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Helping young moms find some balance to motherhood,friendships & self care!

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As my Full time WFH days come to an end I am a little sadden at the fact that my time spent with the girls over the last 2 years will be disrupted. Being a working mom that works out of the house, you get into this autopilot mode knowing you have made the decision to work outside of the home. So you mentally prepare knowing you will probably miss things but, that’s what comes with the territory right?! But being able to have the best of both world the last 2 years has been so refreshing, being able to work my job but be present for my kids, be able to pick them up for school and be part of the process and not just having some quick conversation within that one or one a half hour you have between dinner and bed time. While I won’t be back to work like I was prior to the 2020, there is a standard that has been set and my mommy heart is really battling with the idea of just not being involved with the day to day every single day! I know so many other moms (and I am sure dads too) are battling with this and I am sure we will all find our groove again, we always do but it doesn’t take away from the fact that these last 2 years even as much as it’s been tough has also been such a blessing for the family/work life balance! #workingmomlife #corporatemom #corporateamerica #9to5mom #workingmommy #dfwmoms #dallasmom #motheringhonestly #worklifebalanced

Weekend Mood!!! Twirling all weekend as we celebrate my baby this weekend 💕 #birthdayweekendfun #thebig5 #biggirlstatus #girlmomlife #dallasmom #dfwmoms #birthdayphotoshoot

Weekend Photo Dump! Lots of family time and belly laughs with friends💕 #ᴘʜᴏᴛᴏᴅᴜᴍᴘ #familytimeisthebesttime #blackfathers #blackfamilies #blackmomblogger #dallasblogger

Heyyyy Weekend! I have no deep caption, no wise words, just sending you good vibes and hoping all your prayers and wishing come true! This is your reminder to seat on the floor in your bedroom and take pictures for no reason so you have them to post on a random Friday on insta 🤣 have a great weekend y’all 💕💕💕 #weekendlook #blackgirlhairstyles #blackgirlmagic #dallasmomblogger #dfwmom

These kids been on spring break this week, well Simi is and Temi is by default but I swear this is how I feel! They are literally running circles around me! I feel like we are in the thick of a transition phase for everyone, Temi is definitely becoming more her own self full of personality and even more energy. Simi is at that I am pretty much a teenager, but not quite and it’s testing me honestly cause some days her attitude works my nerve and then she is hella shady 😒 God working on me thru this child lmao. But in all honest though the interactions I have with these kids really have me pause afterwards, and looking within myself. The other day Simi decided to roast me and also kind of give me a parenting review, I won’t lie the African mother in me wanted to just shout SHUT UP!!! (In my thickest naija accent too lol) But the reality is how can I be a better parent if I can’t even hear the person I am parenting out. So many of us grew up in homes where the parents are the boss, what they say goes. But parenting ain’t a dictatorship, so how can you expect your kids to not have a say or opinion on things. Parenting today is so refreshing to see and be a part of, I am so far away from having this ish down but I tell myself every single day you are making efforts and that right there is already leading on the best foot! 📸 @victoriasaperstein #parenting101 #millennialparents #millennialmom #millennialparenting #dallasmomblogger #dfwmoms

Weekend Shenanigans! How was your weekend? And yes the pineapple made an appearance because that’s truly the real reason I love this hair style 🤣 #protectivehairstyle #crochethairstyles #blackgirlhair #blackgirlhairstyles #weekendbrunch

I hate that growing up in a Nigerian home, being “too” emotional or speaking up about mental well-being were seen as weakness. Cause God forbid you speak about feeling burnt out or anything related to mental health when God has blessed you with so much. And honestly those ideology still sticks with me! But shout out to the young Africans changing the narrative, mental health isn’t a work of the devil o! We can’t bind and cast depression out of someone, yes God helps but that’s also why his set earthly tools and resources to help. Seek the help you need, stop suffering in silence all in the name of keeping a brave face or being ungrateful! #mentalwellnessmatters #mentalwellnessmatters #dallasmomblogger #dfwmom #dfwblogger #blackgirlmentalhealth

