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Clutter Free is all about decluttering your home, your heart, your life.

Location San Jose, CA
Country United States
Member Since JUNE 23, 2018
Social Audience 44K
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kathilipp 5K Last Month Last 3 Months
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  • Avg Likes 42 47
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Do you have a freezer that is bursting at the seams, PLUS you'd like to save some money this month? Join me and Roger for the February Four Week Freezer Challenge where every day Roger will do a blind grab from our freezer, we let it defrost overnight, and I try to turn it into something fabulous! If you could lighten your freezer's load, join us! The rules (for me) are: 1. Whatever Roger picks, I have to cook (but he always does dishes, so win/win.) 2. If he picks out a dessert, I'll make it, but he had to keep picking until there is a something savory (vegetable, meat, fish, bread) that I can use to make a proper meal. 3. I'll only be buying produce and milk at the store. 4. I can use other things from the pantry, Fridge or freezer to round out the meal (in other words, no buying special ingredients. #mealprep #clutterfree #getorganized #februaryfreezerchallenge #mealplans #mealplan #clutterfreeliving #freezercooking #homesteading #accidentalhomesteader

I have spent over forty years trying to lose weight. I learned from an early age that “normal” food was the enemy and that it was my job to look like I was without the “sin” of overeating. Food was the enemy, and my job was to defeat the enemy and not eat the food. The holiest thing I could do was to starve myself. These destructive patterns continued until I was older and had a family of my own. I would make a meal for them, then eat my Lean Cuisine in the other room... But this year? I’ve decided to stop making food the enemy. I’m dedicating this year to listening to the body God gave me...Read More (Link in stories) @incourage

Have you been experiencing a crisis of confidence? If so, then this is the episode for you. I am sitting down with my friend and fellow author Michele Cushatt to discuss how to regain your confidence after hitting a low point with your writing. Listen in and learn three ways to get your confidence back: • Acknowledge and normalize what is happening. • Take stock of how you speak and how you think. • Focus on small wins. Every writer is going to experience highs and lows. So, it’s important to know how to handle them so you can keep moving forward in the right direction. Listen in to my conversation with Michelle: https://www.writingattheredhouse.com/2023/01/23/332-how-to-get-your-confidence-back-as-a-writer/

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