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Family #travel and outdoor #adventure inflencer sharing opportunities to get out together in Utah and across the United States.

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"It’s a wondrous thing when the wild calms the child.” He says it's comfy and cozy in there. #kidsoutdoors #kidsoutside #naturekids #outdoorswithkids #outdoorkids #outdoorfamilies #snowcave #winterwonderland #winterplay #outdooradventures #childhoodinnature #childhoodunplugged #exploreyourworld #exploreoutdoors #getoutside #momofboys💙 #outofthehouse #playmatters #quotesaboutlife

Planning a large family getaway? Don't forget to look at summer camps/church camps in the off-season for lots of space and affordability. My extended family has been renting a church camp for our Christmas gathering for more than a decade. Although camp facilities will vary, you can count on rooms set up to house large numbers of people (think bunkrooms), open space main buildings (think dining halls and gymnasiums) and lots of open space to run around and play. This year we moved to @experiencewmc near Council Grove, KS for our 4 day get-together. The cabins had a fun mid-century vibe and the kitchen facilities were the most well-stocked we've rented. There were enough beds/bedrooms for 7 families to have their own private space and as much safe outdoor space as the kids wanted to run around and play. Here are 5 questions to ask when looking at camp space: 1. How many beds do you need and does each family want their own room? Some camps will have large community bunk rooms, some individual bunk rooms, and some private bunk cabins. 2. Are private bathrooms important? We have been fortunate to always rent facilities that include private bathrooms in each individual bunkroom, but some facilities will have a community bathroom instead. 3. What are the cooking facilities? My experience has been that camp cabins often will have limited kitchen equipment, seeing as how their campers are not usually preparing their own food. Ask about the size of the oven and refrigerator, what utensils and dishes are available, or if there is a separate kitchen area you can also rent while you're there. 4. Will there be other groups using the same facilities? Renting in the camp off-season could mean you have the entire camp to yourselves, but not always. In the past we have unexpectedly had to share gym and game buildings. This year there was a hunting party renting some of the cabins. Knowing this information can help in planning and also in safety for your children. 5. What areas will you have access to use and explore? Camps usually have a variety of recreation areas. Can you use them? Is there a fee? Looking for large group lodging, or have one to share? Let me know!

Kansas always surprises...and never disappoints. 🌻 #kansas #kansasphotos #kansassunset #kansasphotography #sunsetlighting #sunsetphoto #riverbank #frozenriver #winterwonderland #landscapephotography

Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind." Amit Ray I needed a reset...and found it on top of a windy hill as it started to rain....

This blimp flying around at @balloonfiesta has captured their attention 🤩. Let's take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary variety of flight feats represented at this year's celebration. 🎈Hot air balloons 🎮 Remote controlled miniature hot air balloons 🥏 Drones 🪂 Skydivers 🪁Kites 🚁 Media helicopters 🛸 UFOs 🛩 This captivating blimp Did I forget anything?

The #balloonfiesta field is my happy place 🥰. Today's advice: On competition days, hang out south of the marked off competition field. You have to stay alert and nimble to get out of the way quickly if necessary, but you'll get a VERY up close and personal hot air balloon show as they come in to land. Today we could have high-fived the pilot for the Wonder bread balloon, the kids got a special gift from a zebra (navigation official), and we avoided all the traffic leaving immediately after the mass ascension. All good things! A special thank you to the @balloonfiesta media team, for giving us the opportunity to keep sharing these experiences with you!

It's a family affair 💞 For our 10th annual visit to @balloonfiesta, we rounded up the cousins, grandma, plus an aunt and uncle. This morning's event was SPECTACULAR! Today's advice: Never let the weather forecast intimidate you. If, in the end, everything gets cancelled, you'll get a raincheck to come back again. The crowds will be smaller because not everyone was as brave as you. AND, there's a good possibility it'll turn out to be one of the best flying days of the year. Go and have fun!!

The sky was un-be-lievable tonight... #lookup #skyporn #skylovers #skiesofinstagram #blueskies #cloudporn #clouds #cloudscape #cloudphotography #skyphotography #skyphoto #stormrollingin

Who else is excited that @balloonfiesta is less than 1 month away? If this has been a bucket list goal, this is the year to do it. Celebrating their 50th year of flights, the celebration is going to be unforgettable. For tips and ideas what to do at the event, and around Albuquerque, follow the link in our profile! #balloonfiesta

We were at an outdoor theatre production tonight that kicked off with this view. Throughout the 1st half we watched a lightening storm literally travel from south to north around us. The thunder timed perfectly with the sound effects track, and in the dark we couldn't tell where the stage lighting ended and the real lightening began. It was amazing...until the skies opened up. It poured...the actors fled...my 10 yr olds are in suspense about what happened to the Von Trapp family...this was an outing that will be hard to forget!

Grow wild, my child...

We had no idea there were campsites like this in Utah!

You can pinch yourself, but, yeah, it's real... #bearlakeutah #bearlake #bearlakeidaho #bearlakestatepark #utah #utahsky #utahlakes #utahstateparks #utahphotography #utahlandscape #lakes #lakeview #viewsfordays #blue

The skies had something to say tonight... #stormyskies #blueskies #moody #utahsky

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