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I assist brands and agencies on Perlu to help them find and engage with the right influencers to ensure successful, impactful campaigns.

I manage our extensive and growing team of category experts who serve on the Perlu Advisor Team. Our group of Advisors is made up of leading influencers in various content niches, who help us organize and categorize our community of members into meaningful and useful Perlu Packs. Advisors also provide guidance and consultation services to brands seeking insights and tips from professional influencers with expertise in various niches.

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Location Upstate NY
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Kibbee Miller of Converse on What Big Brands Look for in Their Influencers

So for instance, we’re starting to bring back our basketball line, but when it comes to choosing people we work with, we’re really focused on picking people who have that progress mentality of constantly changing things. There’s a dedicated team here that handles top tier talent, like Tyler the Creator and Millie Bobby Brown and some others all the way down to folks like people on my team and on the media team who handle some of these micro influencer relationships. But I feel like now we’re on the other complete side of the coin where everyone has an Instagram account; everyone feels like they’re a social media manager at this point. I feel like we’re in this shift where people are, not necessarily done with social media or working with influencers in that way, but I do feel like people are starting to miss the old days when things were a little bit more analog if that makes sense.

Edelman on Working With Celebrities AND MicroInfluencers

So not just a video, but we would like to do an SMT media day, we would like to do a dinner, we’re going to be doing social media content, and then we’re wrapping that all up with earned media outreach, and then we also have paid media behind it. Not only do you try and discover and know influencers, and know that there are some really great people and you want to continue working with them, we also want to learn and know even newer people we did And so we’re seeing a lot of video content; we’re seeing a lot of live content. And then the third thing, which isn’t necessarily a fun topic, but we really take pride in following and understanding the rules here, but we’re seeing a lot of stuff happening with data privacy and just general compliance type of activities that are happening, and so there are different laws changing in California soon, and really making sure that when we’re working together with talent and influencers that we really understand how we’re exchanging private data and how it should be handled.

Smoke Shack Jerky on the Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Start-Ups

So the best way to do that in my mind was to try to find people who are influencers or people who are interested in food and basically get them the product and have them react to it, good or bad. One of the things that I’m trying to do is focus more on the east coast while I’m growing, so one of the things I was trying to find was a way to get in touch with people in the region that I’m interested in as well as who are interested in food products or have some cred in that space. I’m in some subscription boxes for other companies who’ve put my products in their subscription boxes who target those travel site influencers or travel people, people who are hiking and outdoor adventurists, so I am trying to break into that through the subscription model. It’s a great tool for companies like myself who are smaller and want to get into this as opposed to some of the larger engagements that I used to do with larger brands, which you’re spending a lot of money to come up with content and content marketing and influencer marketing.

Bloggers: Put the Influencer OGs Back into Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Because of that space bloggers have to work with, the longevity of their work is far greater than that of their social media counterparts – and even their own social media posts. it’s better or worse than traditional social media influencer marketing; it’s a completely different tactic, and when used side-by-side, they can greatly boost your ROI. But equally awesome is that SEO boost that can help your own site – not just the blogger’s content – show up higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a long, long time. Sometimes social media influencers are the perfect bridge, but if you’re looking to take it to the next level, seek out bloggers with niche audiences that align with your brand.