Anneka N Miller

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a health & wellness blog with #vegan recipes to keep you thriving in & out of the kitchen 🌱

Location San Clemente, CA United States
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the last two weeks of my newest obsession💐

@bkbagelny mornings are the best mornings

afternoons that look like this 🤌🏼😽 I’ve been loving setting aside time mid day to make any necessary readjustments for the week/weekend in my planner (i truly live by my planner), read something that makes me feel inspired (thank you @tasteoftillie for my current obsession 💕), and sip on my all time favorite @pressedjuicery citrus 2 juice! what more could you want?! #pressedjuiceryambassador #pressedambassador #pressedjuicery

22 things i’ve learned in the last 22 years. 22 things I’ve learned in the last 22 years: 1. The best things in life are your relationships with your friends, loved ones, and family. 2. kindness goes a long way 3. Following your dreams requires work but its worth it. 4. Embrace failure and discomfort. 5. Stop comparing yourself to others and their journey. Your path is YOURS. 6. Change can be super scary. I haven’t found a solution to this yet… 7. Invest in things that make you grow as a person, not things to show off. 8. Stop making excuses and learn to take ownership. 9. Everything takes time. Embrace the now and live in it. 10. Dogs are the best things on this planet (hi Lincoln) 11. Putting yourself first is NOT selfish. 12. Practice gratitude for small moments 13. Start taking great care of yourself as soon as possible 14. Don’t funnel energy into people/things that don’t fulfill you 15. Don’t talk yourself out of things you want to accomplish… just TRY! You might surprise yourself 16. Your time is the most valuable asset 17. don’t assume. ever. 18. trust your instinct. 19. never stop trying to learn 20. there’s never the perfect time to do something. just fu*%ing start now. 21. The greater risk = the greater reward. 22. Forgive quickly.

last night’s haul @pressedjuicery can you tell I have a sweet tooth!? #pressedambassador #pressedlife

life update!! I’m so thrilled and grateful to announce that I’ll be attending Columbia University this coming Fall to pursue a Master of Science in Nutrition. I’ll also be completing my DI within @columbia university’s integrated program and I truly couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter. Another possibly controversial update: @bubbys has the best matzo ball soup in new york.

The face of a girl who submitted her DICAS application last night!!! To my non-dietetic friends, DICAS is the portal where individuals looking to become an RD and participate in a dietetic internship submit all of their application information. Throughout the last 4 years, I have been anxiously anticipating this day and now… ITS ALL DONE (with a ton of help from @supriyalalrd 🤍)!! Now we just wait until match day 😵‍💫 I have realized that many of you might not know the immense time and dedication required to become an RD. And I totally get it… It’s not talked about enough!! I reposted a good friend infographic on this topic since she lays it out fabulously (swipe to slide 3) In short, becoming a registered dietitian takes a whole lot of work and even more time. When you are looking for nutrition advice or happen to see a post on media claiming some health benefit or “metabolism boosting” super powers…. check their credentials first and make sure there is an RD or RDN by their name. You wouldn’t take medical advice from a non-doctor, right? Same thing! If you want more info on what it takes to become an RD or just my experience thus far, please let me know!! I am happy to help. And for those of my friends who also submitted DICAS last night, HUGE congrats. You are smashing it 🤍🤝

moments from home 🏡🤍

some oat content for your feed🤍 for thicc oats: 1/2 cup oat 1 cup water 2 tbsp cocoa powder toppings: apples with cinnamon coconut flakes pomegranate seeds dark chocolate shavings

thursday night kinda snack 🧚🏻 @pressedjuicery vanilla freeze with cacao drizzle and strawberries 🍓 #pressedambassador

for the love of carbs 🍕❤️🍒 pls enjoy my late night pizza project xoxo

feeling very grounded this holiday season 🎄❤️ the last few months have been full of change and difficult goodbyes for me. I left my job of 3 years for a new NYC based position, I graduated @nyusteinhardt with a bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics 🎓, and grad school applications are right around the corner! While I am beyond excited about these milestones, the fear of the unknown has been real… It is difficult to even explain because I have always been so excited to get out of college and make a real difference in the health space but now i’m finding myself freaked out due to the lack of structure in my days 🥵 Yet, what has been helping me feel comfort with all of this change has been the support of my new work team and family/friends and a quote i read on the nyc sidewalk (lol) “embracing discomfort is the key to success.” I am reminding myself that in order to evolve and grow, I have to get out of my comfort zone and embrace the discomfort. This mindset has changed everything. That’s it for this little IG update and i’m excited to be able to dedicate some more time to this community. If you take anything from this post- I hope you push yourself out of your comfort zone, even a little bit, and see how you grow. 🤍🕊

home updates 🌬

happy december 🕊 i’m feeling veryyy festive and have been baking a few of my favorite cookie recipes to get into the holiday mood 🤍 the BEST chocolate chip cookies 2.5 cups all purpose flour (make sure not to pack the flour) 1 tsp baking soda 1 pinch of sea salt 4 tbsp of butter (i used vegan butter) 4 tbsp olive oil (@wearebrightland is the best) 1 cup of granulated sugar 1 cup of brown sugar 2 eggs 1 fresh vanilla bean, scraped (or 1 tsp vanilla extract) 1-1.5 cups of chocolate chips (depends on your love of chocolate 🤩) Pre-heat the oven to 350 F Mix dry ingredients together and then mix in the remaining ingredients Roll the dough in spoonful quantities and bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Enjoy 🤎

dream duo? feathers + gold 🕊@mejuri

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