Michele Weinstein

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Lover of Quotes,Fashion,Food,Home Passionate about all things health after anorexia… #NJ 🎓UVM BA Biology & Nutrition 📩Micheleweinstein@hotmail.com

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Scrolling through Pinterest and found this gem, "New Year, same me because I'm fabulous." Loved it and needed to share. In just one day, we will be in the new year. There's a lot of pressure and there's a lot of stress associated with. And I'm just saying, what if instead of focusing on becoming a new person, what about focusing on IMPROVING ourselves one step at a time. That's what helped me, and continues to help me daily...improving my life one day at a time. #sponsored ... With that being said, I think you guys can guess... there have been several things that haven't changed at all. 1.) Wearing cozy pjs on Instagram. 2.) My sarcasm 3.) Using Bowl & Basket products in my day-to-day routine.😂. ... So yes, this New Year's Eve I'm staying in. Pjs. Board games. Snacks. Tell me... what are you doing this NYE? #FroGroForTheHolidays #forlifesrecipe

Zoe's Story: Living With Lupus & Sjogrens Syndrome

but I saw this as an opportunity to help others with the same health situations as me, so I started a journal about my every day life, medications, symptoms and side effects and also things and remedies that worked or didn’t work for me. I felt so good with a lot of energy and the symptoms of lupus or Sjrogrens were almost down to CERO, definitely the support of my closest friends and family members was crucial in my recovery. and I was feeling sick most of the time with no energy to do other things, didn’t feel that happy any more and I started to feel like a failure. In April 2019 I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis and my kidneys were in stage 4, of course with all the symptoms and when I started to lose my hair it was devastating because it looked like everything I tried

Not sure who else needed this today.💗 ... While it’s easy to look back and focus on the things you should have done or the things you could have done in the past or even this year, don’t get stuck in that mindset. ... Focus on how far you’ve come. Focus on all the things that could have broken you and instead left you stronger. ... 👉👉Because this is just the beginning of your life... you are just getting started.😁 . 👇Share your wins below! . . . . #motivationalspeaker #GVO #countyourblessings #gratitudeisalchemy #perfectisboring #transformyourlife #gritquotes #motivationalquotes #fitnessquotes #TIU #BBG #goodvibes #atticus #jayshetty #garyvee #overcomefear #lifecoach #mastinkipp #whstrong #teamself #hope #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram#inspirationalquotes #abmlifeisbeautiful #mentalhealthawareness #simplemoments #tedspeaker #motivationalspeaker #lifecoach⁠

What It's Really Like Living With an Invisible Illness

Today, read Samantha’s story about living with two medically-incurable conditions and an invisible illness. It was hard being so young and having random periods when I couldn’t do things for myself, periods when I was in so much pain I preferred to live in isolation and periods when I felt I had to cover myself up more than others because I had an opening on my body that never really healed which drained blood and pus daily and would stain my clothes. I read research reports about my condition and learn about the increased risk people living with it have of certain cancers and cardiovascular conditions. On rough days, I choose to remember the good that happened in the day such as eating one of my favourite dishes, having the ability to get medical care, being able to sleep and wake up, listening to a song I like or being able to watch a good movie or series to distract my brain if only for a few hours.

The good news is, I’m pretty much who I say I am.  The bad news is, I’m pretty much who I say I am.... Meaning, I AM part of the 5 am crew.  Are you?🙈 #ad⁠ ...⁠ With that being said, this accurately depicts my mornings… pjs, messy hair, and all.  And today, I’m trying something relatively new lately… this @mrcoffee espresso/cappuccino machine.  Unlike the older one that I had previously, this one has BUTTONS for each type of drink (THE WAY TO DO IT, IF YOU ASK ME😂).  Makes it 10x easier and quicker so that I can make a cup and get on with my workout and my work!⁠ …⁠ P.S. Out of curiosity…. Are you part of the 5 AM crew?  How do you start your mornings?⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ Shop: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epza6xctpvf .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #pjsalvage #LTKit #abercrombiestyle #powerofshe#ltkit #model #willyscouts #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #LTKit #mentalhealth #lookgoodfeelgood #ltkfashion #bloggerstyle #inspiredbythis #inspiredliving #abmlifeisbeautiful #LTKSALEALERT #effortlessstyle #todayatapple #wardrobestaple #wearitloveit #momentsofchic #simplemoments #positivevibes #shotoniphone #petitefashionblogger⁠ #coffee #healthylifestyle ⁠

Trent's Story: My Path To Becoming A Doctor Wasn't Always Easy

He’s a father, a doctor, and a dedicated husband, and while that looks great, if you read his story you will find that it wasn’t always the case. The financial struggles continued growing up in a family with 4 other siblings and a mom who had previously been a stay-at-home mom who was now forced to work 2 part time jobs. I had always enjoyed volunteering in the hospital and after joining the Lifesharing team, I knew that there was nothing that I wanted more than to continue my pursuit of becoming a medical doctor in order to serve my community. And I worked / volunteered for the hospital for 3 years, re-took several college classes, and took the MCAT a total of 4 times until I was finally happy with my score.

