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I personally taste every dish posted to offer the best food recommendations in Austin and beyond. Don't forget to check my website for city guides!

Location Austin, TX
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 30, 2020
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A delicious Parisian breakfast! 🥐 A croissant, buttered baguette with jam, coffee, OJ, and a croque madam at a little spot called Le Rempart Bastille. With only 24 hours in Paris we checked very few sightseeing boxes but I think we had some great food! . #Paris #parisfrance #parisfood #parisianbreakfast #breakfast #croissant #baguette #croquemadame #coffee #juice #Bastille #11tharrondissement

A few stills from our trip to Europe. 🖼️ #Europe #Paris #France #Munich #Germany #Nürnberg #Nuremberg #Austria #salzburg #Italy #Florence #duomo #churches #balcony

Wow, what a great year for food! 🤯 From pasta, tacos, Asian cuisines of all sorts, seafood, and everything in-between all of these great restaurants and food trucks really kept me fat! Here's looking back at a great 2022 and looking forward to all the deliciousness I'll get to experience in 2023! . #food #foodtruck #foodtrucks #restaurants #pasta #tacos #Thai #birria #ramen #carbonara #foodblogger #alookback #2022

And I wanna thank @trattoriaparione! 🍝 For their delicious food and welcoming staff! This low key spot definitely felt more local than a tourist haven which is exactly what I look out for on my journeys. This was a fantastic recommendation from Lapo at @harrysbarflorence so I also want to thank him. Get the wine, get the ragù, get the cream sauce, live it up and enjoy yourself! . #pasta #ragù #wildboar #boar #wildboarragu #ravioli #wine #vinsanto #dessertwine #Italian #italianfood #italiancuisine #Florence #florenceitaly #Florentine #Italy #Italia

Where I’ve Been – Phoenix

I’ve been visiting Arizona since I was kid to see family in the southern part of the state but in the last several years I’ve had the opportunity to visit Phoenix once or twice a year for work. Phoenix is a great city with a fantastic food and drink scene with very enjoyable weather, outside of the summer months, and is worthy of your attention when you’re planning you’re next getaway! Here are all the places I’ve been able to visit the Valley of the Sun.

Where I’ve Been – Denver

I really enjoy visiting Denver if not for the beautiful scenery and weather than for the excellent bar and restaurant scene. This list compiles the amazing establishments and I recommend giving these places a visit should you find yourself in the Mile High City!

Where I’ve Been – NOLA

The Zombie from Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 tiki bar near the French Market in New Orleans. Eight-year Demerara rum, passion fruit purée, their Madagascar vanilla syrup, orange, pineapple, and lemon. One thing about Latitude 29 is they have an amazing A/C unit because it was the coldest bar we found in NOLA. yummy #thirst #thirsty #instagood #cocktail #cocktails #drinkup #glass #pineapple

In A Nutshell – April 2020

Took advantage of the food specials @rosewoodatx has going on during this weird ass time. 🍖 This was one of their two meal options last night, an amazing braised beef short rib with greens and mashed potatoes. The rib was so tasty and tender, the greens were awesome and they didn't even have bacon in them, and the potatoes could be my last meal in and of themselves. In fact, this Friday, they have Wagyu Ribeye with potatoes and green beans for two for $35 or $55 for dinner for four!

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