Alexis Gonzalez

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NYC based Fashion & Lifestyle Writer and Content Creator! @alexistheg 📩

Location New York, NY Manhattan
Country United States of America
Member Since JUNE 26, 2020
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Leo szn, you’re always good to me 😌🌞 #dump

Main character 🎥


I belong in a museum 🪅

I’ve been LIVING in my @crocs lately and you can’t tell me nothing! #Sponsored ☺️ I love how comfortable & customizable they are. Between their huge variety of colors & unique Jibbitz, Crocs encourages you to Come As You Are👏🏼 & I’m always here for individuality! • I’m wearing the #ClassicCrocs Clog in Fresco🔥I’m obsessed with the pepper & camera Jibbitz, they’re so me 😭🌶📷 You can shop this style & so much more using the link in my bio!

This is 27 💐 • I’m beyond grateful to God for another year of laughter, blessings & the consistent outpouring of love in my life 💕 & thank y’all for the love & good vibes you give me everyday! • Big Leo, big G, big mf PURRR!!! 💅🏼 #leoseason

Your girl is finally a bar cart owner, ain’t she a beaut?! 😍 I’ve been wanting a bar cart since forever & I finally found the perfect one from @shoplctv • The black & gold aesthetic is so me, plus it’s the perfect size for a NYC apartment where every inch of space counts 👏🏼 I was able to fit all of my bar tools, glasses & cocktail accessories but still had room to decorate! Just in time to celebrate my birthday, it’ll be perfect for entertaining friends & fam🥂 • I linked this bar cart in my bio for y’all! Also, you can use code “Alexistheg20” to save extra coins 💸 #sponsored #weshoplc

#Dump I took a much needed break from uploading to YouTube, but I’m back & I kept the camera rolling 🎥👀 See what Ive been up to since my last vlog! 👇🏼 - Puerto Rico - Dallas - Celebrating B-days - Nights out in NYC & more! This vlog is short & sweet so tap in💋#linkinbio

Leo Season is approaching fast 😌 So I treated myself to an early b-day gift & got my first jewelry piece featuring my birthstone, Peridot! I can’t believe I used to think my birthstone was “ugly” when I was younger & now green is one of my fave colors lol I’m obsessed 😍 • I couldn’t be happier with the quality! You can find this 10K Yellow Gold Peridot Ring & a bunch of other amazing birthstone jewelry pieces linked in my bio, on @shoplctv ☺️ Use my code AlexisG20 for 20% off your purchase! #sponsored #weshoplc

Be careful, you’ll love it here 😈

Me 🤝 my competition • 📸: @lanseenee Mua: @devi.xo_ Creative Direction/Styling: Alexis G.

I’ve officially been pescatarian for two years 🥳 Cutting meat out of my diet was never about “dieting” for me but about a lifestyle change & prioritizing my health. I went completely cold turkey & never looked back! • Here are some FAQ I often get about being a Pescatarian: • Why don’t you just go vegetarian/vegan? Because I don’t want to 😊 but I never say never! • Was the transition hard? It wasn’t “hard” necessarily but it was tedious at first. Sometimes I would genuinely forget I couldn’t eat certain things, but once I got into the groove of things it became second nature! • Did you notice a difference in your body? Absolutely. I never get the “itis” after I eat, I feel full without feeling gross. My digestion is so much better and the severity of my menstrual cramps reduced significantly! 👏🏼 • Have you accidentally eaten meat? Yes once 😩 but it was only 2 weeks into my transition luckily • Do you miss eating meat? No, I’ve had excellent meat substitutions but I don’t really find myself craving those either. The thought of eating meat myself disgusts me now, but I’m not bothered at all by others eating it in front of me 🤷🏻‍♀️ • Do you have any questions about transitioning into pescatarianism? Ask away 👇🏼

Bussin out the seams in that custard cream 🍮

Aura as vibrant as my scenery ✨

I see your true colors & I like what I see 💛 #happypride

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