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I'll tell you what to eat and you'll like it. // feed the bear:

Location Dallas, TX South
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 29, 2018
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Trust me, the beef welly at @wickedbutcher is ELITE. #hosted #beefwellington #dallassteakhouse #steakhouse #datenightideas #dallasfoodie

I’m nothing if not a lucky b*tch. 🤷‍♀️ 9000+ posts in and 14+ years later it’s been a long road full of roadblocks I put there myself (using the B word —GASP!— plus being political and unapologetically pro-🇮🇱). But the people who are here with me are the real ones. And a “low and slow” following is still something I’m proud of. 🖤 Thanks for joining and following along. Let’s keep this thing going, whatever it is. I hope in some small way I’ve helped make some lives more delicious along the journey. 🍦Pictured: incredible Hokkaido milk soft serve topped with olive oil and @kahlua caviar at @namo — more to come on that later… stay tuned.

It’s hot and there’s no sports. Dallas needed a win. Good thing @herobyhg has a cheap off season menu. If you’ve got a $20, you’ll eat like a king — cocktails and good food, with no wait, coming right up. 🍸🍔 You’re welcome. #hosted #herobyhg #herooffseason #sports!

I asked some of my new besties to share their favorite Jewish foods, because food is the great unifier! How can you advocate for the destruction of the people who brought us rugelach, matzah ball soup, and the almoghty KNISH? Am I right, @chriscaresnone ?? Stay tuned for part 2, and all kidding aside, still beyond grateful to have been included in this group of mensches. Thank you to @stateofisrael, @combatantisemitism & @jewishagency 💙💪

On July 4, I’m calling on my country to help my people. On July 4, it’s day 271 of this terrible war hamas started. On July 4, if you can’t bring yourself to care about Israelis, perhaps you can care about Americans. Say their names, share their stories. Never stop talking about them. 🎗️ Free Our 🇺🇸American🇺🇸 Hostages: Edan Itay* Sagui Hersh Gadi* Judith* Omer Keith * confirmed dead but their bodies are still held hostage by hamas. May their memories be a blessing. Forty-five Americans were killed on October 7th. Twelve were taken into captivity and eight are still being held hostage. On July 4, learn more about each of the 120 hostages still held in Gaza: Oh and while we’re on the subject of things people aren’t talking about, northern Israel is on fire during to thousands of rockets fired at Israel by Hezbollah in Lebanon, displacing 80,000. You can donate to the firefighters at

@matisyahu live in NYC for ISRAEL #unitedwithjews thank you to @combatantisemitism @stateofisrael for this incredible experience

▶️ LINK TO LIVESTREAM in my bio ▶️ As most of you know, I’ve never been quiet (about anything really), but certainly not about my support for Israel and the Jewish people. But when the literal State of Israel slid into my DMs a few weeks ago and asked me to apply to attend the Voices For Truth summit I was a little mind-blown. After all, I’m just a food writer and creator in Dallas. But my primary identity is as a Jewish mother in America. Every day I make it part of my job to educate about more than just food. It’s not all whipped cream and sprinkles, but it’s important. I’m beyond honored to be attending this event, and I hope to bring back some of my experience to you. If you’re an ally or want to be, tune in tomorrow.

Honestly this isn’t even *all* of Day 2. The team at @el_tequileno and @casasalleshotel packed so much learning, doing and tasting into this trip that I’m gonna need a bigger reel … Stay tuned for more! Oh and because I know you’re gonna ask, I’ll link to my @newbalance from @hibbettsports in my stories (they’re kids size 5!) 👟👟

Day 1 recap: Wishing I was back in Tequila with @el_tequileno RN. We landed at Guadalajara, took a car to the incredible @casasalleshotel, toured Tequila a bit and got our first taste of @el_tequileno in the form of a Batanga. 🍻 Dinner at Mango followed by more tequila of course. Stay tuned for Day 2… #mediatrip #batangas #eltequeño #tequilamexico #luckybitch

From field to glass, we saw the entire process of tequila making in magical Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico with @el_tequileno. I can’t wait to share more from this amazing trip. Thank you to @agave_gina, @casasalleshotel, and the El Tequileño team for hosting, and @wearerhc for the experience of a lifetime. Salúd and stay tuned… #saluda

Bowls, beautiful bowls! Huge congratulations to @berrynakedpops…

I'LL TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT AND YOU'LL Huge congratulations to @berrynakedpops on opening their second location in #Richardson, now complete with soulful and sinful purée bowls for your indulging (and instagramming) pleasure. See my insta story for more from tonight’s super fun media preview. I'll tell you what to eat

Got a sneak #VIPeek at the newest taco spot in town: Q Tacos at…

I'LL TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT AND YOU'LL Got a sneak #VIPeek at the newest taco spot in town: Q Tacos at… Got a sneak #VIPeek at the newest taco spot in town: Q Tacos at Machos Cantina. Killer cocktails by @imbibemartensen plus aguas frescas, house-made tortillas, salsas and of course tacos by chef Nick Hurry. (at Q Tacos at Machos Cantina) I'll tell you what to eat

This toast is bananas. You know the rest. 🍌 Good mornings start…

I'LL TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT AND YOU'LL Good mornings start with luscious peanut butter banana toast. #comped 🥜🍌🍯🍞☀️ (at East Hampton Sandwich Co.) I'll tell you what to eat

Falafel balls, steak, chicken, salmon and spicy lamb meatballs!…

Falafel balls, steak, chicken, salmon and spicy lamb meatballs! Rice, flatbread pizzas, hummus, veggies, salads, wraps, pita, sauces and more. This Chi-town chain isn’t afraid of flavor. Good call donating soft open proceeds to worthy cause @cafemomentum, too.

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