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Artist •Writer • Biology Graduate • Muslim • Wife • Mom • Mexican/Arab #interfaith

Member Since SEPTEMBER 03, 2019
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Thank you to the Nurses of @baptisthealthsa In the process of recovering, a nurse found me some crayons and I was able to draw some portraits of the nurses :) I am feeling very thankful for the Nurses, Doctors, and for my friends and family who have been supporting me through this difficult time. I am still healing and I'm giving myself grace to do so ♡

That feeling when you leave the hospital 🏥 •Kidney infections are not fun • I had a kidney stone which caused the infection and went into early stage sepsis •Sepsis is a life threatening condition and is a silent killer for many people with infections •Drink water in Ramadan Yall and be careful if taking antidepressants while fasting, make sure to HYDRATE ( talk to your doctor, this is not medical advice) • I'm gonna make some cool art from these pics • Taking time to heal ♡ Thanks for listening ♡

I didnt quite finish this painting I wanted to add more to it. Currently I am in the hospital with a kidney infection. I'm looking inwards, looking to make better decisions. Looking towards the future. Its holy week, its almost the end of Ramadan. Here I am, ready for the next steps. I know I can get through this. I know I will heal. I am asking for your prayers. #eyes #lookinwards #uncleirohquotes #watercolor #mirror #handholdingmirror #whoareyou #whatdoyouwant #askingforhealing

Uncle Iroh dropping wisdom as usual. Walking through my tunnel taking deep breaths. Day two of wellbutrin ♡ Living with major depressive disorder can be difficult but once I find my baselines again I'll be up for another journey. Been binge watching ATLA with the kids lately ♡ yes the cartoon, we tried the live action and it wasn't for us. What did you think about it? #avatarthelastairbender #iroh #uncleiroh #tunnel #depression

Living with my heart on my sleeve my dreams won't be ripped away, It will work harder and beat louder but I wont let it stop until it's ready to. 💖

It's okay to not be okay ♡ It's okay to ask for help ♡ It's okay to admit when you're wrong ♡ It's okay to feel anger ♡ It's okay to have feelings ♡ It's okay to steal your kids candy for an instagram pic 🤣 And dont forget: You are loved

What's happening in Palestine right now is not a war. It's a g£n○cid€. Call your local representatives and tell them that we don't support it!. You are Loved!

To my friends: I love you, I know many of us are going through some difficult times whether emotionally or otherwise. Don't forget that you are loved and you are so important ❤️ To strangers: This world is filled with wonderous beauty even if we haven't met : You are Loved To my family: We share a bond that others don't, on sad days when we are apart remember that you are loved. To those I love: I am so happy to have you in my life, some days just existing can be difficult, but know, you are loved. To myself: I am more than beauty, flesh, and personality. I am loved. To the world: Destruction haunts us. People are being massacred and it hurts so much. We cannot allow these atrocities to go on, we must stand up, and know that Love will win eventually ♡ You are Loved. You are the universe. Keep going ♡ Free 🇵🇸 Palestine Freedom for the oppressed Love will win #youareloved #heart #candyheart #Valentine #willyoufreemypalestine

Artists are calling for a ceasefire in San Antonio, we will not stop talking about Palestine. Permanent Ceasefire NOW! #freepalestine Post on your page too, image from @sajp1948

How would you describe your identity? I asked my lovely friend @ediealexandria this question and she responds beautifully. This video is a part of a project that I have been working on called Seeing ourselves. Where I ask people to share their stories with me while I create a portrait of them after. It's taken me some time to complete this project, and I have chosen to share it now as we are in times where BIPOC stories are used as marketing tools while ignoring stories of oppression and pain. All of our stories are important and we deserve to be heard, famous or not, marketable or not, painful or happy. This video is two minutes long and it won't go viral, and most people will not watch it, so if you did: Thank you for listening. You can watch the full interview on my YouTube page link in bio. #voices #storiesfrommyfriends #seeingourselves #reflections #portrait #acrylic #interfaithamerica @interfaithamerica #love #hope

Finally dropping the first video for this project tonight....okay slight delay maybe tomorrow. Stories are a way for people to speak their truth. In times of great unrest people find great connections in hearing those truths. These connections can have you finding a new perspective on life or just finding comfort in sharing the same experiences as someone else. for years people of color have not been able to have their stories shared widespread, but now our voices are more present and thats why I wanted to start the Seeing ourselves project. I received a grant from Interfaith America for this project. I hope that somewhere out there someone finds a beautiful connection from these interviews. I tell my stories through my art and I wanted to tell more than my own stories and share the stories of others so more people can feel touched and seen. #interfaithamerica #seeingourselves #visions #voices #reflections #painting #interviews #friends #beauty #pain #freepalestine

In life there is light and dark. The darkness allows for the light to shine that much brighter. ✨️ This photo was taken last year around this time of year by @miwa03yoko I was going through some difficult times emotionally and wanted to bring light into my life. I try to always make the best of things but it's also okay to be sad. It's okay to have a bad time, just dont let it get you to a place that is inescapable. Make sure the lights lead you back to where you want to be 🥰 #lights #orbs #texasselfiemuseum #hope #2024? #herewego

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