invite you to my growth. Lets upscale together.

Location orlando, Florida United States
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Moving due to Covid-19

The rent where I live is $1690.00 plus, plus, fees that end up being $1,856 more or less each month. I know that even if I went back to work I could not afford all my current bills plus almost 2000 in rent. I am doing at home odd jobs, plus my online work If I can move into a place for about a grand a month with my side gigs I will be able to pay.

How I am making money during this #coronavirus #covid-19 crazy-ness.

Hello again Hope you all are staying safe and using paranoid precautions so you do not catch this #virus. I love reading and hearing what is occurring and since I work for #disney Part-time my checks are barely $200. I will fill you in with weekly updates on what I am making and any stories I encounter. If you want to work with #instacart simply follow the link below and PLEASE enter my referral number we will both get $50.00

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

I have been addressing the growing your own food at home, eating less meat or no meat altogether. This small garden started to grow and she grew so much that she started selling to her neighbors, and then local markets. Organic means no pesticides, naturally grown, what is cheaper than natural fertilizers, having ducks that consume the slugs or ladybugs that ward off caterpillars. Learn survival, learn to grow, learn to share, learn to start a community even if it is now a distant one.

What is happening to us?

It is all about the bible book of Job, his inner chaos with himself, his doubts, his fear, and even losing his faith. By dwelling on what we cannot control or change only brings more chaos into our lives and we lose sight of the little moments. My job has no start date I mean from everything that has been said we might not go back till after Spring maybe even summer. Also here is Sarah Centrella’s videos she is doing  FREE FB and Pinterest Training.

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