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Hi, I'm Avagail! I am a Travel Creator, Content Writer & Social Media Strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. After teaching English in South Korea and traveling around Asia for 4 years, I pivoted into the content creation life to combine my love for writing and traveling. As a Filipina-American, I'm an advocate for amplifying BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) stories and voices in the travel sphere and empowering them to follow their travel and live abroad dreams even under the pressure of cultural norms.

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RECHARGING OFFLINE, BYEEE ✌🏽👋🏽 Taking a break from social media was something I meant to do after I got back from my trip. To rest from the exhaustion. To recover from the travel burnout. To get out of “survival mode”. Away from all the noise online and pressures of having to constantly “show up”. But I didn’t. And I haven’t properly recharged + refocused since coming back. I know I need to take this time away because I travel again next month and don’t wanna be stuck with all the chaos I still feel inside me. So here’s to getting back to the THRIVING mindset I had in Athens when I had this photoshoot with @morfinations_planet. A mindset of…[SWIPE FOR 📸] 1️⃣ prioritizing my peace 2️⃣ finding joy in the journey 3️⃣ being confident in my femininity 4️⃣ always asking “bakit hindi? / why not?” 5️⃣ appreciation for the small things 6️⃣ embracing my carefree spirit 7️⃣ feeling hopeful for continued growth If any of this resonated with you, take what you need - I’m sending you all the good vibes, even if I’ll be offline ✨ Check out my “BREAK TIME” story highlights for more! #travelstruggles #travelproblems #solofemaletraveler #pinaytraveller #restandrecharge #healingjourneys #athens🇬🇷 #athensphotography

TO MY BESTIE FOR THE RESTIE 👯‍♀️: From meeting you in Korea in 2016 to spending part of this past summer with you in Italy and Germany, and everywhere else I’ve dragged you in-between 🇵🇭🇮🇩🇬🇺🇸🇬🇺🇸🇩🇪, I’ve loved laughing and being extra all over the world with you! More than a BFF, you’re my soulmate and I can’t wait to see what adventures the future holds for us cus we both know we’re stuck together FOR LIFE 😜 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST FRIEND @arielamazingg!! ILYSM 💖 SAVE this sound to make one for your bestie & TAG THEM below to tell them how much you love them! #bestfriendsgoals #bestieforlife #travelbesties #travelfriend #livingabroadlife #thatsmybestie #browngirlstraveling #travelingpinay #blackgirlstravel #travelwithfriend #bffappreciationpost

✨WEEKEND VIBES✨ ft. my fave jewelry made by Filipinas: ☀️ earrings: @shopheylay got them at last year’s @undiscoveredsf culture crawl! hella people asked me about them yesterday 🤗 ☀️ necklace: @sunkissed_pinay “Putang Ina Mo” = ILY 🤎 lol jk, it’s from the curse words collection 😜 TAG your fave Filipino/a/x peeps to let ‘em know! 🇵🇭 #filipinopride #pinaypride #pinaypower #pinaytraveler #filipinoamericanhistorymonth #filipinaowned #filipinosmallbusiness #sfbayareaartist #bayareamade #filipinoheritage #filipinoamerican #weekendvibe #weekendootd

Should I make this a series? 😜 I finally felt ready to start dating this summer and was spilling the tea in my Close Friends stories, but the way y’all were in my DMs from that line about dating in Jordan on my last post…😅😆🤭 Of the dating apps I used during my summer adventure abroad, @bumble was totally the winner! 🙌🏽 TIP: Try “Do you have a friend for my friend?” next time you don’t wanna go on a date alone and you have another single friend! It’s always so fun…and makes for great stories even if it fails 😝 LMK if you’ve used it before 👇🏽 #datingabroad #traveldate #datingapps #bumble #catchflightsnotfeelings #travelingdiaries #solofemaletraveler #datinglife #datingchronicles #breakupdiary #singlegirlstatus #singlegirltravels #summertravels #datingadviceforwomen