Sunday Selfies with my favorites and Barbie lol Also who is having a super bowl party today? We are trying to come thru invite us please lol #mommyanddaughter #meandmygirls #blackmotherhood #blackmomskillingit #dfwmoms #dallamom #sundayselfies

I was thinking the other day, maybe the insecurities so many of us moms face after kids stems less from the physical changes motherhood brings, but actually from the psychological changes it brings. Nothing in my life has made me feel more conscious and inadequate as much as motherhood has, and I think it’s primarily from this fear of not wanting to get it wrong, because who really wants to fuck up their kids. I would be lying if this season of motherhood hasn’t tested that more than ever. Literally second guessing everything, and maybe it’s the world we live in today and all that this past few years has thrown our way especially as a working mom but the mental overload ain’t even for the faint of heart. I pray for for all the moms like myself dealing with the mental load but, putting on a brave face. Who are making decisions and praying and hoping they made the right one cause who knows man, but the fact you trying sis means more than anything! #motherhoodunplugged #mommingainteasy #sharetheeverymom #motherhoodinspired

Happy Friday Folks!!!! Stay warm and hydrated also swipe left to see a much more accurate depiction of what I look/feel like today lol #fridayselfie #fridayfeelings #weekendloading #protectivehairstyle #crochethairstyles

Weekend Photo Dump! Another weekend gone too fast, and officially at the end of January like how?!!! How has the beginning of 2022 been for you so far? So far I continue to stay optimistic of this year. #weekendflow #familyactivities #familyadventure #cheermom #cheermomlife #blackfamilymatters

But why didn’t anyone put me on to the goodness of a wig before? 👀I shared on my stories how I recently got put on to wigs and I am now about the #wiglifestyle I honestly have never worn a wig in my life before this ( too many shade room videos, scared me lol) But @luvmehair recently sent me this deep wave headband wig and I think I might have to up my wig game lol About to be out in these streets switching it up every other day lol Check out my latest blog post (link in my bio) detailing my thoughts on this wig and why I am loving it! Are you team wigs or you not about that life? #protectivehairstyle #protectivestyling #headbandwig #haircaretips #dallasmom #blackmomblogger

It’s a new week! We are feeling good and might I add looking good!!!! It’s going to be a great week, cause why the heck now! So let’s just go about doing great things today. And when you are reading this caption you need to make sure you had the hand gestures too lol Have a great week beautiful people. #newweeknewstart #neweeek #dallasmom #dfwblogger #stylishmoms #stylishmom #winterstyles #turtlenecksweater

Life sure is funny, I remember after I had Simi, completely feeling like I set her up bringing a child into the world unmarried and not even properly equipped for the job cause I sure wasn’t ready for this child. I look back 9 years ago and just see how far God has brought our lives. While I am still learning and praying God helps me to do right everyday, I am also reminded that God has the master plan cause if you had told me this would be the outcome I sure would burst in laughter. We can try to steer things our way but God’s always leads us back on course. As we set out our plans and goals for this year, I hope we also align with God’s plans for our lives! Cause baby ain’t no plan if God ain’t in it I am just saying🤷🏾‍♀️ #throwitback #amessage #blackfamilylove #familytravels #blackfatherhood #blackmotherhood

Had to have a real conversation with myself this year, yes I will set fitness goals for myself but not at the detriment of my mental health. I won’t lie the new year tends to raise this toxic relationship with myself and my body, the negative thoughts, talk and comparing!!! And of course as I get older and my body changes and the fitness journey becomes more difficult cos a bish is 30 and my metabolism just as strong as my knees 🤷🏾‍♀️ my patience is just not there. Just a reminder that yes fitness goals are good and it’s good to add them to 2022 goals, but be aware of your capabilities. If you only show up for a 10min workout or even a walk around the corner you are doing better than you did yesterday. Your journey isn’t the same as everyone’s and not everything that works for person A will work for person B, and guess what that’s fine! Stay the course and most importantly have grace while you walk along your own path! #fitnessgoals #healthymindset #mentalhealthblogger #dfwblogger #dallasblogger

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