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Sustainable Travel Blog + Outdoors + Festivals + Visual Storytelling. Join us! . Blog de turismo responsable + Fotografía + Festivales + Aventura. ¡Únete!

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The Lockdown Diaries - Day 17 #lockdowndiaries What do you want to do when all this mess is over? Today we watched a wonderful video with multiple great movie scenes with people dancing. We thought it was appropriate, considering that we saw it the same day we found out that one of the most excited festivals we were to attend this year, the Boom Festival in Idanha a Nova, was postponed to 2021 due to Covid19. We will have to wait to celebrate. And you, what do you want to do when it's all over? #covid19 #boomfestival #portugal

17 Ways To Travel To Kerala Without Leaving Home

The state of Kerala – one of the most literate states in India – has been bringing journalists, photographers, bloggers, and vloggers for many years to showcase the state wonders to the world. Take your tastebuds on a trip after buying some essentials – such as coconut, curry leaves, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, chilies, mustard seeds, turmeric tamarind, asafoetida, and clove – on an online ethnic grocery store and prepare a fresh lime soda to drink along with your Kerala inspired meal. Although people train for many years in order to master them in one of the many centers for arts and culture across the state, it can be fun to follow a masterclass or two online. Such as a comfy cotton salwar kameez or a simple yet elegant Kasavu saree, a handwoven cream colored saree with gold border traditionally worn by Malayalee women on special occasions.

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 16 #lockdowndiaries As if it were a small gift, most of the days of this confinement the sun has shone throughout the day giving us heat and helping us to fix the vitamins if we place ourselves right where it falls after passing through the windows. Oh, the little pleasures of life! On the other hand, the situation in our country is far from being controlled, as much as politicians insist on talking about how some regions have already reached 'the peak'. Please, gentlemen, have a little respect for people who believe what you say. God knows how, there are still a few of the latter around here. #quarantinediaries #lockdown #Spain

A Journal On Life Under Quarantine In Spain

To the doctors, nurses and other personnel who are fighting to stop the disease from progressing, and save the greatest number of lives: Thank you for your dedication, thanks for the courage that makes you be in the front row knowing the danger it entails, thanks for the hours of sleep lost due to incessant work and for the thoughts that perhaps disturb you during the hours of rest, thanks for moving away from your families in these moments, thanks for facing what others only see on television, thanks for fighting this invisible war. Today we have decided to post our little daily testimony before the applause we give from the window at 8 pm like every day to honor those who work tirelessly to stop the invisible enemy we are fighting against. Maybe one of these days we will tell you what exactly a typical day consists of, for today we want to tell you some of the highlights of a quarantine Sunday, the first of spring. Day after day, our closest working environment continues to wonder – to a greater or lesser extent – what the future of the travel industry will be like now that airspace is closed in many countries, and hotels are no longer open in many countries for tourists, as they begin to be transformed into ICUs and temporary rooms for medical personnel.

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 15 #lockdowndiaries One can dream. Of getting lost in a new city again. While exchanging smiles with other people nearby. Of the ocean spray refreshing your face. Enjoying the latest sunbeams of the day. One can dream. #quarantinepoetry #stayathome #Malecon #Havana #ThanksCuba

Sailing Across The Atlantic Ocean

We have met thousands of people along our journey, and the sailing community is an incredible bunch of people that help make our lifestyle even more remarkable. My brother Brian had decided to leave the corporate world behind, selling everything he owned, he left the rat race, and a high paying job, to follow his dream of sailing around the world. Being able to express our creativity through our videos added a new element to our trip, and for the first time since leaving, we began to feel like we had a real purpose aboard Delos. Our latest passage has taken Delos and her crew sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, sailing from Florida to the Azores, an archipelago of nine tiny islands 900 miles west of Portugal.

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 14 #lockdowndiaries It took around 1,000 deaths a day for our government to finally order the closure of all non-essential activity. I hope that the rest of the countries that have not yet reached this point will act much sooner. Lives over money. A big hug and happy Saturday night, everyone. #saturdaynight #westayhome #istayhome #iorestoacasa #quedateencasa

A Quick Guide To Some Of The Most Beautiful Philippines Beaches

Well, below I take you through some of my favorite and most beautiful Philippines beaches and tell you when the best time to visit is so you can take full advantage of these amazing locations. The best time to visit this beach will coincide with the best time to visit El Nido in general. So technically Guyam Island is an island, but it’s a small one that’s surrounded by the beautiful beach: beautiful white sand to be exact and the water here is some of the best I’ve ever witnessed in my life. The best time to visit Siargao is from March to September, so this will be the best time to undertake an island hopping tour.

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 13 #lockdowndiaries Almost two weeks after we shut ourselves in, and with an extension of the state of alert foreseen by the government for at least another two weeks (although we think it will be a few more), things have not changed much around here. Thank God. Day after day, our closest working environment continues to wonder - to a greater or lesser extent - what the future of the travel industry will be like now that airspace is closed in many countries, and hotels are no longer open in many countries for tourists, as they begin to be transformed into ICUs and temporary rooms for medical personnel. And then there are all those who claim that what is to come will be better, as if there would magically be a miraculous cleanse of everything that was being done wrong like overtourism, and the great carbon footprint attached to the whole business, especially the flight industry. The fact of not being able to see the end of the confinement, or know how staggered the return to reality will be, makes many people wonder how to continue talking about trips, us among them. We do not want to be tone-deaf and start publishing articles like yesteryear, which, however sustainable and responsible they may be, above all would be utopian at least given the world situation today. On the other hand, we also don't suddenly want to forget everything that we have built during the last 7 years leaving the web aside. So as we continue to sort ideas, today we thought it was okay to leave you with a screenshot of our last international trip. That's how beautiful Havana looked in late February, as shit was starting to hit the fan in Europe. Enjoy #Cuba through your screens, ladies and gentlemen. We will also try to do so. Good weekend to all of you, and stay healthy. The world needs you. Inma + Jose #aworldtotravel #Cuba #LaHavana

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 12 #lockdowndiaries 10 minutes lost on social networks are enough to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information about this world crisis, and on the other hand, with so many options with which to occupy your time (if you are lucky enough to be healthy and you are not taking care of anyone now same) in the event that you have the most precious asset after health, time. I have rarely had time left and I could almost swear that I have never been bored since I was little, but I do not believe in the message of trying to make this quarantine one of the most productive periods of your life, where online training, concerts and streaming festivals, new disciplines to get fit that fill the internet, and countless other proposals have to fill every minute of your time. Especially the first days of the lockdown. Although it is true that some personalities created masterpieces in similar periods, it is also true that many other people may feel anxious, afraid and uncertain in the face of this situation. The sensations can be many, but being focused may not be among them. I imagine things will improve for many after the first days. Let's cross our fingers and f*ck hyper-productivity! #thoughts #journaling #throwbackthursday