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alexis鈥 unicorn birthday blog馃 is finally here! it may have taken a few weeks, but i鈥檝e got all the details, decorations, desserts and activities on today鈥檚 post. see all the photos and plan your next unicorn birthday party on today鈥檚 post, and don鈥檛 forget to 馃搶 Pin it for later!

please ignore the screaming, just trying to wipe the baby鈥檚 face or brush her hair.. iykyk

bickell turned 馃敓 this month! 馃惗鈾ワ笍 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 while we were super busy with all the unicorn first birthday hoopla, i gotta be sure my day 1 gets his 鈥榩ups鈥 on the feed now. his birthday was actually the day of the party too (he鈥檚 an april fools day pup) so he kind of got a little celebration too! 馃コ 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 for being ten he sure hasn鈥檛 let life slow him down. he runs with dad, hits the trails, parks and even the malls (sooo many dog friendly malls by us) and still has energy to bark until kevin chases him every single night 鈥 which kevin just loves after a long day. 馃槄 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 he鈥檚 done such a good job acclimating to the big brother life and we鈥檙e seriously so proud. the fact that alexis became mobile was definitely a shock to him but he鈥檚 been dealing with it so well. whoever said you can鈥檛 teach an old dog new tricks has never met #bickellburk. he鈥檚 the smartest good boy in all the land and we love that he鈥檚 ours. 鈾ワ笍

AMAZON SCUBA PULLOVER 馃洅 i didn鈥檛 think it was possible, but i found an ever better scuba-esque pullover. 馃ぉ the sleeves on my first one were a little short (an issue i have a lottttt) but these are nice and long! wearing an xl, normally l/xl, definitely size up if between.. don鈥檛 want this one too short. the inside is SO soft, pocket is generously sized and the zipper detail is on point. passed the all-day west test today, making it a must-try amazon fashion find! credit to @alexsahlen2 for influencing me on this one!

better than just not checking at all 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔

your medal is in the mail, sweetie (and it鈥檒l arrived in two days in a brown box with a smile on it) 馃摝

this little girl impresses me more every single day with what she鈥檚 figuring out. a few weeks ago it was following us down the hall because she knew our mud room door would open (why she likes that room so much i鈥檒l never understand) and a few months ago it was hightailing it up our stairs 鈥 which is AMAZING for nap times because i can haul a ton of stuff upstairs with me and follow her from behind. all i have to do is open the gate and ask her if she wants to go up and POOF馃挩 she鈥檚 off! lately though, she鈥檚 discovered putting stuff inside things. this was only the second or third time we played with this toy and she knew immediately to put and push the ball in. several toys in her earlier @lovevery boxes supported this function too, so it helps she had some previous exposure. the pegs are still mostly a glorified chew toy at the moment馃槄 but we鈥檒l get there with those eventually! #lovevery #loveverygift

ONE YEAR 馃挅 and just like she arrived in the middle of the night, she had me up to celebrate right around that time last night 馃檭 we鈥檙e pretty much sleeping through the night now though, which has been amazing (this one is mom鈥檚 favorite). current favorites: - pegs from @lovevery thinker kit - biting dad鈥檚 nose (???) - her play phones - mac & cheese - pulling her bows out - 鈥渞ough housing鈥 with dad - going into our mud room when the door鈥檚 open 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔 not liking so much: - getting her piggy tails put in - not being able to crawl everywhere - thunderstorms (same same same) - keeping her sunnies on she鈥檚 so unbelievably loved and we鈥檙e thankful she鈥檚 part of our lives. special thank you to everyone who celebrated with us this weekend near or far. 鈾ワ笍 will be sharing her unicorn first birthday party on the blog next week. 馃 there鈥檚 bunches to see, so keep an eye out on wednesday!

quick psa 鉂楋笍馃洅 to anyone looking for wear-everyday comfortable sports bras 鈥 these are from target and i own five. literally all i wear all week. they鈥檙e too good to gate keep so set forth and shop these bad boys! dm me with specific sizing questions. 馃搹 available in my bio clicky right under 鈥榝eatured finds鈥 鈥 OR 鈥 comment 鈥楲INK PLZ鈥 here and i鈥檒l send the address straight to you! 鈾ワ笍

don鈥檛 tiramis-out on this week鈥檚 post: easy tiramisu! 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 no bake, no fuss. 馃挴 we were at the grocery store a few weeks ago and passed ladyfingers on a display rack, and for whatever reason i decided then and there i was making tiramisu that evening. 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 kevin was both thrilled and confused as hell. 馃槄 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 rightfully so, because he knows i鈥檝e never made tiramisu before. i actually had to look up what else is in tiramisu while we walked the store. 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔 but as usual, i browsed a few different recipes for what i thought sounded best and included those different components, and my iteration was born. 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 now, makes my tiramisu recipe tutorial so valuable is the filling prep hack. no one else did it my way and it cuts your filling prep time down by fractions! and trust me, the filling is really what takes the majority of your time. 馃搶 head to the blog and pin this no-bake recipe for this summer!

and just like that i鈥檓 a mother of two and a doctor. 馃懇馃徏鈥嶁殨锔

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