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24 // NY // YouTuber ✨Helping the everyday gal achieve a more feminine and elegant lifestyle through fashion, beauty & art!✨

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Thinking it’s time for a quick introduction! 🎀My name is Allison and I post about living a feminine and elegant lifestyle through fashion, beauty & art. I’m a lover of vintage style icons, classic fashion and of course, the color pink! 🎀I originally grew up in New York, but spent the last couple of years in graduate school in London. I was studying costume making & design and I just graduated! 🎀My YouTube channel really helped me through the pandemic and gave me a purpose and place to channel my creative energy into. It’s difficult to keep up with it as I put so much time into my videos but it’s also so rewarding and I hope to keep growing. 🎀In my free time, I own a jewelry company with my sister @noirejewelrystudio We love picking out new items for our shop and having photo shoots. I’ve learned so much from running my own business. I would love to hear where you all are from and what you do! 💖

Being an American abroad is… a humbling experience filled with complex feelings. When I was young, I remember having an American flag hanging above our garage & saying the pledge of allegiance every morning, thinking that every young child grew up proud of their country. It truly can be the land of opportunities, a place where my grandparents, like so many others, found freedom and an escape from repression in their various home countries. There are so many moments in my life that I recognize the power in being an American citizen. But why then, is it my default to strictly say I am from New York instead of the US when asked? At what point did I feel embarrassed to be associated with my country? These past couple weeks, even though I’m in London, I was reminded how all-consuming politics are when living in the US. After spending much of last week processing, conversing, and mourning with friends and family about the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, it reminded me how (liberal) Americans are constantly bombarded with bad news over and over again. And it is sensationalized by the news outlets which further makes you question whether your well-being or capitalism is at the heart of the country. It is hard and confusing to have hope, especially when trying to understand how the opposing side could feel the way they do and still sleep at night. I find hope by looking around at Americans who have inspired me and who I have tremendous respect for - my family, all of my friends who i know have marched in protest for what they believe, @aoc @ruthbaderg @barackobama @michelleobama @waltdisneyimagineering @jfk.kennedy_ @paullnewman …the list seems endless and perhaps a little random but those are Americans for whom I celebrate July 4th. Prob gunna go watch Hamilton and cry now

Really just a flower account during these months… but how can you blame me!

Heat wave? More like heat induced headache, am I right! I have been enjoying the sunshine though 😋 Happy weekend!

How has everyone’s weekends been? Here’s a photo from my most recent trip to Prague - we saw some beautiful gardens and peacocks!

Trying new things this week… equal parts scary and fun.🫣What’s the newest thing you’ve done lately? Keep checking back for a new video coming out soon!

Another year of living my silly little life and making silly little to do lists and buying silly little things and complaining about silly little existential ideas but at least I wear pink while doing it🎀

Spring is officially in the air! Does it feel like Spring wherever you are in the world? It certainly does here in London, it’s been sunny and warm for almost a week straight! Cue the spring outfit line up… and possibly some spring cleaning? 😏

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!! I actually love this holiday because we all know and love someone and they deserve to hear it! Tell your best friend you love them, tell your work wife you’re grateful for them, tell your barista you hope they feel loved today! Buy yourself flowers and chocolate (but wait for the discounts tomorrow) and write down 3 things you love about yourself. Feel pink today 💗💖and as always… I love you and thank you for following me! Outfit details will be linked on my where you can shop all of my looks. Link in bio.

everything in my life is on brand 🎀

the magic of vintage ✨ Anyone have recommendations for their favorite vintage shops in London? Comment below! . . . #vintagestyle #shopsecondhand #londonvintageshop #londonvintage #lightacadamia #lightacademiaaesthetic #darkacademia #bestvintageshop #londoncharityshops #winterinspiration #parisstyle #nanoinfluencer #microinfluencer #discoverunder2k #discoverunder5k #mypinkfairytale #femininestyle #pinkaesthetic #cottagecore #pasteltones #prettyinpink #pastelfeed #dreamyaesthetic #darlingdaily #nycblogger #londonblogger #girlyfashion #vintagevibes #londonfashion

This is always my Autumn/Winter uniform - turtleneck, skirt, tights, boots, beret 😘 It makes it very easy to get dressed in the morning! Do you have go-to outfits for certain seasons? Comment your ideas! As always, my outfits are always on my account, linked in my bio. You can shop all of my looks there.

Taste the Rainbow 🌈

A walk around the neighborhood in Autumn…. It led to -the tastiest latte I’ve ever had -the discovery of an empty spider web whose solitude allowed me to appreciate the intricacy -an artist who had painted various stages of this tree in a paint stained suit jacket -a small collection of autumn colors from leaves off the ground -one of the best days I’ve had all year

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