Amber Skincare

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For over 4 decades, Amber has been a leader in the professional beauty industry. Our founders have worked with an amazing array of professional estheticians and skin experts to bring effective and result oriented products to the market. Amber Skincare has provided product for the best spas across the world, and now we provide it to you - right in your home.

Amber Skincare started with professional waxing and paraffin for the hand, face and body in the early 1970’s. As the company grew, along with our love of ALL beauty, so did the company. Based on the knowledge and experience with waxing and the powerful benefits of paraffin, Amber created a line of products to continue that professional experience into the home.

Amber is all about driving health into your skin for young, dewy, hydrated results. We don’t believe in stripping the skin, we believe in nourishing it.

Location Pittsburgh, PA
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 05, 2019
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