Stephanie Gravalese

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food, bev + travel writing, | Words: @timesunion @myrecipes @readoctober, @VinePair, #craftbeer & #cats. IG: stephanitaeats #afrolatinx she/her

Location Pittsfield, Mass
Country United States of America
Member Since FEBRUARY 27, 2019
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summers out | colors out [📷 by @jayanalafotos, book her for your branding, family, baby, fancy, author photos moment. I love her, she’s the best.] #naturalgreyhair #naturalhair #thisisalmost39 #foodwriter #artteacherstyle #afrolatina

this salty-sweet honey butter (made with fermented garlic honey) is the best thing since sliced bread. [new at]

Making infused honey is not only a fun and interesting way to turn any kind of blossom into a delicious glaze. It only takes a few ingredients and honestly, it tastes like sunshine. ☀️ #fermentedhoney #LemonHoney #honey #wildfermentation #healthyfood #heavenlyfood #honeyferment

I love the sweet and heat combination of pickled pineapple and jalapeño! We eat pickled veggies with just about anything, but our favorite way to enjoy it is on a taco. Fish tacos, breakfast tacos... you name it. Recipe link below and link in bio

So this might be the first Christmas I’m spending with myself, by myself, but I’m living for the pre-holiday snow, living for livings sake and making my space my holiday dreamland, that’s cat friendly of course. I’m going to be the butcher, the Baker, and the candlestick maker today…wait. that’s not how that goes. . . Anyway, merry merry to those who celebrate and for those who don’t happy Caturday! 🐱 🎄 . . [pics by @jayanalafotos. can’t say enough fun we had on this shoot. I love her and the space she gave us to feel like kids. Giving us joy when we needed it most. More from these sooooon]

missing german comfort food on fall rainy days like today. . . . #kerhonkson #upstateny #itsfallyall #mountainbrauhaus #schnitzel #jaegarschnitzel #minnewaskastatepark #dreamhouseinthegunks

From the air, to the woods. another peek from my session with @jayanalafotos | sometimes I’m really surprised by how my focus has gone from being in the air to being on the ground. This pandemic, with its lockdowns and necessary space from people separated me from travel, and flexibility from being in one spot. The dopamine rush of a cheap flight deal and the excitement and newness of being in an new location, or an old location and a new context. Last summer I felt like a caterpillar coming out of their shell when I was looking for seedlings and plants for a tiny little pandemic garden. What I didn’t know was what it would mean to reconnect in the world with the woods and plants in a way that has generally been life-changing. #foundandforaged #naturalhair #greyhairjourney #afrolatinx #foodwriterlife

i’ve been holding back these images for a while and excited to share the first from what I would say was a beautiful affirming photo shoot session with my dear friend @jayanalafotos that served two purposes. I’m excited to be included in a piece for the Wild issue of @bitchmedia on about foragers of color, written by the wonderful Dakota Kim. Jayana went to one of my favorite spots and we got some wonderful photos and also new authors photos for my editorial work. This day was so wonderfully affirming. I think back to being in foster care in what felt like middle-of-nowhere Massachusetts and getting also sorts of made fun of for my hair, racial slurs and some really, really dumb stuff. It distorted how I saw myself, my body and my Dominican heritage and the connection to Blackness and latinidad. I’ve spent so much time unpacking that, (understanding my own privilege) connecting with other Dominicans, and other folks in the diaspora and embracing my whole self (on most days). So to see myself today in this photo in this body with my hair, not hiding myself and feeling small as I did, well I wish I had this sooner but here we are. I have so much more to say about foraging, how it helped me overcome some dark times in the past year but, I think I’ve shared enough for today. 🤣 ♥️ . . . #greyhairrevolution #jayanalafotos #afrolatinx

📷 by @mamie_brougitte_cakes: “Sugar flower wedding cake #mamiebrougittecakes”

📷 by @thesouthfieldstore: “Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix! Great Cool Weather Project! • Swipe Left For Menus • Takeout 7:00am-4:00pm Monday thru Saturday Sunday 8:00am…”

📷 by @nudelrestaurant: “You know you’re jelly for our belly! 🤤⁣ Juicy crispy pork belly, fresh heirlooms, sweet pickled red onion, and Cajun dressed lettuce, all…”

📷 by @themarketplacekitchen: “Ooooo you know what this means. Pull out your long sleeve shirts, head on down to our Pittsfield Cafe and grab a Chai Cider! Hot or iced!”

📷 by @berkshireroots.pittsfield: “Product Spotlight: Heirloom Cubes! You won't want to miss this price!!! ALL-NATURAL colors and flavors that are fast, potent, and will…”

📷 by @nudelrestaurant: “Holy sautéed veggies Batman!⁣ Broccoli & Cabbage, the Batman & Robin of healthy vegetable choices. Perfectly capable on their own, but…”

📷 by @pleasantandmain: Labor Day weekend 🍎🍏🥞 . Orders and reservations (413) 274 6303 - thank you ! #pleasantandmain

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