Amberly Lambertsen

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I have a passion for marriage and family relationships! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies with an emphasis on the importance of communication and stress management for healthy relationships and I am a provisionally certified Family Life Educator. My hope is to use my degree and my certification here on A Prioritized Marriage. And also as a Marriage and Family Life Educator in my community. I want to share my passion with others and inspire them to become enthused about making their relationships better.

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To the Wife Who Feels Like Her Husband Never Helps Around the House

Whether your husband feels like you have everything under control or doesn’t realize that you would like extra help, he’ll never think otherwise until you tell him. Just because you do the laundry or load the dishwasher or clean the house in a specific way, doesn’t mean that it’s the only way that will work. If your husband is willing to help, don’t tell him he’s doing it wrong. Express gratitude for the help your spouse gives Even when it feels like your spouse does nothing to help when compared to the mental load you carry in your marriage, thank them for the things they do.

Easter Basket Ideas for Your Spouse

I wanted to share some great ideas for unique, little gifts you can put in an Easter basket for your spouse if you choose. I wanted to share some great ideas for unique, little gifts you can put in an Easter basket for your spouse if you choose. Affirmation necklaces, reversible musical bar necklaces, birth flower necklaces, and musical bracelets are all great gifts for the woman you love! You might find it fun to set up a small egg hunt for them, or treat each other with a small Easter treat.

TV Shows for Couples to Stream and Enjoy Together

At the end of a long day, Joe and I really look forward to cuddling up in bed next to each other and watching a funny show. And at the end of a long day, we always want short episodes that are funny and don’t take a lot of brainpower. She and her husband are forced to adjust to this life change while maintaining their status as good neighbors and keeping up their shared real estate business. I’ve watched the entire series through and have my husband hooked and binging it with me currently.

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