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Backroom is a boutique brand development agency for passionate people.

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How many times have you heard this one? Partnership sounds good in theory, but being a great vendor does not create a partnership. @iamkararedman breaks it down and offers tips for finding firms that are truly have your back at the link in our bio.

The design system we created for @mycareercircle was inspired by their promise to promote equity over equality in America's hiring process. The identity extended to a custom illustration style, user interface, and various digital applications that reflect their diverse audience in an unapologetically bold color scheme.

Happy birthday week, Michelle and Leslie! Not only are they our favorite Libra ladies, but we also discovered on a recent team call that they have matching cats 😍 😍

What does putting people first look like in practice? For the team at Think|Stack, it means not only understanding the interrelatedness of people and technology within an organizations infrastructure, but making technological decisions based on the needs and behaviors of the humans that use it, not the other way around.

Whether qualitative or quantitative, the key to getting leadership buy-in is to take feelings out of the equation and let the data speak for you, turning the tone of the conversation from “who wants what” to making collaborative and informed decisions. Learn how we do it at Backroom at the link in our bio.

There's nothing worse than pouring your soul into a social post that doesn't get seen. We helped @fairfunding_nh break through this barrier by implementing new Canva templates that highlighted the underlying problems they are working to solve. The result? They reached exponentially more users who aligned with their mission, and are empowered to continue this growth with their own social design kit.

Setting and managing expectations is the lifeblood of our agency. With each project comes new questions and information, helping us to better set our next client up for success. Learn how to manage expectations in your role for less stress and better outcomes.

Your Facebook page can be an invaluable tool in your digital marketing toolbox, but the key to success is making sure that you’re posting content that resonates with your users. Through experimentation and detailed analysis, we helped @fairfunding_nh’s posts reach more people who aligned with their mission.

We asked our team what they're reading for #nationalbookday. What's on your list?

@fairfunding_nh is on a mission to make New Hampshire schools more equitable for students and taxpayers alike. Social media has been key for spreading awareness of their work and during a period of staff transition, they knew they would need help keeping up with their posting schedule until they could hire a replacement. We designed a 3-month scope of work to help them weather the transition, created Canva templates to keep their visual style consistent no matter who was doing the posting, and helped to onboard and train their incoming Communications Manager to give them insights into what we had learned through the engagement and set them up for future success. You don't have to be tied into a long-term contract with an agency if that's not what you need. Sometimes a limited partnership is actually more cost-effective than trying to reallocate limited internal resources or bring on a contractor. Working with an agency gave them the support of a whole team: a dedicated strategist, a graphic designer, and a project manager. All well within their budget.

A strong agency relationship starts with realistic timelines and reliable production schedules. One of our core philosophies at Backroom is to ask questions early and often to make sure we know what we'll truly be able to deliver.

One thing Think|Stack founder & CEO Chris Sachse knows about brand strategy is that it not only relies on internal team members, it starts with them. When we rebranded Think|Stack (fka Horsetail Technologies), we also created "The Book of Think|Stack" - a guidebook that takes clients and partners through a series of exercises that helps them internalize the brand's core values and put them into action every day. How is your brand inspiring action? #brandstrategy #corporateidentity #corporatebranding #employerbranding #brandidentitydesign #brandingagency #brandidentity #brandpromise #brandpositioning #clientlove

Barcoding's technology had evolved beyond its namesake, leaving them wondering if a name change was needed. After measuring their international brand equity, we learned customer association with the name was strong and positive. They kept the name, and upgraded the visual identity system—which won three international design awards!

Brand Promise makes people feel connected to us on a human level, and is the "make or break" of successful brands. Our founder Kara Redman tells us why, link in bio.

To help prevent pandemic burnout, we decided to implement a 4-day workweek over the summer. We're closed on Fridays so that our employees can use that time as needed, whether that's going above and beyond on a client project or catching up on family time.⠀ ⠀ We've found that our employees are happier, our work is better, and we're just as productive as we were when our calendars were packed with Friday meetings and deadlines.⠀ ⠀ Share this post if you're Team #FourDayWorkWeek!⠀ ⠀ #wfh #workingfromhome #productivitytips

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