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World Traveller 🌏✈ Freethinker Writer📖Travel Blogger🌏Petsitter🐶Dog lover❤ Wildlife🐘Yogi👌🏼Beachy🏝 CF👍🏼Unconventionalist 🙃 📍Australia & New Zealand😎

Country Australia
Member Since FEBRUARY 27, 2019
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Guide to Finding Jobs House Sitting during Covid-19

The house sitting world is opening again and homeowners can have house sitters and house sitters can take on jobs house sitting, where we can – in a safe and sensible way. You can meet the pets Once you have agreed and secured the house sitter job, be sure to confirm on the relevant house sitting website and send any documents that are needed e.g. house sitting agreement or house sit checklist. The house sitter may be anxious that the homeowners trip will be cut short, so keeping the sitter updated that your travel itinerary is going to plan and letting them know of any issues with border entry crossings, is helpful and will be much appreciated. Homeowners should let the house sitter know if they get sick whilst they’re away and keep them in the loop as this gives the sitter a heads-up, in the case that the homeowner has to return home early.

How to Live in Sydney for Almost Nothing: Sydney on a Budget

Hummus & Bread plates at Shwarmama in Surrey Hills are only $10, get a Hot Chip Roll with salad for $6.90 at El Jannah restaurants, $9 giant gourmet sandwiches at South Dowling Sandwiches in Darlinghurst or Alexandria or fully-loaded toasties for $9 at Dutch Smuggler in Sydney CBD. So you can quite often get $2 Tacos, $5 Pizzas, $5 Beers, $10 Cocktails at some places on Tuesday evenings. 🌭 Dollar Dogs ($1 Hot Dogs), $6 Mimosa’s and $5 Beers at Soda Factory in Surrey Hills $5 Pimms Cup, $5 Pink G&T, and 🍻 $5 Beer, Wine & Spirits.

How Travel Makes You Happy...Or Does it?

I feel anxious when I’m lodging visas, or when I’m long-term house sitting, which involves me having to move around a lot. I feel excited and bouncy when I decide to visit a new country, abundant with curiosity about every aspect of exploring a new place. Or I might experience a feeling of apprehension because I’m rapidly moving towards an unknown, new place with no idea what will await me. Although seeing a brand new country, can also fill me full of joy, as I love to experience new places and I become open to absorb the culture, food, nature, the people and history of that place.

How to workout when you travel (or at home during Covid19)

So in this post, I thought it would be helpful to anyone who also travels, to go over a few of the best online workouts (including some of the best free online workouts) and best online yoga classes, that are out there. Free Online Workouts (and the Cost of Online Workout Programs and Yoga Online) The cost of online workouts and online yoga classes are much lower than ‘in real life’ classes at a gym or studio, making them a very affordable option. That rounds up my review of the Best Online Workouts and Online Yoga Classes for when you travel, or for when there’s a virus pandemic.

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