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I assist brands and agencies on Perlu to help them find and engage with the right influencers to ensure successful, impactful campaigns.

I manage our extensive and growing team of category experts who serve on the Perlu Advisor Team. Our group of Advisors is made up of leading influencers in various content niches, who help us organize and categorize our community of members into meaningful and useful Perlu Packs. Advisors also provide guidance and consultation services to brands seeking insights and tips from professional influencers with expertise in various niches.

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Spotlight: Female Musicians Who Are Influencers

Brands like ASOS and NA-KD have made a showing on Peyton’s Instagram, and we can’t wait to see what’s next! There’s no question that this pop-star is going places; she has reached number fifteen on the Billboard Charts, appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, and has had a viral video that reached ten million hits! While being a mom to a four-year-old boy, Jessica still makes time to work with brands like NYX Cosmetics and JCPenney. With singles that have reached over 300,000 streams on Spotify and national anthem performances for both the Mets and the Phillies, this powerful performer continues to own the stage.

The Key to Collaborating with Content Creators

Perlu has been a great business tool – not only for working with various brands, but also for collaborating with other content creators. Different niche packs are set up to make it easy to find specific groups of content creators that you either want to work with or target for a collaboration. One of the best aspects of connecting with brands and working on campaigns is that much of the information on the brands and other influencers is directly on the platform. There is a range of creators and brands on the platform, and once you get the hang of both creating and searching for specific Collabs, it can be a huge business tool.

Perlu's 2020 Stats in a Nutshell

Dozens of professionals came together to discuss how to navigate through the challenges that have arisen in the marketing landscape this year and how brands and influencers can work together to overcome these difficulties. We collaborated on some amazing campaigns Perlu pulled together a Pack of over 40 gluten-free influencers for Schar to promote their new hot dog rolls, hamburger buns, and other gluten-free products. The most successful partners were re-engaged to share Instagram stories promoting Schar’s new sampling box. The second phase was the Classic Laddie Challenge, where 17 partners published content across several social platforms, reaching an audience of 1.3 million followers.

Top 5 Things for Influencers to Focus on When Pitching Brands in 2021

They are going to be more selective in the people they work with, and the projects they accept, as they try to determine what the new business environment looks like. Do your research; read up on the industry you’re pitching and make sure you’ve updated your pitch to be more focused, more fine-tuned, to how that industry is changing. The Brands you’ve worked with in the past will likely have smaller marketing budgets, meaning they will not be able to take on the same number of projects that they have in the past. I fully accept your answer, but so I can have a better chance the next time I contact you, will you share with me one or two key points that, if done better, might have put me in a better position?”

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