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Sustainable Travel Blog + Great Outdoors + Culture & Art + Visual Storytelling. Join us! . Blog de turismo responsable + Fotografía + Arte y cultura + Aventura. ¡Únete!

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The Lockdown Diaries - Day 37 #lockdowndiaries Today's tale of the great outdoors comes straight from one of our favorite countries in the world: Nepal. - How much is left to finish today's trekking? - I asked the guide after several hours of climbing steps up the mountain, breathless. - Just twenty minutes, half an hour. - He answered. Two hours later, exhausted, I finally arrived at our eco-community lodge, the first of several where we would sleep while undertaking the Mohare Hill (Mohare Danda) trek, at the Annapurnas' footsteps. For the extra hour and a half, mixed thoughts crossed my mind: How could I lie to myself? Wasn't he able to see that I was on the verge of fainting? I miss that trip so much. After the first day of adjustment to what was to come, things were only upwards and onwards on the following ones - with their ups and downs that I'll tell you about another day. It was one of the biggest challenges I have faced so far. I kid you not, I was this close to abandon the trek that day. The funniest thing is to think that the uncertainty of not knowing when that endless day would end almost drives me crazy. Little did I know that three years later the uncertainty would be when we would be able to leave the house after a month and a half locked up, knowing that at least another one is ahead of us. How right is he who said that life puts us in our place. #NepalTales #Annapurnas #MohareTrek #MohareDanda

10 Fun and Unique Experiences You Should Not Miss in Banff

Another great option for a sunrise viewing is at Moraine Lake, which is located close to Lake Louise. There are several ski resorts to visit such as Mt. Norquay Ski Resort, Banff Sunshine Ski Resort, and Lake Louise Ski Resort. Another unique activity in the Lake Louise area is the infamous Lake Agnes trail. Another unique activity in the Lake Louise area is the infamous Lake Agnes trail.

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 36 #lockdowndiaries Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz seems to be the father of the '21 days to form a habit idea 'as published in a 1960 self-help book called' Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life '. The truth is that after 36 days locked up, the habit of confinement has taken over us. The idea of going outside crosses our minds a little less every day, and we have even created new routines in our lives adjusted to this new reality. I wonder if this has anything to do with the confinement that inmates experience in jail. And although I doubt that, it is increasingly clear that this period of our lives will be remembered as our particular period in prison, freedom deprived. #quarantinethoughts #SpainLockdown #prison #freedom

12 Reasons Why Travel Is Good for Your Mental Health

‘How to Barter for Paradise’ (How to turn an apple into a house in Hawaii by trading it for bigger and better things), and ’50 States of Wigge: 50 States in 50 Days facing 50 challenges’. Going on a world trip alone with no money and going on a second world trip to trade in an apple for something bigger and better to reach a huge goal definitely faced my fears. I remember getting nervous trying to socialize with random people in different countries, but luckily traveling didn’t always let me get out of that kind of fear. Embracing change also means facing the fear of the unknown and facing the fear of learning and failing if a change process gets bumpy along the way.

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 35 #lockdowndiaries As it happens, it looks like we've just had one too many tonight to write something compelling. This is what lockdown does to us :) Happy Saturday, everyone. Stay safe. #staysafe #Saturdaynight #onetoomany #quarantine

Our End of Year Gratitude List: 20 Things We Are Grateful for in 2020

From my partner in crime Jose to my family that always gave me roots and wings, the friends with whom we had daily video calls when the confinement became hard, the neighbors that we finally got to meet at the daily appointment at 8 in the afternoon to thank the health workers, and acquaintances who became friends once we were able to go out again; the community that surrounds us is large and full of people who make us never be alone if we don’t want to. Without sounding tone-deaf, your editorial calendar stops making sense and you don’t want to hurt sensibilities by publishing articles from places where travel is not possible – nor will it be for some time. From prioritizing inspirational articles that showed a range of ideas to ‘visit a country from your own home’ to dealing with topics such as staycations, how digital nomads experienced the beginning of the disaster and remote work; we did not want to be still and we tried to continue publishing relevant content leaving the travel guides aside for a while. Here are two examples of content in English and Spanish born as a result of two of these campaigns: • 17 ways to travel to Kerala, India, without leaving home That’s right, we are celebrating eight years of A World to Travel.

