Aileen Salinas

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Hi all! I am a lifestyle blogger with published work that revolves around style roundups, gift guides, marriage, pregnancy, wellness, coffee talks where I get real and authentic, and home life. As far as where I am heading as an "influencer," first off, I tend to shy away from that term because I don't just share content just to share, or to influence someone to make a quick buck. I share content I enjoy producing and creating, and that my audience loves to read or see. So where am I heading? Well, I want to continue to grow my brand, blog and following authentically. I want to inspire those who read my blog content. I want to work with brands I love, trust and know my audience will love too. I want to provide help, knowledge, guidance, and support with my content. I am in the people business and want to solve any problems I can for others and help make their lives a bit easier, if possible. My current audience consists of mostly women ages 18-55+ and of course my supportive husband (he's the best)! I would love to collab and work with brands that embody all the things I love which include women's fashion (mom styles), baby brands, all-natural health, wellness, and beauty, fitness, travel. Did I mention I live on a farm, we call it the Salinas Homestead, so as we grow and nurture our homestead, brand collabs that align with my farm girl life would be a fun opportunity.

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Why Patience Can Bring You Happiness

Maybe to you, it’s a little confusing, but let me explain, good things take time over an extended period of time. So we had two choices to purchase a home that was currently being built back home, in an up and coming neighborhood or build at the family farm, which was our ultimate goal. We changed our mind and decided the family farm was the absolute right choice for us and our future, good thing we didn’t get tied down to the other property we looked at! The moral of my story is, if we rushed and tried to move to the farm 4 years ago, we would not have built the home we dreamn’t of, and we would have got something we did not really want because we just weren’t ready financially.

Just Hold On

But as I started to really listen to the lyrics, instead of just jamming out and thinking about the movie Bridesmaids, I got to thinking and feeling all kinds of things, which tends happen to me when I am driving and listening to music, my mind tends to run wild! I started thinking about my life and this entrepreneurial journey that I was lead to and how this song explained exactly how I feel and felt a year ago to now. No one can change your life except for you Don’t ever let anyone step all over you Just open your heart and your mind Is it really fair to feel this way inside? I cared so much about other people’s opinions that it just enveloped me and took over my entire way of thinking and I started to judge myself for any little things I did, until I “[opened my] heart and mind.

Bedside Necessities​

So keeping lotion bedside, for after a shower is the best reminder to keep my dry skin moisturized. Not only do I keep it for when I take my vitamin E but who else out there wakes up at 2 or 3 in the morning thirsting for water like they were lost out in the desert with no water for months! ? But like the good wifey I am, I choose to work smarter, not harder, and keep water bedside so I do not physically have to get up! I do not know why but my best thoughts happen at night, and it is not always the best thing because I love to get my sleep on!

Hello! It’s Been A Long Time Coming…

I am a wife, a wellness entrepreneur, college student, fitness enthusiast, dog mom, sister, daughter, and friend. I want to help you get through the things I needed help with. We go through many different things in life and I want to be your virtual shoulder to lean on (sending you virtual hugs). Stay connected to hear all about this thing called life–life with Aileen!

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