A Local Wander

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Family #travel and outdoor #adventure inflencer sharing opportunities to get out together in Utah and across the United States.

Location Salt Lake City, Utah
Country United States of America
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"The greatest gift of life on the mountain is time. Time to think or not think, read or not read, scribble or not scribble -- to sleep and cook and walk in the woods, to sit and stare at the shapes of the hills." -Phillip Connors #mountainscape #mountainsofinstagram #mountainside #mounttimpanogos #timpanogos #afcanyon #uintanationalforest #nationalforest #tibbleforkreservoir #oldandnew #nature #utahnature #vast #wilderness #utah #igutah #iglandscape #hazy #bwphotography #bwlandscape #landscapephotography

Staycation in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City (and the surrounding area) is home to some of the best family fun venues in the western United States. Includes discounts on admission and other perks at 13 Salt Lake & Utah County venues. Both times we've been to the planetarium the boys have wanted to watch the original movie, "Perfect Little Planet" about a family of vacationing space inhabitants, but there are several other options available. Our only visit there was for an educator's conference, so I honestly don't know all the exhibits the kids got to go around and see, but they are still talking about it almost one year later.

My kids aren't loving that every outing we've been on this fall has been combined with Mom's class-required community service trail clean up...so they told me to beg you to, "Clean up your trash!" #impactday #wildkeepers #keepnaturewild #wildkeepers #impactday #nurtureournature #dontbetrashy #litter #keepnaturebeautiful #timpanogos #trailcleanup

Date Night At A Haunted Village?

Instead of a building full of every gory, scary imagination possible, the Haunted Village journeys through haunted Utah lore of days past (or maybe not past?) I've tried to remind myself of that, but keep feeling myself drawn back in by a grown-up night out with a mature, quality spooky offering. Are you looking for a way to honor Halloween that doesn't involve pint-size trick-or-treaters and horrific garishness? The Haunted Village at This Is The Place will be scary, real-life scary, and promises to be a great date night.

#Christmastree hunting... I'm going to spend all next summer scouting out the perfect tree, just like the deer hunters do... #christmastree #evergreentrees #utah #utahnature #utahexploring #utahig #utahlandscape #utahmountains #mountainscape #timpanogos #hebervalley #uintahnationalforest #nationalforest #traditions #winter #trees #familyouting #explore

Traveling with a Mother's Helper-4 Tips to Get You on Your Way

In part, it excites me to be able to introduce new places and experiences to them, but also, they are people my kids know and are comfortable with. Look around you for people you and your kids already know: cousins, nieces, nephews, Grandma. On our recent trip, with both my niece and my mother along to help, this meant making sure they each had their own bed to sleep. Booking two separate hotel rooms opens up many possibilities; let your mother's helper have the second room and nights off completely, or send the kid's with your helper to the second room and enjoy your own rest and relaxation.

Last summer I decided it was time to go back to school and enrolled in the #SustainableTourism degree at the @universityofutah One of my classes this semester includes a community #volunteer hours component, but this year...COVID...so the requirement is to complete 25 hours of public lands and trail cleanup. Getting the family involved, we've started making sure to take extra trash bags along anytime we're going to be outside (mostly they aren't hating me). I love my husband's observation that "we're doing what we always do, just on a larger scale." With this project already underway, it made perfect sense to join as an #ambassador with @keepnaturewild and I'm excited to share our first time participating in a global impact day! This particular night we spent 2 hours cleaning up a wildfire burnscar...holy cow! It was SOOOO insightful to see how much trash and garbage is hiding underneath our natural spaces to be exposed when that landscaping is suddenly taken away... #wildkeepers #impactday and #keepnaturewild

What Kids Learn From a Mom Who Camps

(B was 5, P was 3, and the babies were 9-months) into our van and struck out on a spontaneous 4-month cross-country camping adventure. We developed a new system with Mom staking the tent into the ground, tightening up the rainfly guylines, patching up a hole when it rained, and tearing down when it was time to leave. We never gave up on building a fire-every dinner we ate in the Redwoods was cooked that way-but I avoided endless nights of hungry moaning and frustration by swallowing my pride and preparing most our meals on a cooking surface When the end of summer finally came, when my husband was back with us, and we moved back into a traditional home, I looked around me and that is when I finally felt overwhelmed... with love for my adventurous camping family.

Sorry, little ones, looks like winter is going to take a turn... #utah #utahfall #utahautumn #firstsnow #firstsnowfall #snow #autumn #winter #igutah

I spent a lot of time today wishing I could take a perfect photograph. Or edit a perfect photograph. But dead branches were in the way. Trash was in the way. Kids were in the way. My attitude was in the way. Instead, what I got was this look at an imperfect world, perfectly made. And beautiful. #givethanks #autumnday #beautifulworld #afcanyon #americanforkcanyon #utah #unitedstatesofamerica #america #grateful #humbleyourself #uintanationalforest

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