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(buh-loo) half-ass awkward model, low key comedian, EDM artist, DJ/producer. Plur fo’ life. I’m secretly a dragon

Member Since FEBRUARY 16, 2022
Social Audience 24K
ballewitup 21K Last Month Last 3 Months
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I know this doesn’t look like much. Especially when compared to my friends and other artists i follow (all of who i am so proud of btw!!!) But to me this is wild because i only released 2 songs this year, both without any promo at all. and people still listened? 🥹 thank you! My mental health was horrible this year and i wanted to give up. Technically I did give up but this was the encouragement I needed to keep going.ily guys! Thank you for showing me that my work isn’t a useless waste of time and for supporting me even when i disappeared into my own head all year. Thank you for giving me back the spark i lost. See u in 2024!!!!

SURPRISE!!! My super dope friend @jsoundssounds made the coolest phonk remix to mine and @iamazazus ‘s song “Ready to Rumble” and it will be yours at midnight tonight! Hope you MFs are READY TO RUMBLE again!!!!



I got abducted and joined a cult over the weekend! Sorry about the lack of quality pictures. But I’m pretty sure all alien footage has sh!t camera quality so it’s only fitting i suppose. Shoutout to @atliensofficial bc ily! . . . #rave #kandi #atliens #alienabduction #alienfootage #aliens #ufo

“Toot that thang up, mami, make it roll”- or whatever tf Mary Poppins said in “A Knight’s Tale”


The first Monday after my vacation is about to ruin my week. 😅😭

I’m literally dying bc me and @iamazazus new single got 22k streams in the first week on Youtube WTF YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING THANK YOU! We are so close to 1k on Spotify too! If you haven’t heard it yet check it out because you might think it’s lowkey swell! Love u MFs! #nerdcore #nerdcorerap #edm #edmdj #raver #halloween #halloweenallyear #anime #aot #attackontitan #philly #bubbleslides

So real

Who’s ready to Rumble with me and @iamazazus !? 3/24/2023 Art credit- @annabellesk8s07 . . #nerdcore #attackontitan #fanart

Philly wtf was that!? Best weekend i’ve had in a long time!!! Can’t wait to come back in 2 weeks! Shoutout to Kayzo for being the absolute coolest mf in the whole world!!! shoutout to The Ave for having all the vibes! And shoutout to all my new friends i met last night that followed me on here! You guys are wild!

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! After taking a long year off of music to focus on my health and get my life together I’m so excited to announce that i’m finally dropping new music with my friend @iamazazus! This is my first song in over a year and my very first Nerdcore song so I’m beyond excited to have gotten the opportunity to work on this track! “Ready to Rumble (Attack on Titan)” will be out on all streaming platforms 3/24! I love you all! Thank you so much for sticking around while i got myself together! 🫶🫶🫶 (artwork by @annabellesk8s07) #newmusic #edm #nerdcore #aot #attackontitan #fanart #aotfanart #anime #dj

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