Alex Keller

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Hi, I'm Alex and I'm passionate about creating a positive impact on people and the planet. I live in Venice, Los Angeles, and am building a business to help destigmatize mental health.

You can usually find me exploring the outdoors, traveling, trying out the latest wellness products, practicing yoga and meditation, enjoying a plant-based meal, and spending time with friends. Causes I advocate are mental health, social justice, and sustainability.

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my time in Peru so I sat down and tried to give a quick overview, which turned into a long video, and I still feel like I barely scratched the surface! I hope this inspires you to stay curious and follow your intuition.

Greeting this new and final month of the year as a completely new person, down to the cellular level. I spent most of fall offline and out of sight, as I committed to diving deeper into my spiritual path and growing as a healer. What I didn’t realize was that as I was expanding my skills, I would also be receiving deep healing myself. I spent a month in Peru immersed in the ayahuasca shamanic path, completed a 12 week psychic development program, and attended Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advanced retreat where I learned heart coherence healing. My mind and heart have been blown wide open. I feel clearer than ever before to be a channel of healing and guidance for others. As I focus my attention back on my private practice full time, I’m so excited to integrate these teachings and modalities into the work I do with reiki, psychedelic medicine, and mindfulness. It is a blessing to be of service to my clients and community. I can’t wait to see all the magic that in store for us 🤍 ——— 📷: the incredible @savannah_macha

One of my favorite moments captured. In the spirit of Burning Man principle #2, I was gifting reiki all over the playa. I love surprising people with a mini reiki session when I feel called. Whether it’s for a moment of grounding, healing, expansion, or all three - the look on their faces when they come out of it and the shift in energy always affirms that it’s greater than any material gift I could offer.

manifesting a life where every day is a waking dream

Okay one last photo from this trip bc look at this view from our window. I mean 😍

Continuing the ancient Egyptian practice of worshiping the sun 🌞

Curious, what does the elephant symbolize to you? 🐘💕 For me it’s wisdom, strength, and compassion

We had two dreamy stays in Ghana, one in Mole National park in the rural north, and one in the capital city of Accra in the south. Which would you choose? 😍

If you feel you that your soul is not from earth, have had visions or dreams of a past life on another planet, or receive downloads of ancient wisdom when you meditate, you might be a Starseed! In following my intuition and higher information received, as part of my 30th heritage trip to Africa, I traveled to Egypt to see the pyramids, my first home as an Orion starseed on earth. Now I may have lost you here, and that is okay. We all have beliefs that objectively sound pretty crazy in what we define as our linear 3D reality. Mine are fluid and ever evolving as I continue on my spiritual path. For those that don’t resonate with this, I welcome you to open your minds to a different perspective, and for those that do resonate with this - hello my otherworldly friends, you are not alone :) I’m a big believer in not just healing generational trauma but also past life trauma. I’ve never felt an energetic portal quite like I experienced at this sacred site. Using reiki and the energy stored within the ancient limestone and granite, clear visions flashed before my minds eye, allowing me to uncover personal mysteries. With this new found information, I began releasing past life trauma stored in my chakras and then one by one, tuning into a new higher frequency in each energy center. As I felt the expression of these higher frequencies, my energy centers expanded and new visions came to mind, bringing me further clarity on my gifts and dharma. The English language lacks the words to fully describe this transcendent experience, but some might call it a rebirth. As the layers of past-life and current societal conditioning peeled away, I felt a return home to my true being. We humans are forgetful creatures, learning the same lessons over and over. While I am thrilled and grateful for this energetic upgrade, I know I must stay consistent in my spiritual practice to truly embody it. At times I will forget, only to have an epiphany all over again. Such is our nature. But what a miracle it is to remember. (Cont in comments)

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