Michele Weinstein

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Lover of Quotes,Fashion,Food,Home Passionate about all things health after anorexia… #NJ 🎓UVM BA Biology & Nutrition 📩Micheleweinstein@hotmail.com

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There's this saying that "when nothing is sure, everything is possible." And it may just be me, but it's one of the MOST relaxing quotes that I've read and one that I remind myself of often. Truth is that your life can change drastically regardless of how it feels in this moment. Oftentimes it's all about taking one small step and challenging yourself day by day to get the life that you want.⁠😁 ...⁠ Speaking of change and small steps, I think many of us can agree that it can be hard staying hydrated throughout the course of the day. While we know or at least have an idea of how much to drink, it still takes quite a bit of effort daily to meet our hydration needs for the day. And let's face it, plain-old water, can easily get boring.⁠💗 ...⁠ 👉So what do I do? 1.) I infuse my water with fruit (especially during the summer). I cut apple into small pieces and throw it in with what and ice. It makes the apple stay fresh and adds a bit of jazz to everyday water. 2.) I make smoothies! 3.) I eat vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of water! (Think watermelon!) 4.) I incorporate sparkling water into my routine every so often. (And for those wondering this @drinkspindrift unsweetened PINK LEMONADE sparkling water is UNLIKE any other!)⁠ ...⁠ 👇So just a few tips, a bit of motivation, and a quick question. If you've tried Spindrift before, which is your favorite flavor?⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #spindrift #WHSTRONG #Teamself #TIU #BBG #winningstreak #aerieREAL #WLYG #invisalign #TIUcommunity #goodvibes #petitejoys #bekind #kindnessmatters #mentalhealth #lookgoodfeelgood #sonyalpha #ltkfashion #bloggerstyle #inspiredbythis #inspiredliving #todayatapple #scunci #powerofshe #healthcoach #healthylifestyle #girlswholift #jayshetty

"Sometimes you just got to say screw it and do it"-the exact words that went behind sharing this ALL.  Because while I share quite a bit on social media, THIS. This is deep.⁠💗 ...⁠ 👉This is where I add context to why I'm doing what I'm doing.  This is where I add my opinions of what I REALLY think.  This is where I share more of my vision behind @notastandard_ .⁠ ...⁠ 👉👉Sharing all of this. It's freaking scary.  Yet necessary.⁠ ...⁠ So two things: 1.) If you think that everything I'm doing today has or is easy, just know that it's not.  My life is a matter of screw it, do it moments.  It hasn't been easy, there have been failures every single way, and yet, here I am...I just keep going.  And I’m doing so, I hope it inspires you to do the same.  2.) If you have any interest in reading, you can check it out at Thrive Global & Medium.⁠😁 ...⁠ Here are the links...⁠ 1.) https://medium.com/authority-magazine/michele-christine-weinstein-i-survived-an-eating-disorder-and-so-can-you-350109321745⁠ ...⁠ 2.) https://thriveglobal.com/stories/michele-christine-weinstein-eating-disorders-arent-logical/⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ P.S. This is my experience. This is my perspective.   I realize that my experience is MUCH DIFFERENT than others.  So if you have a different experience to share, I'd love to know.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #WHSTRONG #TEAMSELF #aerieREAL #mentalhealth #goodvibes #TIU #BBG #edsoldier #thriveglobal #thrivewithus #motivationalspeaker #TEDSPEAKER #lifecoach #coach #wellbeing #mindfulness #Blogilates #goodvibes #trauma #mastinkipp #jayshetty #bekind #eatingdisorder #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness #authorsofinstagram #WLYG #mentalhealthadvocacy #mentalhealthtalk#mentalhealthdiscussion⁠

