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I assist brands and agencies on Perlu to help them find and engage with the right influencers to ensure successful, impactful campaigns.

I manage our extensive and growing team of category experts who serve on the Perlu Advisor Team. Our group of Advisors is made up of leading influencers in various content niches, who help us organize and categorize our community of members into meaningful and useful Perlu Packs. Advisors also provide guidance and consultation services to brands seeking insights and tips from professional influencers with expertise in various niches.

Location Syracuse, New York Upstate NY
Country United States of America
Member Since FEBRUARY 05, 2018
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Alcohol Brands That Live Up to the Buzz on Perlu

They use pure Carpathian mountain spring water to distill their refined spirits, and their fresh, golden wheat thrives in the fertile soil that the area has to offer. Elegant garnishes, magnificent mixers, splashes of color, and fresh fruit all unite to embody the Snake Oil Cocktail Company’s luxurious alcoholic beverages. According to their website, Vale Fox Distillery continuously “leverages five centuries of traditional distilling know-how, while fearlessly probing and pushing the envelope to enhance its customers’ drinking experience. A couple of ways to enjoy this product are sipping it straight to “savor” the flavor and crafting tasty mixed drinks at home.

New Member Spotlight: Make-Up Gurus

As the creator of her own company, Hidden Jewel Cosmetics, Micaylah specializes in both nail products and cosmetics that brighten up all types of looks. Coupled with colorful accents and perfectly blended foundation, this master of makeup curates enchanting looks that captivate. Brands like Maybelline and Sigma Beauty are lining up out the door to work with this Matisse of makeup! While makeup may be the medium of choice for these creatives, we here Perlu encourage influencers of all niches to connect with them.

New Member Spotlight: Black Creators

While juggling motherhood, a career as a physician assistant, and her journeys as a traveller, this TikTok-famous mom still makes sure to find some time for herself. Whether she’s lounging in her hammock, having a Burt’s Bees spa day, or hanging out in her backyard with a glass of Fortify Probiotic in hand, Onyi certainly makes it a point to relax and recharge. Amina knows just about everything there is to know about natural beauty; hair and skin care are some of her many fortes, but she also knows a thing or two about wellness. From Pixi Beauty to Neutrogena, her skin care products of choice are sure to please.

Food Brands that are Hungry for Perlu Partners

All of the companies listed below are looking for quality partners to bring new creative ideas to the table, so be sure to visit their profiles and pitch your ideas for collaboration! From Jalapeno Beef to Salt & Pepper Venison, all of Chomps’s mouth-watering snacks are offered by many retailers including Walmart and Trader Joes. Chomp’s venison and beef are 100% grass fed, and its turkey is both free-range and 100% antibiotic free, making this brand a must-have for your pantry! According to their website, each cup is packed with “25+ Billon CFU strands of live active probiotic bacteria, 16 grams Protein, and 100% grass-fed milk.

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