Allison Waken

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A lifestyle blog dedicated to creating memories through travel, DIY projects, crafts and preserving those memories.

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Easy Mario Mushroom Origami — All for the Boys

Yes, March 10th is Mario Day a day to celebrate Mario and his awesome fans. They are super easy and with just a few additions, turn into perfect little super mushroom or Goomba. I keep a pack of origami paper on hand but regular paper works too, just make sure it’s thin because you’ll need 2 sheets to make these. Once they’re made we folded in the sides to round out all the corners and then added bits of paper for the power up mushroom and drew on some features to make the Goomba!

Dr. Seuss Quote Printable — All for the Boys

If you need a fun note to leave, a cheap art piece to create, or just some inspiration for your day – this Dr. Seuss quote printable is for you. After going over some of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes last week I thought I’d print this one to hang up in the boys’ bathroom since I needed some art in there. It could be used as inspiration or as a little pun depending on where you want to go with i. I love how Interiors by Sarah Langtry used this way back in 2013 as part of her son’s room reveal. Be sure to check out the rest of the room too

Dr. Seuss' "The Foot Book" Printable Game — All for the Boys

In honor of his birthday coming up (March 2nd) we came up with a fun printable “ The Foot Book” game (similar to our Dinosaur Fossil Hunt). You can vary the way you play this game depending on the ages and abilities of your kids and/or if you’re in a classroom-type setting. You can make it easy for younger kids, difficult for the older kids or have them hide the feet for the younger ones.

Punny Printable Sock Labels for Valentine's Day — All for the Boys

even seen dog/human sock packs that would be super cute too! Just print out the single pair cards or the cards for the father/son pair, cut and fold using the sock labels as a guide. I like to use adhesive tape since it holds instantly and gives a nice clean look. Either way, it’s a cute way to package up some fun socks because you know you’re going to buy them anyway, so why not make them even more fun?!

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