Always Aley | Alejandra Womacks

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I have a Passion for photography and style. I’ve worked with Maple Holistics, Sunice, Aisleatyle, and also hosted a gThanks event with Gordmans. My goal is to live unapologetic showcasing what I wear in an authentic way.

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It was important for me to showcase my capabilities instead of following the same routine, which can ground us and prevent us from being our best selves. The shadows are a metaphor for what’s holding me back and my constant push to step out into the light.

Floral skirt to say goodbye to summer

With Fall drawing close this skirt from Francesca’s brings floral spirits With that in mind, today’s post features this pretty floral skirt from Francesca’s. Aside from the floral pattern, what drew me to this piece was the small and perfectly thought out slit on just one side, which I thought gave personality to the item. I paired the skirt with my Beatles top from Forever 21 and my heel mules from Dillards.

Even though I'm consistently blogging, I haven't felt like myself lately. There's a lack of passion and today I finally admitted to myself that I'm in a rut. This shirt gave me the motivation to reinvent myself and I hope you come along for the ride. Thanks for all the support.

Moxie dress returns me to happy place

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I last posted on the blog and everyday since then, I’ve had a knot in my stomach. It’s also a bright color with a detailed black pattern. Now I know I said I’d stray away from black, but this dress proved it’s a color you ca It’s important now more than ever to support local business and to keep in mind how they might have been effected during the shut down.

This weekend was spent gazing at wildflowers and splashing around in creeks all to get some much needed fresh air. Something I've needed due to the extra amount of screentime I've been experiencing. Life hasn't been the same lately, who knows if it will ever be, but I know for certain that nature can help distress the mind. Try it. You won't regret it.

Shadows for pretty

With this in mind, I incorporated shadows with today’s beauty look. Today’s look features a new makeup trend I’ve been trying, not frequently, but enough to make it new for me. This liner was worn alongside brown tones, which helped bring the purple hue to life. I have to admit that even the shadows helped the color look cool.

I couldn't stay away, so I visited another sunflower field. This one is in eastern Kansas. It was filled with sunny delight. And as the sunset and I inhaled the warm breeze, I realized just how blessed I am. By far this has been a year for the ages, but despite all the downwards spiral, there is always something to smile about. I hope you choose to smile. Have a great weekend.

Harley-Davidson shirt craze

Blogging has become a chore and it seems like I’ve lost my passion for style and clothes. I’m not sure if it’s because my mental state during COVID was compromised in some sort of way, but I know it’s a feeling I recognize and want to change. As you all know from a previous post that one of my favorite bloggers launched a site and I purchased a pair of earrings and this shirt. It allowed me to find the reason why I enjoy blogging, why I love clothes, and why style is cool and unique.

My hair is getting to be at an awkward length, some days it's difficult to tame, but today I just let my mane be. I got this straight and sleek look, which makes me look different. Perspective is interesting especially when it's not the usual. Step outside the box, you'll be surprised at what different will make you feel like. Have a great night!

There are rather long days in my life, but I'm happy I get to blog. Not have to, but get too. It's my go-to mentality lately. Try it and it will make a world of a difference. ❤️

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