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Record holding mountajneer, breaking gender stereotypes through adventure sports

Location Seattle, Washington
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When DRONES were not a thing in 2014, I was human drone ūüôäūü§ó thank you for awesome #kayaking experience This International White Water Kayaking festival was one of the defining moments of my career as I was pursuing law at that time. The exposure to these passionate people @goodwave_adventures @theoutdoorjournal @expeditionsindia performing at world class level opened my eyes to taking up adventure professionally... Didnt get a chance to thank enough to the heroes who are no more and the champions who have made India proud in recent years are constant inspiration... Getting a front row seat and observing these fine athletes still is a milestone in my career ūüíĮ

Keeping the balance of the body whether it is for calmness or focus, is very necessary. Health fitness is very important as a fit body supports you to do the best in your life. Daily pressure management is a task everybody wants to accomplish and @justdelta.8 CBD gummies are one of the best way to do so. What do CBD gummies do? Studies show that CBD helps body in following ways: 1. Give support for healthy inflammatory functioning: The most exciting benefit of CBD is to mitigate the symptoms of various disorders and discomfort. 2. Helps in improving focus and clarity: It has been proved that CBD can interact with the body’s dopamine receptors. This chemical neurotransmitter monitors the behavior giving increased motivation focus, and other mental attention. 3. Pain relief: Research shows that CBD interacts with the serotonin receptor of the body that is highly linked with the pain management system. 4. Better sleep order: People may get sleepless nights for many reasons such as stress, physical pain, and unrest. In a recently published journal, it is seen that with just 25mg of CBD each day can give people 66.7% better sleeping nights. 5. For Better mood: In today’s world, the stress hormones are over triggered and sometimes these cannot be controlled. CBD give a calming and relaxing effect on consumption. 6. Easy to use: The reason behind the popularity of CBD gummies is that this is a source of antioxidants. Not only antioxidants, but this is also rich with vitamin C and E. Antioxidants that are found in CBD gum helps to relieve stress as well as it works as a natural barrier against diseases. When I need to relax and enjoy the day, there is nothing better than @justdelta.8 gummies and cartridges to provide you with a THC boost to make everything a lot more fun! Do check the LINK IN BIO to see where to get yours. @justdelta.8 is completely devoted to helping individuals live stress-free lifestyles, and perform at their best, with scientific backing #hbttakeoffwithdelta8gummies #hbtsponsored #health #fitness

Imagine the quality of online courses that are as fun as podcasts! I always love to learn new things, in depth, but don't have time... got introduced to @alpeaudio. Got access to high quality audio courses. You can now upskill in the time you have, whether you're commuting, running errands or out for a jog! I found that @alpeaudio courses are sourced from quality professors and are built for learning so that you remember what you learn. Each course comes with summaries for each lesson, additional resources, templates and flash cards so that the learning really sticks. Do check out @alpeaudio , LINK IN BIO and let me know what courses interested you the most!

Late post for Choekhor Duchen when we were in Ladakh! Choekhor Duchen is celebrated on the fourth day of the sixth Tibetan month is one of four major Buddhist holidays. It marks the Buddha’s first turning of the wheel of Dharma, which occurred seven weeks following his enlightenment. It is considered an auspicious day where karmic reactions are multiplied manifold, thus an important time for accumulating virtue, reflecting on the teachings and rejoicing in the merit of enlightened activity. We rejoiced the drive and driving through surreal landscape on our tiny Figo! #ladakh #leh #royalrides

Cycled 75 kms through ancient towns of Raison- Naggar- Jagatsukh- Manali from Manali... it was all about enjoying the views as I cycled through the trail that follows the River Beas... while riding tiny hamlets, endowed with tempting apple orchards and lush rice fields. It's a downhill journey to Raison and a tiny ancient bridge leads to other side of river. Then it's all uphill 10 kms to Naggar, which was once the capital of the Kullu kingdom. The climb back was a bit challenging considering fancy new bike lent from @confused.launda , but the stunning mountain scenery was keeping me company through the whole route. #himalayas #manali #naggar #cycling #biking

August is National Wellness Month, and it’s a perfect time to focus on taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Especially during these stressful times, it’s important to make self-care, healthy eating, and stress management a priority in order to feel better than ever! Make it a goal to try one of these 8 ways to boost your wellness each day: 1. Exercise 2.Drink More Water 3.Spend time outside 4. Practice Deep Breathing 5. Get Enough Sleep 6. Take a Social Media Break 7. Call a Friend or Family, Video Chat 8. Cut Back on Sugar and load up on Veggies and Fruits . Another recommended practice is to talk with a psychic advisor. It did bring clarity to my life and helped me relieve emotional stress. With @keenpsychics , lets look at wellness as a holistic approach to health across mind, body and spirit --it’s about taking care of all aspects of your life and the practice is a lifelong journey. . Click the LINK IN BIO and get the first 3 minutes of your first reading for free! After, head over to @keenpsychics for giveaways and wellness tips throughout this month . #keenpsychics #nationallwellnesssmonth #hbtkeenwellness #sponsored