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 34 #lockdowndiaries Every time I get asked which destinations I'd love to go back and which ones I'd absolutely avoid in the future, my answer is usually along the lines of 'all places in the world have something, so anywhere and everywhere'. I know, it's ridiculous. The answer couldn't be vaguer. I guess I do not want to hurt anyone, but the truth is that there are some places I would never go back to. This morning I saw it crystal clear. One of them is Chernobyl. I was invited there three years ago and I do not regret visiting, but after having done so, I can't help it to hate myself for putting my own life at risk - just a tiny bit - and especially the lives of those who work there day in and day out for the sake of dark tourism. From the perimeter security guards to the canteen cooks and guides who day after day bring the Geiger counter to places where it shouldn't be for the joys of tourists (these eyes saw it marking 273 cm away from the infamous yellow Ferris wheel of Pryp'yat '), it's plain stupid. And dangerous. But why do I bring this issue up today? Bear with me just a bit more, please. The media in Spain has been exclusively talking about the C * virus since the countrywide status alert was established five weeks ago. Thus television went from being trash to being a C*virus trash pretty much overnight. And it was filled with so-called experts discussing 'groundbreaking' stuff that had already done the rounds in Asia a couple of months ago. Almost the same old sh*t on TV we were used to. Until this week, when other disasters began to unsettle the media - of course, catastrophes sell! - like the wildfires in the vicinity of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, an already dated problem that started on April 4. As a result, it has been a long time since we limited our consumption of news to global, online and on-demand stuff for 5 minutes. And, on the other hand, questions are changing. Would you like to go back to how you were before? Well, yes and no. As a society, we could as well start changing some things. Ah, the C*virus joys and silver linings. #Spainlockdown #televisionrulesthenation #inquarantine #5weeks

How to Take Pictures in Crowded Places: 5 Fail-Safe Tips

Find out how to take pictures in crowded places and make them look good with these actionable tips to improve your travel photography game for once and all. Let’s take this forced travel time-out to learn a few tricks on how to take awesome pictures at popular and busy tourist destinations. Just imagine the Duomo of Milan bathing in the translucent morning light or think of the timid sun peeking from behind the walls of Angkor Wat and you’ll understand the beauty of morning pictures. Just remember – if the destination is less popular with tourists, it doesn’t mean that it can’t hold a candle to more famous destinations.

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 33 #lockdowndiaries Our last proper hike in nature - in mid-February - keeps coming to my mind lately. It took place the same day as our first-ever picnic. Jose made a delicious and slightly undercooked potato omelet, we bought some fresh bread and added some cured loin, scallops and a can of foie that the company I worked for had sent me as part of the Christmas basket. What a feast we had! The fact is that, as sometimes happens to us, we stopped too many times on the way to take photos and aware the night was coming, we decided to call a taxi before finishing it when we were about three-quarters of the way. How little did we know back then that only a couple of months later, we wish we could walk that remaining quarter of the way madly. Even if it was pitch black. I have just walked through our apartment from end to end over three hundred times to walk 6000 steps and break the starvation that has been trapping me for more than a month. We had it all. #memories #throwbackthursday #talesofquarantine #6000steps

The Lockdown Diaries - Day 32 #lockdowndiaries While France instills fear in its population - and in neighboring countries - with rumors of an extension of almost half a year of the containment measures, South Korea continues to report reinfections everywhere, there are numerous infections that cast doubt on the effectiveness from the heat to kill this virus in Africa, and the USA remains the world leader in infections; Our country (Spain) gives a pass by default to all schoolchildren this school year. The world is crazy right now. Or has it been too many days since I left home? #crazyworld #COVIDmadness #notToday #quarantine

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