WHAT I’LL REMEMBER MOST ABOUT JORDAN… Sure, I’ll never forget my first camel ride, floating in the Dead Sea, or trekking up to incredible viewpoints in Petra. But those moments wouldn’t mean as much without the people I met during these experiences. People like… ✨ Sakai, our TNN tour guide, the first person I met in Jordan, instantly clicked with; an awesome “co-worker” turned friend, & someone who always makes me laugh (SWIPE to see in the last pic!) ✨ Hala, Rami, Nour, & Laura - friends @erica.hackman connected me with in Amman, who took me out for a fun night, & when I got sick, checked up on me to let me know "[I'm] not alone, and [I] have family in Jordan.” (pic 3️⃣) ✨Sanabel & Ismaeel - the fun server & bartender at @tipsy.cow who we danced, drank, & chilled with a few nights (pic 4️⃣) ✨ kind locals like the guy in Jerash who taught me to make my own pomegranate juice (pic 5️⃣), the shop owner in Madaba who kept giving us free stuff, including a bracelet for “good luck to find a husband” - I TOLD HIM TO KEEP THAT LUCK 😂, & the Bedouin shop owner who cracked ALL THE JOKES while teaching me how to wrap my headscarf (pic 8️⃣) ✨ Eman & Ali, Sakai’s Bedouin family, who invited us into their home for home cooked maqluba, one of the best meals I ate in Jordan! (pic 6️⃣) ✨ the Bedouin women who taught us dances & adorned us w/beautiful henna on our hands during a wedding celebration in the village - a rare opportunity we wouldn’t have gotten w/out Eman, Ali, & Sakai’s connections ✨ Saqar, Ali’s son, who took us to different viewpoints of the Treasury & is a cool person to hang out with (pic 7️⃣) ✨ the guys I met on the dates I went on..Middle Eastern men weren't on my radar before, but they are now! 😜 ✨ EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. in our tour group. (pic 2️⃣) 16 people from different countries and chapters in life, who all just VIBED together. People who took care of me, who let me be JUST ME (not someone working the tour), who laughed/cried/commiserated/celebrated with me, and so much more. Especially Christina - if you were there, YOU KNOW. (pic 9️⃣) So, is it just me or are the people you meet on your travels the ones who really shape the experience?

My favorite day on my Jordan trip with was an unexpected one. 👀 I’ve woken up to better views than the dry desert outside my tent. The Boracay sunset from my trip to the Philippines in 2019 still reigns as the best one I’ve ever seen. I stargazed under a more exquisite sky filled with more stars than sky in Antipaxos during my first week in Greece. So why was this day in Wadi Rum my favorite one from my Jordan trip? 🤔 Because… 🌅…it was the first time I’d ever seen both a sunrise and sunset in one day 🐪…our group went on a sunrise camel ride together - an optional activity, but one that EVERYONE opted to do, which made it that much more special 🏜 …after a morning nap, we spent hours joy-riding around the desert exploring it’s otherworldly rock formations, having tea with locals, and getting our IG-worthy pics (you know we HAD to! 😜) 😴…most of us took a group nap together under a shaded rock area after lunch 😳…we had quite the adventure when one of our trucks broke down on the way back from watching the sunset and a bunch of the strongest people in our group helped get it restarted 🍗…we ate a delicious dinner that was cooked in the sand (in a pot, ofc!) 🌙…I bonded closer with everyone on the trip as we shared our favorite moments under a moonlit sky at a camp that was all our own, even staying up late to chat with some of my favorite people 📱❌ AND WE DID IT ALL UNPLUGGED! (Which I absolutely loved cus I didn’t always have to feel “on.” IYKYK) Yes, Petra is amazing and still a lot of peoples’ favorite part of Jordan, but this day in Wadi Rum on @the.nomadic.network group tour was mine. 🤎

MY ONE TRAVEL REGRET ⬇️ [SHARE with a fellow traveler!] Not journaling during past trips. In 2013, I journaled almost every day during my 3 months in Italy + Spain and I’m so grateful for those memories. But I hadn’t really done it for any other trip since then - taking tons of pictures or writing mini blogs on IG posts became my way of “journaling” during travel. Knowing I’d be going on an incredible adventure this summer, but also not being able to have therapy sessions during this time, I decided to intentionally journal during my trips. ✨ HERE’S WHY I RECOMMEND JOURNALING ON A TRIP✨ It helped with everything from preserving the good memories while they were still fresh in my mind, capturing raw emotions and feelings in the moment (such as when I was in awe at seeing the Monastery in Petra), and working through anxious feelings or sad/bad days when hurt, travel burnout, or heartbreak feelings would come up. There’s parts of my trip I didn’t journal through, like my time in Athens, so I’ve been spending days since being back trying to relive those moments but it’s not the same. IYKYK. 👇🏽 YOUR TURN: What’s a travel regret you have? Tell me in the comments! #travelproblems #solotraveldiaries #solotravelstories #solotravellingwoman #healingheartbreak #growingandglowing #journalwriting #travellinglife #summertravels #travelmemory #pinaytraveler #journaltherapy #traveltherapy #womenwhotravelsolo #exploretheworldwithme