REAL TALK… You may not know this, but when I first started this account, I had barely any "followers." It was a private account. When I finally made it public, I was STRUGGLING with anorexia and my page, MOST DEFINITELY DID NOT LOOK LIKE THIS. Despite how I looked and how much of my story I had shared at this point in time, there were a few individuals, for some reason or another, who kept commenting and showing their support. While they did not even realize it at the time, they kept my head above the water without EVEN realizing it. #sponsored …⁠ It didn’t matter how many followers they had or even how many likes they’ve had on their content… they helped me get to where I am today and for that, they will always have a special place in my heart. They are part of why I’m ALIVE TODAY.⁠😁💗🥰 …⁠ 👉So why am I sharing this now? Because I think at times, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game. It’s easy to feel as if you aren’t doing enough and/or good enough based off of something as silly as the number of followers you have, likes you receive on a post, and/or comments. And it couldn’t be anymore true.⁠ …⁠ 👉👉Screw the numbers. You do make a difference in some which way or another. Maybe it’s not changing the world, but maybe it’s changing someone else’s world. #SCREWITDOIT⁠ ...⁠ 👇P.S. Who had the #couragetocare and impact your life? Tag them and thank them in the comments!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #bekind #WLYG #newtonrunning #POWEROFSHE #Athleta #motivationalspeaker #kindnessmatters #positivevibes #todayatapple #invisalign #WHSTRONG #TEAMSELF #abmlifeisbeautiful #petitejoys #lookgoodfeelgood #aerieREAL #authenticity #nordstromrack #LIVEINIT #willyscouts #dailylook #TIU#BBG #bekind #inspiredliving #cleanbeauty #TEDSPEAKER⁠ #everyonecares

You know what's crazy?  🤷‍♀️ We all know what we want out of life or at least have an idea.  And yet, when it all comes down to it, we oftentimes succumb to our fears.  We get stuck in a never ending cycle of knowing exactly what we want, being intimidated and overwhelmed by it all, and pushing things off for yet another day... a day which never comes. ... 👉And I get it.  It's hard.  It's hard to try something new, to put yourself out there, to change your routine, to overcome your fears.  It's hard to push yourself PAST YOUR COMFORT ZONE and just give something a try without knowing if it will get you where you want to go.  It's hard to stay CONSISTENT in your efforts when it just seems like you are just SO FAR away from your dreams coming true. ... 👉👉I get it.  I think many of us do.  So here's your reminder in case you needed it today... ... 1.) That you CAN DO THIS.💪 2.) That any kind of change and any kind of newness feels uneasy before it feels right.  The only want to get comfortable with the uncomfortable is by doing it a bit at a time.😉 3.) That CONSISTENCY is so important.  You may not NOTICE results right away.  You may not feel as if you are doing anything, but those small steps do add up.🥰 4.) And that horrible feeling of being uncomfortable?  It sucks. It feels wrong.  But it's nothing in comparison to living a life that you don't love.  Living a life in awe of others instead of your own.💗 ... So just a little reminder today.  Feel free to share it, save it, whatever you'd like.  And in the meantime, I'd love to know.... ... 👇What's ONE thing you are challenging yourself with today to get that life? And make it one you love? . #screwitdoit

Scrolling through Pinterest this morning and found this gem, "life is too short to be serious all the time.  So if you can't laugh at yourself, call me... I'll laugh at you." For real, though, I'm the WORST. I laugh at myself and others when they get hurt. (NERVOUS ENERGY HERE).  Anyone else? 😁 #ad⁠ ...⁠ 👉So being that it's Friday I figured, I'd share a few fun facts about myself in the hopes that you will share something interesting about YOU.⁠ ... 1.) This may surprise you, but I’m a health nerd.  I took biochemistry of human disease, molecular endocrinology, and nutrition courses for fun.🤓 2.) I'm a shorty!  I'm 5 foot nada.  (And yes... that's how I share my height.  It's MORE fun😂.)⁠ 3.) I’m pretty much fluent in sarcasm…once you get to know me.  That’s right, this may come as a shocker, but I’m usually SHY upon meeting people…but then as time goes on, the personality comes out. (AND THEN IT DOESN’T SHUT OFF.🤷🏼‍♀️) 4.) I once got stuck in a kayak in a storm.  Nervous energy and all, what does this girl do... start laughing.  Naturally, I started laughing more and more as the kayak kept going backward. (EPIC FAIL😂)⁠ 5.) I have never been outside of the US outside of Canada, but want to travel. I apologize in advance to anyone on the flight with me… Let’s just say, I hate flying😜. 6.) I’m one of the most honest people you’ve probably ever met. For real... I can HARDLY even keep a surprise to myself.🤦🏼‍♀️😂😉 … Speaking of honesty, I LOVE this product from @crest.  I bought it from @costco prior to this collaboration and loved it.  So naturally when they reached out to collaborate, I had to share because it’s one product that I’ve purchased, used, and love.  It’s the one I’m currently using right now.😁 . . . . 👇Now… Tell me one thing about yourself! . . . . . #WHSTRONG #TEAMSELF #WLYG #invisalign #BringOnTheSmiles #costco #CrestPartner #lookgoodfeelgood #inspiredbythis #inspiredliving#abmlifeisbeautiful#simplemoments #positivevibes #inspiredliving  #beyou #goodvibes #willyscouts #goodvibes #bekind #wescoutusa#fordmodels #castmemarc #staystrong#strengthinbeauty #beautyinstrength #todaywasagoodday #abmlifeiscolorful #Todayatapple #goodvibes

