Ansley Blackstock

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Jesus is Life

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Travel Bucket List

I think we get so caught up with the idea of Europe and the fanciness that Europe can bring us, but because I’ve been watching these travel series to Japan, to Egypt, and to many other places, it’s opened my eyes to a lot more places than just the typical places. Well if you know me this isn’t all unexpected, but I think that this is a fairly unexpected when thinking about travel. I don’t think people quiet think about when they start planning a trip, but it’s a place that just seems mystical to me. You can do relaxing in the Blue Lagoon, which if you don’t know it’s a geothermal spa, the land which the spa is located was built from lava, but the water for the hot springs is a runoff from the geothermal plant that is right next to the where the spa is located.

Hanging in California

It felt like a million years since I’ve had family gathered around me and it felt like home right away. Venice was crowded with people and a lot of homeless, but there seemed like a lot of cool shops that would have been a lot of fun to explore, but since we were trying to leave at a certain time we didn’t have time to see them. We headed back to the car and we knew we weren’t going to make it home in time. My grandparents had an appointment that they couldn’t miss and so we spent most of the day just playing card games, watching netflix, and watching the beautiful mountains.

Packing for Spring Break

And I’m definitely someone that loves to start packing sooner rather than later, especially since I have work and classes this week before our week off. To start the actually packing process I tend to put the items that aren’t everyday items in my bag first. Like jeans or t-shirts, because everyone owns way too many t-shirts, and also like small little items like hair accessories and even some shoes that I’m not going to wear between now and leaving. I also start gathering the items that are going to be going in my book bag while in the airport.

Thrifting Finds

I love the colors of orange and blue and like a reddish pink, I also love that it’s short sleeved so it’s perfect for this upcoming spring time. I paired this top with some high waisted black jeans and I thought to dress it up I could wear my bedstu boots, or it dress it more casual I can wear it with my black vans. It’s got such unique qualities that will be awesome to wear to baseball games or wear with high waisted shorts to get some sun at the beach or the lake. I paired these with my high waisted frayed mom jeans and my awesome black vans.

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