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I assist brands and agencies on Perlu to help them find and engage with the right influencers to ensure successful, impactful campaigns.

I manage our extensive and growing team of category experts who serve on the Perlu Advisor Team. Our group of Advisors is made up of leading influencers in various content niches, who help us organize and categorize our community of members into meaningful and useful Perlu Packs. Advisors also provide guidance and consultation services to brands seeking insights and tips from professional influencers with expertise in various niches.

Location Syracuse, New York Upstate NY
Country United States of America
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Maria Rendina of SheFit: Find Influencers Devoted to Your Brand

Today, we are speaking with Maria Rendina, the influencer marketing coordinator at SheFit, a rapidly growing women’s sports apparel company and creator of the ultimate sports bra Maria liaises with the SheFit marketing team in developing influencer strategies and creative campaigns while building out relationships with prominent influencers and thoughtful leaders to positively represent the SheFit brand. If you enjoy today’s episode, we hope you sign up for Perlu, connect with SheFit and learn more about how you can grow your influencer marketing career. So of course in influencer marketing, there’s tons of money to be made and intensive growth to be had, but at the same time, I think it’s really important to advertise for something that you actually really genuinely would buy or sell to one of your good friends.

Kodiak Cakes on Influencer Engagement Metrics and Relationships

Eighteen-year-old Lily Cozad had no idea she was involved in influencer marketing when she and her college friend started a T-shirt business out of their dorm rooms, but that was when she learned first-hand that people trust people more than ads. Today, as influencer marketing coordinator at Kodiak Cakes, Lily focuses on cultivating personal relationships with her influencers — members of the Kodiak Den — in order to accurately assess whether Kodiak Cakes wants to work with them and to reinforce authentic partnerships. Our biggest priority is that we partner with like-minded people who share our mission, which is to inspire healthy eating and more active living, and working with people who are passionate about their niche — or what we like to call their frontier. I think a way around that, as we enter 2020 and Instagram starts taking away likes, is that brands are going to have to start diving a little deeper and vetting a little more what makes an influencer engaging besides just seeing their engagement rates.

IDG's Clare Brown explains B2B vs. B2C influencer marketing

Throughout the last 10 years, she’s worked with major brands like Maybelline and AMC to revitalize their influencer marketing strategy. Influencer Marketing Reimagined, a podcast where we chat with influencer marketing professionals, social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, you name it, about what has led to their success. The second key difference that I’ve noticed is that I’m able to create more long term relationships with B2B influencers than I was able to do with my B2C influencers, and I think it’s because the B2B influencer space is a touch smaller. Here’s Brent Scott, Perlu’s director of influencer marketing to tell you a little bit more.

Coty Marketing VP on Earned Media & Influencer Marketing

Throughout his years in the influencer marketing industry, he’s used earned and owned media to reach customers in unique and authentic ways for Coty marketing. Randall leads influencer marketing for Coty’s professional division, responsible for setting the division’s influencer marketing global strategies across the Coty salon professional brand portfolio, which includes leading salon brands such as Wella Professionals, System Professional, Sebastian, Nioxin, Sasoon Professional and OPI. For Coty marketing, Randall is responsible for partnering with local markets to activate the global strategic influencer marketing vision, laser-focused on building and leveraging influencer engagement to generate earned media coverage, drive visibility, build branding equity, credibility and preference. I spent 17 years of my career at Procter & Gamble and the past three and a half years I’ve been working for Coty marketing as the influencer marketing VP for the corporate professional division, as you stated before.