Feeling like an oddity right now? As if you will never get your life together?🤷‍♀️ ... I get it. I felt like that. Truth is that life sucks sometimes. When you think you have it all figured out, oftentimes things happen. It’s frustrating. It’s hard. And at times, you may feel like you are BARELY making it let alone living the life you want.⁠🤷‍♀️ …⁠ At this point, it’s easier to just throw in the towel. To deem yourself as helpless. To deem yourself as an oddity that will never quite get their life together.⁠ …⁠ 👉Yet, that’s simply not true.⁠ …⁠ 👉👉That ONE risk, ONE step, ONE more push forward (as hard as it may be) may just be the very step that changes your life. At any point in time, you can MOST DEFINITELY say screw it, make the impossible, possible and get the kind of life you desire.⁠ ….⁠ Why am I sharing this? Because it’s the truth. There are 3 years between these photos. From the outside it looks easy. Yet, I can honestly say it has been one of the most painful, difficult experiences that I’ve ever had to deal with. It involved a whole lot of guilt, a whole lot of doubt, and a whole lot of questioning whether I’d EVER get to live a life I love. Yet here I am today-⁠I’ve overcome a ten + year struggle with anorexia ON MY OWN, got out of multiple abusive situations where I didn’t feel safe, and HEALED MY BODY without medication of any kind.⁠ …⁠ Point Being: Don’t give up just yet. Take this as your sign. It’s time for YOU to #screwitdoit and freaking defy the odds.⁠. Make the impossible, possible.😁 .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #TIU #BBG #TIUCOMMUNITY #powerofshe #blogilates #behealthy #behealthybehappy#rolemodel #loveyourbody #bekindtoyourself#yougotthis #motivationalspeaker #AERIEREAL #girlswholift #fitnesslifestyle #BBCOM #healersofinstagram #transformationjourney #traumasurvivor #goodvibes #abmlifeisbeautiful #WLYG #bekind #letsmaketheworldabetterplace#bethechange #spreadkindness #transformationthursday #jayshetty #girlswholift⁠

Ever feel like giving up? 🤷‍♀️ Then save this. Share this. Screenshot it. ... Why? Because every so often, regardless of how far we’ve come, we have to remind ourselves to look back instead of forward. To appreciate all that we’ve overcome as opposed to all that we still have to overcome. ..: At times we need to realize that even though you are not where you want to be, doesn’t mean you won’t ever get there. One day you will be in awe of how far you’ve come from today on.😁 ... 👇Let’s celebrate our successes... what’s one thing you HAVE ACCOMPLISHED this year? #screwitdoit . . . . . #letgo #theuniverse #qotd #jayshetty #mastinkipp #womenempowerment #selfcare#selflove #mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness#mentalhealthmatters #mindfulness#TIU #BBG #blogilates #realsimple @quoteoftheday #emotionalhealth#depressionawareness#anxietysupport #mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness#recoverycommunity#healersofinstagram#traumasurvivor #mentalillness #ptsd #healingjourney#edrecovery #peersupport#endthestigma #positiveaffirmations

