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A blog dedicated to fine dining in the UAE and beyond. #dubai #travelwriter #radio

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Wagyu, truffle korma. One of my favorite courses from Act Three, Season Three at @tresindstudio

Weekend Links. — A TO ZA’ATAR

I’ve been out and about – ranging from purely mediocre (Nassau), to above average (The Locale, Hutong, and Nammos), to fantastic (Indochine, LPM Terrace launch, and the pop-up burger at High Joint). Sort of a mixed bag these past few weeks — especially in my rule of only going out when it’s a paid assignment. New words to describe different food feels. This weekend we’re off to Abu Dhabi to check out the new W Abu Dhabi, and next week has some potential –

Kasundi scallop, miso, and rice vinegar. In my perfect life, I eat scallops like these every day.

Weekend links. — A TO ZA’ATAR

I’ve been sent stuff, pitched new assignments, and asked to do a fairly high-level interview (just trying to ignore my imposter syndrome over here, cool?). Basically, I’m just trying to get ahead on some writing assignments, and not succeeding. While everyone knows I’m married on social media, Hubs is not a commodity (although he is a fairly decent Instagram husband). How and what people do with loved ones in their lives is always interesting to me (ESPECIALLY children).

This crab ghee roast was a dish we hope to see in future seasons!

My Top Dishes of January 2020. — A TO ZA’ATAR

January seems like both forever and a minute. Overall, I did much better on fitness and eating goals, and there was only one event that I went to and look back and wonder what the hell I went for. My system for 2020 of focusing on only dining out when I’m being paid, or for supporting brands I specifically believe in has worked out fairly well so far. Clearly, I was in a protein loving, comfort food place this month!

How do you improve on an already amazing dish? Just add @tresinddubai mushroom chai. We loved this clever (and delicious) mushroom dish in season 2, and were delighted to see it paired with another favorite in season 3.

Weekend Links. — A TO ZA’ATAR

Since the start of the year, we’ve said goodbye to two foster animals (another three-legged cat — adopted by a friend, and a cutie Shih Tsu puppy, also in her forever home), visited Oman for three nights, stopped in for a venue launch or two, and most importantly — moved house! Yes, it’s been a few months in the making, but I’m writing from my new office (instead of the landing, where I had been set up for four years). We don’t have anything up on the walls yet, but we’re working on lights and some other things (including washing and drying ALL everything I own, because I have a separate washer and dryer for the first time in 20 years). I’ve mentioned this before, but I love reading how other people decide what words to use and not use when describing food (and yes, I’ve been made fun of for this, which still doesn’t make sense to me — words have meaning, even in food writing).

Act Two, Season 3 started with corn achappam with 65 spice. Hashtag, art of plating.

Get you a kitchen that can make edible butterflies (and yes, I just realized the connection to previous seasons at @tresindstudio). This pani puri was one of the excellent bites in Act One, Season 3.