Yesterday I shared the spark notes version of a very long story that I hope to publish one day. Many were surprised. Many didn’t know. I mean, looking at my photo today there’s no way you could know.😂 … 👉As you can imagine, it’s been a LONG journey. It’s been a lot. There were so many years where I was so tired. … 👉👉Tired of trying. Tired of fighting. Tired of doing the right thing. Tired… not because of how hard I was trying, but tired in the sense that I felt like no matter what I did, I was stuck in a very dark place. It sucked. And somehow, deep down inside, and as much as it didn’t feel like it, I knew that my future had to look SO MUCH better than it did in those days. … 👉So why am I sharing this? Because this year, a lot has gone on in this world that’s made life anything but easy. In just a short amount of time, everything that we know of changed. At first, we adapted. And then, a lot of changes needed to take place. Some businesses closed down, many got fired, and many difficult decisions needed to be made. … And you know what. almost a year later, there’s uncertainty of what awaits. At this point in time, I bet that may of you are asking yourself, how much more trudging needs to be done. 🤨And what makes it worse is knowing that nobody knows the answer. … 👉So while I can’t tell you what life is going to look like in 2021 (Just like I couldn’t tell you just a few years ago what my life would look like today), I hope you know that life has to look better than it does today. It may take a few more months, it may take a year, but regardless of how long it takes and how tired you feel, please know that it’s worth it. ... Heck.. One day you will look back thankful that you said… “there’s no way in hell that I’m letting the rest of my life look like this.” 😁 … 👇Talk to me… How are you REALLY doing? . . . . . #motivationalspeaker #GVO#countyourblessings#gratitudeisalchemy #perfectisboring#transformyourlife #gritquotes#motivationalquotes #fitnessquotes#TIU #BBG #goodvibes #atticus#jayshetty #garyvee #overcomefear#lifecoach #mastinkipp #whstrong#teamself #hope #writersofinstagram#authorsofinstagram#inspirationalquotes #abmlifeisbeautiful

What to Shop For on Black Friday 2019

With these Black Friday deals, it’s easy to stay in style without having to spend a lot of money. With Lord and Taylor’s Black Friday sale, you can purchase the items you want at a great deal. Because these bags NEVER go on sale and now, for a limited time you can take $25 off of every $150 you spend. But in between the Black Friday shopping, you better believe I’m drinking some already made Splendid Spoon smoothies.

I bet that many of you are scrolling through Instagram this morning, looking at holiday photos. Within just a few seconds of time, you judge someone by the way that they look in their photo.💗 ... I get it. I get how easy it is to compare your life to someone else’s. So just to bring it into context, I’ve been looking at this photo for a few days in awe. To be completely honest, I have no idea how I am here today... these past 12 years have felt like a complete sh** show.🤷‍♀️ ... 12 Years ago, my dad had an affair. Right before my senior year of high-school, he came into my room at midnight to tell my brother and I. It was months of torture until he intentionally moved out a week before Christmas (which is another story in itself.) ... Inpatient for anorexia a few months later. Then my first semester of college. Going up to college, he filed the papers for divorce intentionally just because I didn’t ask him to come. ... 1 LONG semester of college and all I wanted to do was go home. First second I walk in the door, my mom’s new (now ex boyfriend) was there. No bueno. Fast forward a few weeks, 1 inpatient stay and then back into a horrible situation that felt like war. About a year and a half living in a house that didn’t feel safe or like home at all. (A new kind of hell in itself.). Eventually the cops came, cuffed him out and gave us a restraining order. A month later, my dog died. ... 👉Fast forward a few months, multiple medical leaves. Several medical complications. But to finish it off, after graduating premed and valedictorian AND overcoming all of that, I was kicked out of outpatient help to fend on my own. Healed my body on my own. There’s one heck of a story to tell of details. For real. The details are where it’s at. .... 👇Why am I sharing this? Because today I look back remembering all the times I felt helpless unsure of what to do. I remember being in awe of other families and in awe of those who had “normal” lives. And yet, here I am today... just feeling surreal of where I’ve been and where I am in life.😁 ... So two things: continued in comments.

Coming back from a little social media hiatus (4 days😳) and I know many of you expect a quote today. Lately I’ve been posting a photo then a quote... it’s become somewhat of a routine. And part of me get like I HAD to post it... because you guys expect it daily.🤷‍♀️ ... 👉But then I realized how silly it was. Life isn’t meant to be a routine. Life isn’t meant to planned. Some of the best moments are un-curated. Some of the best things happen when you do the unexpected. ... Life happens when you start keeping your mind open to newness rather than what you had planned for your life. Or at least that’s what happened in my life.😉 ... So just a little message to say screw it to your old routines. To say screw it to the expectations. To take a chance, to let it change your life. And to watch your life change for the better. Hence, the real smile I’m rocking these days.😉😁💗 . 👇Tell me... what’s one thing you are changing in your life this year? I’d love to know! . . . . #bloomingdales #ltkit #model #willyscouts #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #LTKit #WLYG #lookgoodfeelgood #balsamhill #ltkfashion #motivationalspeaker #inspiredbythis #SANDROPARIS #dailylook #discoverunder100k #petitejoys #lookgoodfeelgood #TIU #BBG #bekind #transformation #inspiredliving #abmlifeisbeautiful #effortlessstyle #wardrobestaple #wearitloveit #momentsofchic #shotoniphone #petitefashionblogger

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