Can I be honest? I’ve been having a REALLY hard time showing up on here as of late. I’m hurting. I’m healing. And at the same point in time, I know exactly what I want to DO, but feeling slightly stuck on HOW to get there at this point in time. 😂 And in all honesty, I HATE showing up this way on here and in real life. I HATE admitting that I’m struggling, I HATE admitting that I’ve failed, I HATE asking for help, and I HATE admitting to the fact that I have strong strong desires to give up where entrepreneurship is concerned. Heck, I’m just ready to thrive. #ad … 👉So why am I sharing this? … Because in all honesty, I remember FEELING exactly this way MANY MANY TIMES in my life where health was concerned. I remember looking at others, knowing exactly what I wanted to achieve, but unsure of the HOW TO DO IT part. I remember feeling this strong desire to just throw in the towel day by day-not because I wasn’t doing anything, but because I felt like I was breaking apart without even realizing any immediate change🤷‍♀️ (SEE TRANSFORMATION PHOTO) … 👉It took YEARS of wanting to give up and YEARS of small screw it, do it moments to get where I am today. … 👉👉Point being: Sometimes life isn’t perfect. Sometimes sh** happens. Sometimes you know exactly what you want to do, but aren’t quite sure of the HOW. And other times, you wonder IF YOU EVEN CAN OR WILL GET THERE because everything you’ve done SEEMS like an epic fail. And I get it. I’ve been there. Heck I’m there right now-as an entrepreneur. And THAT FEELING-it’s okay. Because it’s part of the process. If you keep PUSHING forward with that 1/49403940 ounce of strength that you have left, telling yourself that you can even when you can’t, and screwing it, doing it REGARDLESS of how you feel… right there, that’s going to be what leads you to success. I’m all for it.😁 . . . . Ps Need a reminder? Check out this beautiful piece that reads “I think I can, I think I can” from Monica Rich Kosann. . . . . #myMRK #FemaleEmpowerment #ithinkicanithinkican @monicarichkosann #WHSTRONG #TEAMSELF #POWEROFSHE #bekind #writersofinstagram #WLYG #levelup #TIU #BBG #TIUcommunity #motivationalspeaker #mastinkipp

I most definitely belong at the beach... but in the summer.  Anyone else?!😉 #gifted ... For those wondering where I’ve been since my birthday, this is the truth... I ventured to Atlantic City for a break. Lots of thoughts coming out of that trip, but just wanted to share something I came across on Pinterest this morning... “it’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.” (@nicholassparks ). 💗 .. 👉In all honesty, this is what kept me and keeps me going in spite of all my excuses not to. ... 👉👉So just wanted to share this for anyone else who feels lost, who feels like their hands are tied, for anyone who feels unsure… just know that there are endless possibilities ahead of you that you may not see in this moment.  You just truly never know when your life is going to change.  You just never know.  So in moments when you feel like all odds are against you and that your hands are tied, I hope you know that there’s always the possibility AS LONG as you RE-ADJUST and don’t give up.😁 … P.S. I’m ready for take 2 to the beach… it was too cold to use my @getsunflow beach chair this time around.  Not sure if you heard of this brand before, but it’s pretty awesome.  Their beach chairs are compact, are easy to carry, and are great to lounge in.  Better yet, everything can easily be attached to it or removed from it, including a sun shade, a drink, or even a towel (so it doesn’t blow all over!). ... 👇Tell me... do you like the beach? #goodvibes #invisalign #katespade #bloomingdales #Feelgood #abmlifeiscolorful #WLYG #CastMeMarc #wescoutusa #nordstromrack #LIVEINIT #todayatapple #willyscouts #LTKunder100#LTKunder50 #lookgoodfeelgood #ltkfashion @imgmodels.development.jenirose  @weloveyourgenes @themarcjacobs #dailylook #discoverunder100k#petitejoys #lookgoodfeelgood  #TIU#BBG #bekind #inspiredliving #abmlifeisbeautiful#effortlessstyle #wardrobestaple#wearitloveit #petitefashionblogger @mallatshorthills

