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A Year in Review: 2018

It was pretty simple, “try your best and let God do the rest. And, friend, for this year, try your best and let God do the rest couldn’t have fit more perfectly. It was obvious I was just going to have to try my best each day and let God do the rest. But, if you look hard enough, God is moving in each and every day.

Reload Love: When You Can't Look Away

It started out with the idea to turn spent bullet casings into jewelry that she could sell and then use that money to help children in need. And the next thing she knew, God provided bullet cases AND funding to get this thing going. You see, Lenya and the people she describes in her book, Reload Love: Transforming Bullets to Beauty and Battlegrounds to Playgrounds, are the kinds of people that when they see someone in need, they don’t look away. And friend, you might very well be the only person that can show that person God’s love and lead them to the foot of the Cross.

How Trusting Siri is a lot Like Learning to Trust God

But, since I wasn’t familiar with the area, had to be at the place at a particular time, and didn’t want to miss a turn That is, until suddenly the road turned into a road that resembled someone’s driveway and not an actual road… And wouldn’t you know. Why can I so easily trust Siri, a computer generated thing made my man, but question God when the path He has me on looks nothing like I think it should? It kind of hit me while I was driving that the path God asks us to walk down and the one He promises will lead to great things is often the same way.

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