‼️ TW: Sexual harassment while abroad This was tough to record and tough to post… I personally experienced one of the ugly sides of solo female travel during my time abroad this summer. Everyone’s experience is different, and the emotions that come with it and how each person handles it will be different too. But believe women because it happens more often than you think. Hopefully these tips will give some guidance on what to do if you ever find yourself in a similar situation: 1. Leave the situation as soon as you are able to. 2. Get to a safe place. 3. Talk to someone you trust - if you don’t have someone to confide in in the immediate vicinity, you can DM me even if you’re thousands of miles away. 💖 4. Report it locally if you are comfortable doing so - the friend I was with did it on my behalf, which made me feel safer in the situation. BIG P.S. Sharing this is not to discourage anyone from solo traveling, because this can happen at home too. #solofemaletravel #solofemaletraveler #solotraveling #solotraveltips #traveltip #femaletraveler #femaletraveltips #travelsafety #travelsafely #womenwhotravelsolo #girlsabroad #sexualharassment #stopharassment #traveladvice

✈️ Where did you go this summer and what was your favorite place? After 9.5 weeks of traveling around Europe & beyond, I’m finally heading home to the USA 🇺🇸 I was fortunate to visit so many incredible places, these were some of the ones I loved most! Safe to say that summer 2022 was an epic adventure and a big step in the healing journey I’ve been on this year. I can’t wait for my next adventure, but in the meantime… follow me for more summer recaps! ✨ #travelreel #summertravels #europetrip2022 #girlslovetravelling #womenwhowander #solofemaletravel #solotraveldiaries #glowingandgrowing #solotravelingisfun #solofemalebackpacker #pinaytraveler

5 places we went to on our Fall 2022 TNN Jordan 🇯🇴 tour that you have to visit! [SAVE+SHARE] 📍 Amman Citadel 📍 Karak Castle 📍 Petra (one of the New Seven Wonders of the World) 📍 Roman Amphitheater in Amman 📍 Wadi Rum Desert Every place we visited was full of history and culture, and always having a local tour guide to teach us about what we were exploring left us more knowledgeable about these otherworldly and fascinating sites. These weren’t the only places we visited though! Here are 3 other well-known sites we also went to: 📍 Jerash 📍 Dead Sea 📍 Mt. Nebo For many people in our group, things were checked off the bucket list. For others, expectations were exceeded or having no expectations, we were pleasantly surprised at every turn. But even more special than seeing these historic sites were the friendships formed as we journeyed through this beautiful country together. ❤️ 📣TNN is going on tour again to Jordan in 2023 and we’ll be releasing dates SOON, so stay tuned if you couldn’t make it this time 👀🙌🏽 ✨Share this with the person you wanna go on tour with to Jordan! ✨ . . . . P.S. 🗣 SHOUTOUT TO EVERYONE IN THE GROUP FOR BEING PART OF THIS REEL!! I love y’all for letting me do my thing as a creator and participating in all my “content” 🤗 @nomadicmatt #visitjordan #jordantravel #petrajordan🇯🇴 #grouptours #grouptravel #bucketlistdestination #dreamdestinations #travellercommunity #traveltheworldwithus #travelmoreoften #traveladdictedladies #traveltipsandtricks #grouptrips

Have you ever visited a place that you unexpectedly fell in love with? 🌏 Tell me where in the comments! 🌏 Because that was JORDAN 🇯🇴 for me. My 25th country. My first time in the Middle East. My first group trip. Mentally and emotionally, one of the toughest trips I’ve ever taken, yet it’s now one of my favorite trips ever. Sure, Petra is incredible but Jordan is so much more than just the pics you see of the Treasury all over social media (this is the Monastery at Petra) and I can’t wait to share more of my experience with y’all! #visitjordan🇯🇴 #jordantravel #petrajordan #grouptravel #grouptours #travelhere #travelherethisyear #newsevenwondersoftheworld #unescoworldheritage #jordantrip #travelwithmeaning #browngirlstravelling #pinaytraveler #exploretheworldwithme #womenwhowander #girlslovetravelling #journeysofgirls #travelaroundtheworld #summertravels #middleeasttravel

