Kayshia Haughton

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Being Kayshia is a lifestyle blog written by Kayshia Haughton. It is a blog that aims to help others have confidence in their writing, inspire, encourage by sharing tips on faith, channeling self-awareness, purpose, and love in hopes of bettering our social communities. Kayshia believes in beauty and art forms. She features content on lifestyle, esteem, writing, travel, & fashion, However, in her blog you will find a few things sure to please everyone.

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[back to the basics】 Let’s end the stigmatization around periods! The basics back in the day were simply just cotton, no added extras, preservatives, or any toxins that would cause harm to people. It’s still sad to me that wicked people are purposely doing things to hurt others. This being said… I decided to try out the Just 100% cotton pads. I have been loving the Lola pads before because they are 100% organic cotton, non-toxic, fragrance free, and chlorine bleach free, and I will continue to use them. I love that it lasts for a good number of hours, love the sleek & thin feel to it, and it’s super affordable. They have 100% cotton tampons too for my ladies who like those instead. 😌 Just also produces panty-liners so I definitely had to grab those as well! Before these products hit the store shelves I remember seeing non-toxic pads online & thinking “they’re charging me an arm & a leg to not add toxins to my body?” I was so hurt. Also can’t believe I wasn’t serious about organic pads before & used to settle for brands that weren’t trying to better my menstrual cycle and experience whatsoever. When I think about it, its still crazy to me that I did. I will never go back to those days. Unfortunately things like diva cups do not work for me. 😕 Previously, I was so embarrassed to talk about periods, especially after being ridiculed in school in relation to it. You never know the silent battles people go through, when you feel it’s right for you, speak your truth! Or don’t. DO what works for you. Don’t allow or even care when others stigmatize you, they’re going to do that regardless. So you should live your best life regardless.

I D O N T D O M O N D A Y S I’m always like should I post should I not post 🥴 but when someone told me that Mondays are great because its another day that God created, I had to see the brighter side & I couldn’t agree more. 🤗 Head to my stories to tell me what your favorite scent/ Fall scent is I’m curious ! @outre_hair straight v-cut

Call your mom, tell her you found your wife ✨✨ ⠀ Happy Friday babes! 🤗 ⠀ Still really loving this look that is on my blog, which look do you want to see next? #linkinmybio

My Father's Word is Living Water so I tend to drip often 💧❄️ -@hiddenlotvs ⠀ #Happywednesday happy new day of life the Lord has given us with... I’m eternally grateful & thankful. #Tapforoutfitdetails ⠀ You can now find my recent favorite items & fits much easier & shop looks ... Shopping puts a smile on my face. What about you? 🤩 Click on the link in my bio . . . . ⠀ #Amazon #amazonfashion #amazonfinds #explorepage #blackgirlhairstyles #fashioninfluencer #lifestyleinfluencer #blogher #dfwblogger #primeday2020 #smallyoutubechannel #thetenderlyfe #type4hair #protectivestyles #wcw #wce #weavehairstyles #hairhacks #hairstyles #hairstyling #yslbeauty #yslbeautyhotel #hairtransformation #outrehair #tmcambassadorsearch

Happy Monday! 🥰 Just something to post so I don’t go MIA ... so happy to be visiting family again I needed to be grounded.

Be her asset not liability. ⠀ It’s black women living in luxury for me. Anyone else? ...Definitely felt luxurious in this cute top find ⠀ @unspokengame is black owned btw, we love it 😍 ⠀ use my code ‘KAYSHIA’ for $$ off ⠀ Click the link in my bio 💕

R͓̽ e͓̽ m͓̽ i͓̽ n͓̽ i͓̽ s͓̽ c͓̽ i͓̽ n͓̽ g͓̽ ⠀ Thinking about the fun I had in Mexico wishing I was going out of town this holiday weekend, but I can wait. 😩😂 Today I was playing around with some educational tools from Pigly.com and I figured out how much I have left to pay on my car’s interest. Pigly even tells me things like when I can afford another car & the best time to buy or lease a new car, so that was pretty cool. What’s some planning that you’ve got to do? #pigly #piglyfinancial #piglyfinancialtool

On Oct 3rd he asked me what day it was... ⠀ Happy Mean Girls day y’all! 💕👚 This look was inspired by my @storybookcosmetics “Burn book” palette in collaboration with @stefflinero She killed Janis 😍🥰 ⠀ I used my @Juviasplace “The Zulu” palette Lips: @nyxcosmetics “Madeline” butter gloss & @nyxcosmetics_canada lip lingerie “corazon” Lashes: ✨✨ @behindthewinks #meangirlsday #Oct3rd #October3rd #storybookcosmetics #juviasplacepalette #meangirlquotes #juviasplacefoundation #dfwvloggers #meangirls #meangirl #mean

【Woman crush】 ⠀ Okay when I was doing the consistency challenge back in May although my impressions were reaching over 7k, I noticed disinterest & that my engagement wasn’t benefiting from posting everyday. I had more engagement when I spread out my posts every couple days. So I decided on that. While this is good, I just had not been on the ball... There was actually a period in time, months ago, when I was on the gas pedal & then I decided to let up Idk why. Someone wise said when goal planning you have to plan in your excuses too cause you’re guaranteed to feel tired, to feel sad, not want to do it or do anything. But you take the day, maybe two, to process & feel & then you keep going if you’re a go-getter. I know that I need more time in the day so I’m going back to early mornings cause time gets away from me so fast does that happen to anyone else? I always used to have really productive mornings 🤔

Pumpkin Spice Things Up ☕️ 🍁 🍂 Highkey miss dressing like this for the Fall weather 😍... decided to put this outfit together since I definitely cannot wear this out anywhere 😂 think I’m going to go get me a Starbucks holiday coffee just so I can really immerse in this season. What’s the weather like right now where your from? Head to my stories to see some more fall inspo. ✨

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