Tia Nelson

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My name is Tia I am a 27 year old mom to 2 year old Aubree. I love to show off fun toys for Aubree as well as anything to make mommy life a little easier or yummier love food.

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Happy Easter ! We are happy to announce we will be adding another addition to our family November 2020. 💗

Today we went for a little road trip just to get out of the house. We have been cooped up since March 12 and it felt good to get out for a couple hours even if it was just for a hour long drive to get out and take a picture with a giant Easter egg and than turn back around again. Thursday is supposed to be nice out and we are hoping to go for a drive again what cool things is there to see outside within a hour or two of Edmonton? Give us some ideas !

Who says you can't dress up and look cute even during times of self isolation ? Today Aubree got a nice suprize in the mail and she is soo excited about it. We were gifted these @myglittergirls dolls and they are so sweet. Aubree has been playing with them nonstop since we opened the package !

Our little plants are growing away. 🌱

Today we started a little indoor garden , we planted cucumber , carrots , tomatoes , green onion and peppers. This is my first time growing anything from seeds so we will see how we do. We are placing it in Aubrees window as her room seems to get the most sunlight. 🤞🤞 We get some yummy veggies this summer.

I am happy to announce little miss Aubree has been accident free for about a week and a half now. I think I can finally say she is fully day time potty trained. What's one good thing that came from self isolation for you or your family ?

So were still over here holding it down on self isolation for one more day. I just cannot wait to get out and get some fresh air and go for a nice long walk. I see alot of posts with people complaining about stuff getting shut down and I have to say I have totally different views on the situation since Thursday I wasn't taking this as seriously as I should have until my own family was at risk. From this situation I have learnt you really never know who your standing next to and I understand why social distancing is a good idea. We had no idea for 6 days that we had been exposed to the virus and we went about our normal activities until I got that phone call had we actually been infected we could have gotten tons of others sick. I am blessed that the results were negative but we will be choosing to practice social distancing as much as possible until this is under control.

UPDATE results came back negative🙌. I debated telling my COVID-19 story but than I seen this comment left on a post by the government of Alberta and I decided I am going to share it. On Thursday afternoon I got a scary call that me and Aubree were in a Medi center on March 4 with someone who has since than tested positive for COVID-19. I obviously as a mother went into panic mode. Aubree has had a cough for over a month now that I was told by the doctor we visited on March 4 that she has Asthma I than made a doctors appointment with our family doctor and was told she didn't think it was Asthma but that Aubree does have respiratory issues unrelated to this virus, Because her cough is still consistent and hasn't let up I wanted her tested. They told me there was no need for myself or Aubree to be tested because we show no symptoms other than Aubrees cough and we could go on with our normal day to day routines including flying to Nova Scotia tomorrow ( we cancelled the flights ) and me going to work yesterday where I work with food and the public. This did not sit right with me if we were exposed to this person it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear. I had to be very persistent for them to finally agree to testing Aubree. So Thursday night Aubree was tested for COVID-19 and now has to stay in the house until the results come back. BUT I was told I do not have to isolate because I show no symptoms me and Kyle decided to tell our jobs what was going on and did not go to work on Friday and have since than been in the house as well. In the comment it says they are asking all people who have come in contact with the virus to self isolat this is not true as I was not told to self isolate. I do not believe the Government of Alberta is actually taking all the precautions they say they are to stop the spread. I am choosing to self isolate until Aubrees results come back but think of all the others that could have come in contact and were told they are free to resume normal activities just because they are not showing symptoms YET .. It can take up to 14 days to show symptoms and the virus can still be spread with no symptoms showing. Be careful out there guys !

Anyone else dealing with crazy weather where your from or just us in Edmonton? The mornings can start off as cold as -20 and than by the afternoon it's back into the low positives. We are so ready to bring on the warmer weather but in the mean time you can catch Aubree keeping warm in her car seat poncho from @shopbirdyboutique . The inside is so warm and cozy. You can shop for yourself on amazon using discount code AUBREESADV for 10% off valid until 3/28 and on top of that there is also a $5 instant coupon on Amazon.

#HappyInternationalwomensDay 🥰❤ from me and Aubree. I am so greatful to see you grow into a beautiful, smart, brave, strong, adventurous, amazing young lady.

Do you have a daily or weekly skin care routine? I have recently added this sonic cleansing brush to my routine and I'm really liking it. I have never used anything like this before and I seriously didn't know what I was missing out on. My face felt SO soft after just one use. Like I'm talking so much smoother. It comes with 2 nylon bristle heads and also 1 bamboo charcoal bristle head. This amazing sonic cleansing brush from @relaxus_beauty is now available in all @winners and @marshallscanada Stores in Canada Use code TIA15 for 15 % off anything on @relaxus_beauty You can find there website linked in their bio . #relaxusbeauty #relaxus #cleansingbrush

We are so happy to finally see some nice weather around here but now everything is starting to melt, but Aubree doesn't seem to mind. Splashing our way into Spring I guess 🤷‍♀️ hope you all had a good Thursday what's everyone's plans for the weekend ?

I am so excited to try out all the new products I just received free from @influensterca . I am most excited to try out the face and hair mask. #NewAndSoYou #ShoppersDrugMart #sponsored #complimentary @shoppersdrugmartofficial @Influensterca

Forever my baby you'll be ♡

Update on the TV situation. #notsponsored We bought some @naturalgeographicofficial play sand from @amazon and added some little animals and some other sand toys we already had and it actually keeps Aubree busy for hours. She hasn't watched TV during the day since Monday. One movie sometime after super is all she is aloud. This seems to be going really well and the sand is totally helping when shes getting bored.

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