This is what I should’ve said about location settings instead, so I deleted my last Reel. Because I woke up to almost 20 DMs with messages like: “You’re just another dumb influencer.” “Stop misleading people for clout.” “Stupid American…” And even some from people who I follow/follow me back: “I thought you’re better than this.” “Do you even actually research travel information you share?” Oof. Yeah, those hurt for a sec. I posted hastily in the moment yesterday (something I never do and won’t do again), and I WAS WRONG. I can admit that. The hesitations/worries/heightened senses that come with solo female travel got to me. My best intentions to inform others were there, but the delivery could’ve been better. So here’s what I learned about Precise Location: 📍 It’s not a new update. 📍 It’s not just for IG or iPhone. 📍 It does allow apps to pinpoint your exact location rather than an approximation (which is helpful for stuff like getting directions or location tags) but they don’t share your location with others if you don’t tag anything. Still re-sharing how to turn off Precise Location on iPhones for anyone that wants to know how and make that decision for ANY APPS they use. 📱 Settings ➡️ Choose App ➡️ Location ➡️ Toggle off “Precise Location” And here are a few tips for staying safe and keeping information safe while solo traveling: ✈️ Don’t post your location in real time. ✈️ Don’t say where you’re staying until after you’ve left. ✈️ Let someone else (a friend/fam member) know where you’re staying and any other important info - I have a Google doc I sent to friends/fam. ✈️ Use a VPN. What else would you add to this list? #solotraveler #solofemaletravel #solofemaletraveltips #traveltipsandtricks #travelmoreworryless #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadgirls

Currently uploading this from a new bucket list country! Can you guess where? Growing up, I didn’t travel much outside of visiting family in Hawai’i or Las Vegas (and Minnesota once), or going to Disneyland. & the one time I went to the Philippines when I was in middle school. I fell in love with traveling on my first big trip in 2008, but I was mostly a “travel somewhere new once a year” type of gal until I moved to South Korea in 2016. Since then, I travel every chance I get & people always ask how I’ve been to all these places. Here are some ways I’ve done it + tips on how you can too! ✨SAVE FOR RESOURCES✨ ✈️ VOLUNTEERING I took advantage of volunteer opportunities to make my way to my two bucket list countries I had growing up: Australia 🇦🇺 (2008) and Italy 🇮🇹 (2013). @worldpackers & @trustedhousesitters are great resources if you wanna volunteer your time & skills in exchange for accommodations. ✈️ TEACH ENGLISH ABROAD If you didn’t already know, I taught English in South Korea 🇰🇷 for 4 years from 2016-2020. As a public school teacher I got 20+ days of vacation and used those days, holidays & long weekends to hop all over Asia! I highly recommend teaching abroad as a way to experiencing living in another country & being able to travel more. ✈️ TRAVEL HACKING Something I wish I started doing sooner! I’m still a newb, but thanks to using credit card points + miles, a lot of my flights since last year (including business class from FRA-SFO!) have been free or cheap. Some of my faves to follow are: @maxmilespoints @pennywisetraveler @finessetraveler @geobreezetravel And @nomadicmatt has a free travel hacking starter guide you can get in his bi0! ✈️ GET PAID TO TRAVEL Nowadays, my job allows me to do this (can you say dream come true?! 🙌🏽) As Nomadic Matt’s social media manager, I’ll be heading on @the.nomadic.network’s Jordan 🇯🇴 tour in a couple of weeks! Aside from having a job you travel for, there are plenty of other ways to do this and @packslight is an amazing resource for PTOs (paid travel opportunities). 👯‍♀️ Share this with a friend who loves to travel and lmk what you’d add to this list!

…that last one though 😜 anyone else having a hot girl summer in Europe? this SF Bay Area girl is also having a literal *hot* girl summer and melting in these 90°F temps 🥵 I’m off to Greece on Sunday - FOLLOW @avagailadventures to see what kind of shenanigans I get into there! #hotgirlsummer #girlborntotravel #digitalnomadgirls #summertravels #roamingwomen #journeysofgirls #italianvacations #gelatolovers #italianlifestyle #explorerbabes #summerinitaly #italytraveltips #traveltipsandtricks #pinaytraveler #browngirlstravel #europetravelling #italytips #loveitalia #traveladdictedladies #lagodibarcis #prettylittleitaly #visititalia #bayareabloggers

Here’s how we can work together in August: I have 2 spots open for Power Hours at the end of the month! 👩🏽‍💻 CONTENT STRATEGY POWER HOUR To help streamline your content for your brand goals 👩🏽‍💻 REPURPOSING POWER HOUR To help you out a refresh on the content you already have 👩🏽‍💻 FREELANCER POWER HOUR To help you get setup as a new freelancer or create systems for your current clients DM me “LET’S GO” for deets! #freelancework #digitalnomadlifestyle #digitalnomadwomen #remoteworklife #contentstrategist #contentrepurposing #socialmediastrategist #solofemaletraveller #travelingeurope #italytravels #travelislife #travelandwork #womenwhowander #pinaytraveler #femalepreneurs #travelentrepreneur

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