Ashley Wool

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Ashley Wool wrote her first song at the age of 7 to accompany a "butterfly rock star" character she conceived for Halloween. Her one-of-a-kind theatrical instincts have informed her artistry ever since. As a college freshman, she released an EP, Not Otherwise Specified, which she funded by washing dishes in her school dining hall. Recorded on analog with live instrumentation and no frills, her "little record that could" gained airplay on numerous radio stations and podcasts, securing her a comfortable niche in the indie music scene.

Ashley stepped out of the indie music world after college to focus on theatre, building a dynamic resume of critically-acclaimed performances, but she soon felt the urge to return to making art that wasn't "on-brand." In collaboration with producer Gabriel Pressman and industrial rock singer/songwriter Garek, the pieces began falling together for a new album, and Boycott Ashley Wool was born, spawning the singles "Half of My Life," "Automatoronic," and "Starving Artist." The album title originated as a cheeky nod to Internet trolls, but on the album it takes on a deeper meaning as themes of rebellion, insecurity, privilege, and betrayal play out over catchy pop hooks fused with industrial and punk influences—and of course, plenty of theatrical flair.

She is, after all, still a butterfly rock star on the inside—just older, wiser, and hopefully woker.

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Self-taping in quarantine 🙃 #actress #byanymeansnecessary #selftape

LOOOOOOK AT THIS QUEEN @ayannathesinger ROCKING THE ABSOLUTE FUCK OUT OF MY SHIRT 😍😍😍 want one?? Go to and be cool like Ayanna. And while you’re at it follow her and check out her music 🎶

...the lovers, the dreamers, and me. 🌈 #nofilter

I dreamed that I was playing Dot in a Broadway musical adaptation of #Animaniacs and this was my face when I woke up and realized it was still 2020 🙃 Well, I’m doing what I can to keep my performing skills sharp and effect change for our community since we don’t seem to be getting much help from the federal government (what a surprise)...but I’m also learning all about epidemiology on @coursera and trying to find some work in the #publichealth sector while we wait for Broadway to return. #academia #artistsupport #knowledgeispower #actorslife🎬 #artistsinquarantine

Strawberry rhubarb pie with a graham cracker crust. And a banana-pineapple Jell-O mold. And this isn’t even picturing the gazpacho and macaroni salad. My 50s housewife alter ego is showing. 🙃 #quarantinebaking #pie #jellomold #strawberryrhubarb #whatismylife #instafood

I found a four-leaf clover in my yard the other day and thought I would pass along the #lucky charm to anyone who needs it. I attached it to this quote (credit to @erincondren) because I think it’s worth noting that I wasn’t searching for four-leaf clovers when I found one. I was just out walking my dog and looked down and happened to see it. I’d like to think of it as a sign that #hope, #opportunity, and #inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places, if only we remain open to receiving them. There is so much pain bubbling to the surface right now in our country, but there is no growth or progress without a whole lot of discomfort. Lean into it. Embrace it. Cherish what it’s trying to teach you, and use what you learn to be a force for good in the world. Stay safe, stay hopeful, be kind to one another, and be kind to yourselves. I believe that justice and peace are seeking us, too. #nojusticenopeace #leadwithlove #loveforall #nohatejustlove #fourleafclover

COVID-19 just extinguished a light that had no business being put out so soon. Rest in peace, @christrousdaleofficial. You were a force to be reckoned with onstage and an incredibly gracious human being behind the scenes. I’ll never forget how supportive you were of my music back in the MySpace days. It meant so much. Hope you’re turning up (and up and up) on that big dance floor in the sky. My heart goes out to his family 🖤 #christrousdale #rip

Here’s a strawberry pie I made because life is hard and sometimes you have to drown your sorrows in creation. Recipe from @preppykitchen ❤️🍓 • • • #quarantinebaking #strawberry #pie #strawberrypie #preppykitchen #baking #bakingfromscratch

Fellow white folks, white-passing folks, and non-black POC, I know your feeds are likely flooded with posts like these. I don’t have much to add, but I wanted to share a mantra of sorts that has helped me process my own journey of better understanding the Black experience: • It’s not about me. I don’t know it all. And that’s okay. • And to my Black friends: I see you. And I thank you for making so many of us listen even when it’s like pulling teeth. I thank you for having the hard conversations, because I know that none of us are owed a conversation. I know that our ignorance, however “innocent,” is not your job to fix. I know you are so, so tired. I promise I will do everything in my power to uplift your voices, tell your stories, and fight for a world where fighting is no longer necessary. • #blackouttuesday

Reminder to fellow @actorsequity members to #vote for your #union reps. We need a strong and engaged #laborunion now more than ever. I’m keeping my choices to myself, but I will say that I’m honored to know so many of the wise, talented, diligent, passionate #actors and #stagemanagers on this ballot, I see and respect and appreciate every one of you, and the hardest part was not being able to check every box. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do to support us during this crazy time. #unionstrong #actorsequity #askifitsequity

I severely miss being blonde. #tbt 📷 @jclynesphotography

Isabel of #FangirlLyrics is the queen of a whole empire of lyric video channels on YouTube and she just released one for “Automatoronic!” Peep the link in her profile @starryniqht.s and go show her channel some love. ❤️ Thanks for sharing my music, Isabel! • • • #youtuber #lyricedits #lyricvideos #fanedits #automatoronic #lyrics #popmusic #youtubemusic #musicvideo #lyricvideo #musicislife

“Hot Bod Wool,” marker on butcher paper, 2008. I am humble enough to know that my real-life hotness pales in comparison to this masterful artistic rendering by @juliestheory but it’s just too brilliant not to share. (When I asked her why I didn’t have a face, she replied “I can’t draw faces.”) • • #hotbod #art #mtc #geneseo #nofacenocase

New single coming May 31. Which is also my birthday. #geminiseason Make my day and pre-save “Starving Artist” on #Spotify via the #linkinbio 🖤 • • • • #singersongwriter #musicartist #spotify #instacool #newmusic #singer #recordingartist #songwriter #prerelease #hearitfirst #listentothis #spotifypresave #presave #releaseradar

Adventures in #quarantinebaking: coconut layer cake. Used the @magnoliabakery recipe because I miss them and NYC so much 😭🧁 • • • • • • #baking #homebaking #cakeoftheday #cakesofinstagram #bakingaddict #foodporn #coconutcake #layercake #sevenminutefrosting #magnoliabakery #cakesfromscratch #bakingfromscratch

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