Got featured @edexliveinsta @newindianexpress and share my story Despite being in the field for a decade, Ishani feels that women are still stereotyped when it comes to mountaineering and rock climbing. "Once, when I was deputed to train men at the National Defence Academy in rock climbing, they were sceptical about the way I would teach them. Some even laughed at me because they thought that I wouldn't know anything about rock climbing. But after a few days of training under my wing, their perceptions changed. More than the challenges that we face physically in mountaineering, women go through mental challenges in terms of fighting stereotypes and breaking social barriers." Read the full article ( LINK IN BIO)

This is a "Rummy Time Public Service Announcement" : You get free tournament every 30 mins, unlimited free cash games, upto Rs 10000 as welcome Bonus. BUT PLEASE celebrate thoda araam se! Referral Link in Bio to get Referral Bonus @rummy_time #ThodaAaramSeCelebrateKaro #OnlineRummy

Pushing yourself to your limits when odds are against you and learning how far you can go is both humbling and inspiring. Once you experience the natural endorphins that your body produces during physical challenges, you might find them addictive; they are nature’s own drug. Photo from last week's self sufficient expedition at Mt Yunam (6100 m peak) in blizzard

Hiking over high passes with @hustledrops , I instantly noticed a large increase in air flow both in and out. I also felt a boost in energy and mental clarity. @hustledrops is a new, potent, all natural respiratory supplement. Designed to open up your airways and help you take in more oxygen while you lift, run, sweat, and live life. Hustle Drops is a concoction made of several potent mint oils ripe with L-Menthol, plus some additional L-Menthol infused directly into the drops. The effects were strong and immediate. I recommend it for all those looking for a performance boost, all natural way… Get out of your comfort zone and work towards making your goals come true! #hustledrops

Rough roads lead to beautiful destination… still mesmerised by the surreal #spiti landscape… Tremendous gratitude to my small car, we made it through it! 2 days trip (from Manali- Atal Tunnel- Chhatru- Kunzum Pass- Kaza- Tabo- Recongpeo - Pooh- Jalori Pass- Jibhi - Manali ) #spiti #kaza #Nako #himachalpradesh #himachal #himachaltourism #himachali #himachaldiaries #himachalpictures #pinvalley #himachalpradeshtourism #pinvalleynationalpark #pinvalleyspiti #highontravell #indiaclicks #indiatravel #solotraveler #ahmedabad #Gujarat #like4likes #likeforlikes #like4follow #likeforlikeback #likesforlike #incredibleindia @indiapicbook @travelrealindia @wanderlost_india @india_undiscovered @colours.of.india @shutterhub.india @trailsofindia @indiapictures @explore.indiatourism @india_tourism_ @india__tour__ @india_travel_tourism @indiatour @exploreindiantourism @streets.of.himachal @onehimachal @jannatehimachal @beauty_of_himachal._ @life_in_himalayas_ @incredibl_himachal @himachaltravelbeats @atal_tunnel @visitlahaulspiti spitiholiday @spitigram @spitiexpedition

Glaciers, forests, dogs ‚̧ԳŹ Sometimes it feels good to just go easy and breathe in with #wilderness

How about taking your bikes on this route? #spiti Tag your travel buddy in comments ūü§©ūüėÄ

Summer is the perfect time to relax, reset, and refresh. As we navigate the waters of our personal journey, we realize this season is the perfect time to do some much needed soul-searching and self-reflection. Not only is summer the season of exploring the world around you, but it is the right time to explore the world within you. Move with the eb and flow of your emotions and keep an open mind. Meditate, clear your mind, and discover transformational clarity. This summer, @keenpsychics will provide you with a free reading where you can discuss any topic privately with one of the advisors! Keen empowers you on your journey as you seek clarity around the topics that are most important to you. Whether you are very in touch with your intuitive side or know nothing about the psychic space, Keen's expansive network of gifted psychics and spiritual advisors are here to support you. Photo from #waterskiing trip with Missoula Outdoor Learning Asventures #montana *Click the link in my bio or below and get the first 3 minutes of your first reading for free! @keenpsychics #hbtkeen #hbtkeensummer #hbtkeensummer #hbtsponsored

How to check boot size and fit for mountaineering shoe

This is usually quite different than your normal ‚Äútown‚ÄĚ footwear and boot size. Fully converted to vapor barriers years ago after reading Extreme Alpinism and testing out the concept with socks and jackets. If you plan to go mountaineering at altitude or spend long days walking, your feet are going to swell and they need space to adjust inside. It‚Äôs always been a balance between snug for good foot technique and having enough room to avoid pinch points and enable good circulation.

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