AJ Flanagan

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I help people transform their lives physically, emotionally, and financially.

In my blog, I write about Natural Wellness, Empty-Nesting, grandchildren, travel, preparing for retirement adventures, and anything else that serves to support Wellness, create Abundance, and give Purpose to Life.


My husband, Eric, and I would love to have you join us on our journey! Read more about one of the tools we use in supporting Wellness and building Abundance:


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Location Pennsylvania
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This is pretty dang tasty!

Do you work in #networkmarketing and need help connecting with the right people? You know, the ones who match up well with you and your company AND are ready to jump on the opportunity you're offering? DLF might be the answer for you. It's NOT another #mlm, it's a way to help you with your current company. Let's talk!

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Join for the business opportunity. Stay for the wellness lifestyle. www.youngliving.com/ids Let me help you get started!

When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say. George R.R. Martin

What she said.

Oh, friend. Take a seat. We gotta talk. If you have ever owned a Young Living Premium Starter Kit, please tell me you devoured those 2 sample packets of NingXia Red! NingXia Red is only the most incredible drink that will ever touch your body aside from water. No, seriously. You’re going to take a drink of that liquid gold and physically feel yourself grow wings. You’re going to look in the mirror and see a shimmering aura surround you because you are literally GLOWING. Did we go too far? Okay fine. NingXia Red is an antioxidant supplement POWERHOUSE. Bam. Done. And the fact that you are even bothering to read this right now tells us that you NEED it. You need it bad, friend. Good news is, we’re here to help you walk away from this knowing NingXia Red like the back of your hand. We want you to be comfortable with this red elixir full of super powers, and drink it every single day of your life. That is NO exaggeration - we all do the same thing. Kick back, relax, and let’s dive right on into this. Ahhhhhhhh, NINGXIA, or often affectionately called NR.

Well, I can tell you which one has actually paid off for me in the last year and which one is still a long shot...

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