Nacole Riccaboni

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My name is Nacole. I'm a nurse who loves nursing & promotes nursing awesomeness.

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Sample Nursing Assessment

This list is for nurses who seek an assessment example, a roadmap of what to look for and evaluate The red text is a reminder to dig deeper if abnormalities are found. Each floor is different, with each patient population requiring varying assessments

The Art Of The Assessment

The head-to-toe assessment is a skill that every nurse must comprehend and strive to enhance with experience. Whether you are in pediatrics, medical-telemetry, or community health, your assessment skills are what will strengthen your knowledge base

Toxic People Management

You. You are on a unique, personal journey in life

Transitional Thinking

When there is a transition in any profession, there will be a shift in thinking. When you are a fresh graduate nurse, when you transition into different patient populations, or when you transition to another nursing specialty, there will always be a shift in your thought processes

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