Alex Goldschmidt

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Laughs at own jokes. Taylor Swift anthropologist. Serious drama allergy. He/him. 🤪 TikTok: itsalexandergold 👨‍💻 Inquiries:

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I won’t believe it until I hear it with my own ears. 🤷‍♂️

Doing your best is the best you can do and that’s okay. ❤️ Since becoming a parent, I’ve had to become comfortable with the curveballs and show myself grace when I can’t do it all. I’ll hit really productive strides that get completely derailed by the nanny being sick or Kiara being up all night teething. I have to constantly remind myself to not compare myself to others on social media without context and that I’ll lose more time by dwelling and being hard on myself. I’m weeks late to this trend and you know what? I’m probably going to be even later to the next one - and that’s okay.

Just gotta trust the process. 🧘‍♂️ As someone who hates waste, this part has been tough for me after starting solids with Kiara - but then I changed perspective. The food isn’t wasted. With every meal, she’s interacting with food, expanding her palette and learning new skills to help her take care of herself. Kiara generally eats most of her meals, but everyone has moods. Sometimes she just wants to play around with the food with her hands and have a few bites. Regardless, it’s so fun finding new things that she loves to eat. I know the toddler years are coming and a even more picky periods await, but I just remind myself that that too is part of the learning process. 🍎🍌🥑🥦

Have you ever been to Idyllwild? 📍 @rossgirard and I took our first trip up there and we’ll definitely be coming back! We canceled a long weekend trip to Cambria last minute because of rain and found the literal last cabin available. We underestimated winter weather conditions and ended up having to hike a 1/4 mile to our cabin with baby, dog, and a ton of luggage on tow, as our car didn’t have 4WD and got stuck at the bottom of a hill at 11pm…but after a bit of a rough night getting in, it was a perfect weekend! Each day we enjoyed a slow morning with breakfast in the cabin followed by a midday trip to explore the town then settling in before sundown to enjoy a cozy cabin night. Idyllwild has many unique shops and small town comforts. Live music can be heard throughout while people mill about with hot beverages and shopping bags of cute finds. It kind of felt like the mountain town version of Ojai and we loved it. If you’re planning to go, these are musts: 🍵@shalateaco 🍽️ @ferrofood 🥪🍦@atomiccowcreamery 🛍️ literally all of them Other faves: ☕️ @alpacoffeeandtea 🥪 @villagemarketidyllwild 🫖 @merkabaidyllwild 🍭 @candycupboard 🍩 @ameliasdonutsandmore Let me know if I missed anything so I make sure to stop by on our next trip to Idyllwild!

Five years ago, @taylorswift gave us one of our most cherished core memories. ❤️

All I want to eat is this pesto corn tomato pasta salad 🌽🍅 It’s the first recipe I tried from @grossypelosi’s cookbook. The combination of vegetables and the toasted almonds really called to me. I know pasta salad feels like a summer food, but this can be enjoyed year round. It’s pretty easy to make ahead or use for meal prep. Let me know if you try it!

Couldn’t be prouder of my Valentine and his new movie (that he executive-produced) PLAYERS on @netflix today… ❤️ I love you, @rossgirard!

That’s enough rain for now. 😄☀️

get ready for it 🐍

Vegetable Garden Update: Episode 2 👨‍🌾 @rossgirard and I got back from the holidays to a very lush vegetable garden partly thanks to all the rain while we were away. We also noticed our apple tree randomly growing two apples out of season. As always, I assessed the harvest and came up with some meals that used everything up: 🫘 Some refried beans from @sietefoods with roasted turnips and radishes, sautéed greens and a cilantro yogurt sauce 🍝 Pasta with sautéed mature arugula, ricotta and toasted walnuts 🥘 Swiss chard and collard green enchilada casserole with @sietefoods sauce, feta and @sietefoods almond flour tortillas - inspired by a dish at @farmerandthecookojai Excited to see what I can make with our next harvest! What would you cook?

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