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Artist •Writer • Biology Graduate • Muslim • Wife • Mom • Mexican/Arab #interfaith

Member Since SEPTEMBER 03, 2019
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Took my kids to McDonalds today because it's been a long long week, and while I was packing up their leftovers, a little girl around the age of 5 asked me "Why do you wear that hood?" And, "Do you know Jesus?" Me, with the week being so long and not being prepared at all I was at a loss for words, I said "yes Jesus is an amazing person"....Reminded me of the time I was on the news and they asked me about Pope Francis and I said" He's a great Pope!" LOL You'd think by now I'd be used to impromtu questions about my faith. But no, I think 3 children scrambles the brain a bit. So to answer, I'd like to say I wear a hijab as a protest. To claim that this body is mine, and I get to choose what I do with it. I get to choose how much other people see. I get to determine how much or little of it I show, when and where and with whom I share it with. #mybodymychoice #womenlifefreedom #hijab #riseup #notyourfetish #youcantboxme #youcantstopme #unapologetic

You might not notice in these pictures but I have *gasp* hair on my upper lip! ☆BODY HAIR IS NORMAL☆ There have been countless times I was shamed for the hair between my eyebrows or above my lips. I could write all the stories. But no I'm not going to. Instead I'll tell you that I didn't just grow to accept my body hair overnight....< See what I did there...yeah more puns to come. Before 2020 I would go around every three weeks to a threading salon and get my eyebrows and upper lip threaded. Then covid happened and I wanted no one near my face. Now I could have easily plucked my own hair but I chose not to. So it grew, and I did too. Anti valentines Earrings from @jumpingjaxcreations #pink #hair #writersofintagram #unapologetic #bodyhair #normalizebodyhair

I am 35 trillion blood cells rushing. I am 206 bones. I am one heart cut in two or maybe more. I am a single mother of three children. I am a Hijabi, Shia Muslim. I am Arab, I am Mexican, I was born in Texas. I am divorced, I am a brown woman, I am weird, I am different. I am an Artist I am a writer, I am a talent acquisition specialist. But none of these things define me. I am more than all of the labels that I accept. I am a universe. I am the east and the west yet I am neither from here nor there. I am somewhere in the middle, growing, reaching out to both ends stretching myself just to touch them. I am Morena, I am Gorda, I am Qaweeya, I am Amira. I am Unapologetic. This self portrait isn't just a symbol of myself it's a symbol for women who want to rebel against what society has told them they "have" to be. You can't label us, you can't box us we are more than that. When someone especially any man tells me I am pretty I tell him I know, because I want him to know I own my beauty, it's not a gift that he can give to me. I own my beauty, I own my body, I own my imperfections. I love and accept myself for all of my qualities good bad and everything in between. This painting is to be submitted to #unseen @artwreckerstudios #writersofinstagram #selfportrait #unapologetic #climax #artseries #acrylicpainting #poetsofinstagram #instagramwriters #artistsofinstagram

Amira● أميرة ● PRINCESS Ah remember those airbrush tees that everyone had? I always wanted one but def couldn't get one 😅 As a child maybe I watched one too many Disney movies, or maybe I just had a very close attachment to my name. Either way I felt like a princess. I had strict rules at home, not much room for exploration, and a heart full of inspiration. So many dreams, places I wanted to go. But I focused on finding my Amir. I thought if I had someone who loved me everything else would fall into place. Young and dumb, or full of dreams? I quickly learned there are no happy endings, no magical fairies. I had to be my own fairy godmother. I had to become my light. I had to grow up. When you lived in a home that sheltered you from so many things, even from getting a job, growing up is hard. But here I am, a grown princess with no riches but her dreams. Won't you throw caution to the wind and dream with me? Live in this imaginary plane of pink bubblegum, where everything feels like hugs. ....Because I never had one of those airbrush tees I was that one kid who did cool drawings and put them on the front cover of their binder. This is the way I'd stylized my name. Lol I remember when the "cool" kids asked me to make them some too...should have asked them to pay me 🤣 She spent enough time crying in the dark So she put on her red lipstick And she let them believe everything they thought about her. their thoughts meant nothing a life in the shadows Not for her But one full of color. #artistsofinztagram #writersofinstagram #retro #nostalgia #airbrushtees #names #princess #90svibes #poetsofinstagram

Off to a slow steady start, give yourself space to make art. When you're feeling bored and tired, and maybe even burned out you don't have to make what you usually do, you can make something weird, something that people might find useless, something different. Like making weird flowers from old dried up paint 🤣 P.s. yes I need to wipe my desk #sound #artistsupportpost #artistsshowyourweirdart #weirdart #mehart #justmakesomething #feeltheflow #getting started #whatisthis #yeahthatsweird #showmeyourart #sendart #vivavideo Music used with permission via viva video app Music:Stepping Stones, Musician:Megan Wofford, Album:Megan Wofford, Source:

GORDA - ناصحة - fat (femme) Ending 2022 with another addition to my latest collection : You can't shame me: UNAPOLOGETIC I have been shamed for my weight before, so here I am being unapologetic about it. You can't shame me. I am a size 14 in pants, being fat does not mean you have less worth than others, nor does it equal being unattractive. When I went to visit Lebanon I saw many beautiful things, I also saw and heard things that were very hurtful. There is a culture of having a "perfect body" just like there is here in America, however in a smaller town with a tight knit society can have immense amount of peer pressure. Soon enough all I could care about was my appearance, would I be acceptable enough? "Anti-fatness, if you find yourself judging someone by their size shape or weight, you might need to ask yourself...why?" - from @blairimani smarter in seconds on fatphobia. Soy Gorda Ana Nas7a I wanted to create a painting in Arabic as well, however I couldn't find anyone who knew how to spell the slang word Nas7a, and I could only find proper Arabic terms like Sameena. #fatphobia #gorda #unapologetic #lastpost2022 #endofyear #happynewyear #soygorda #nas7a #mybody #scarstoyourbeautiful #writersofinstagram

RING RING...PINK UP THE PHONE! Calling to say thank you to all of you who follow me for your support of my work ♡ 2022 was a year of twists and turns but we got this! Love to you all ♡♡♡♡ 📸@miwa03yoko 📍@texas.selfiemuseum #phone #PINK #hyperpink #Pinkestpink #bye2022 #dialtone #hyperfemme

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