Charlie Wright

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Welcome to the Author page for Charlie Wright!

Head to the website - for guides, checklists, general help and even merchandise for writers.

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Detective Mentis

Miss. Simms I need to know what you understand about this case” he says simply. He knows it but he also knows it’s a distraction. Now if we’e quite done I think it’s best if I seek legal advice for any other questions. Simms but he can’t help but feel like they’re alter egos.

Gifts to buy the writer in your life

Are you wondering what you buy the writer’s in your life or you want to treat yourself to something? Maybe you’re looking for things to add to your list. it’s always good to go gift for writers. Another great idea for a gift is to buy a writer’s published book and leave a review, it sounds like a crap gift but for many, this is an awesome and very appreciated gift.

How to not lose your mind when writing a book

writer’s block, loss of mojo or you’re hating the book you’re writing. It’s not a competition (unless it is and then ignore this whole statement) so work to your abilities. It may seem counter-intuitive if you’re getting stressed with writing but a lot of the time we just need a break from the book we’re writing and not writing specifically. Sometimes we may fall out of love with the book we’re writing because we know it’s not good

A glitch in the system

The walls and floors looked like they may have been new 10 years ago now adorned with cracks like a broken mirror. Out of habit she still leaves the windows open, she can’t recall ever closing them from the first day she moved in and decided she wanted to keep her nostril hairs. Yesterday’s pots still sit in the sink and each surface has a good chunk of dust that can’t be good for her health. It’s a cold winter day and the wind carries an even colder breeze.

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