A Truthful Traveler

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With the invention of Pinterest and Instagram you can plan your own adventures easily, with a world of resources at your fingertips. I dreamed of Cinque Terre and Chichen Itza long before I ever saw them. I pinned to boards and saved photos showing me the world’s most beautiful places. It started small: planning camping trips, and graduated to putting together detailed itineraries for multi-state road trips.

When I finally got a chance to see my plans come to life, they hardly ever worked out as expected. Travel was beautiful, but far from perfect. It seemed to me that all the depictions I had seen in photos, on websites and in writing were misleading; showing all of the good and glossing over much of the bad.

In the last few years I have shared stories from all around the world, and every single place I have been comes with lessons learned. I share these experiences not to discourage travel, or to discount the amazing experiences that come from it. My hope is that when you read my posts you can laugh, and relate to the fact that travel is real life. I hope that next time you travel one (or more!) of my tips can help you out. That your travel becomes better because of it!

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