Well, this is 30!😁. That’s right... I think many of you already knew this or saw my story, but my birthday was yesterday.  It’s the second one-covid edition. And to make a long story short... It’s not what I expected it to be.  Yet it was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in years... quite unexpectedly. #gifted ... This year I felt surrounded by people who WANTED to celebrate as opposed to just showing up. This year, I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been... which is an accomplishment in itself.  In all honesty, it kind of feels surreal. ALL OF IT. Because as much as I told myself that it would get better... a part of me used to feel like an oddity. ... So I just wanted to share two messages today. 1.) That life is unpredictable. You just never know when it will get better. Sometimes it takes one year. Sometimes it takes one month. Sometimes it takes one second. Sometimes it takes one person, one opportunity, or one step forward without even knowing the how.  Essentially, all it takes is ONE... and you never know when that will come. One reason to keep going on. 💗 2.) At any single point in time, when you feel like you can’t... say screw it, do it, defy the odds. Because that’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m doing everything I’m doing, and I believe in you.😁 ... Ps Thank you to every single person who has sent me a message and every single person who has supported me even in the midst of my struggle. You have no idea how thankful I am (especially for my mom😉).  You gave me the opportunity to be where I am today by believing in me. And that... there’s no price tag on that. I’m so thankful. And thankful for this set from @suburbanriot . . . . . #goodvibes #invisalign #Nordstrom #bloomingdales #Feelgood #feelugg #WLYG #CastMeMarc #wescoutusa #nordstromrack #LIVEINIT #todayatapple #willyscouts #LTKunder100#LTKunder50 #lookgoodfeelgood #ltkfashion @imgmodels.development.jenirose @weloveyourgenes @themarcjacobs #dailylook #discoverunder100k#petitejoys #lookgoodfeelgood #TIU#BBG #bekind #inspiredliving #abmlifeisbeautiful#effortlessstyle #wardrobestaple#wearitloveit #petitefashionblogger

Well... this was the original plan for the day. But that’s not happening... this boy has been sick for 2 days. And based on this morning, I’m thinking today is going to be a LONG day. Pet owners... I know you can relate.😂 (Time to get sponsored by Bissell wet-shampooing vac). #gifted ... But I guess that’s just it... none of us can truly control our lives. Things happen. Things go wrong. Just when we think we got everything handled and planned, something hijacks and disrupts the plan. Things go WAY WRONG. … I’ve been there. Done that. Heck… look at my last post or my transformation photo. NOTHING HAS GONE ACCORDING TO PLAN.😂 … It sucks. But what I’ve realized is this... there are always two options: 1.) Get frustrated and give up. Settle for a life that is ANYTHING BUT ONE THAT YOU LOVE. 2.) Push yourself. Tell yourself that it’s okay. Instead of focusing on the things YOU CAN’T DO or ALL THAT’S GOING WRONG, focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO and all THAT’S GOING RIGHT. It’s easier said than done, but let’s fact it you always CAN control how you respond. YOU GOT THIS MORE THAN YOU KNOW.❤️ … So will I wash him today? Probably not. Will I be getting where I want by 30 years old? Not looking like it right now (only a few days until THAT birthday🤷🏼‍♀️🙈). And you know what… it sucks. It really does. In all honesty, it’s devastating at times. But regardless of what goes on, I’ll just keep pivoting. I’ll keep re-adjusting. Because I know that I didn’t come this far to get this far…that I know. … So just a few reminders this Friday .. 1.) Life never happens the way you intend it to. 2.) Sometimes it’s all about trying a new path and re-adjusting rather than being stuck where you are. 3.) Timelines suck. All of us have a different past and all of us will have a different future. Don’t give up now, as all it really takes is one year, one month, one day to get WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED. We are all in the same boat, struggling to get the lives that we want. Don’t give up. #screwitdoit . . . . . P.S. WE LOVE THE @johnpaulpet SHAMPOO AND THESE coordinating wipes. (Continued in caption).

I was at a loss of words yesterday (who am I?🤷‍♀️😂🤦🏼‍♀️). To be completely honest, it was a day... I must have reapplied my makeup twice. (Seriously... if @carrieunderwood needs another model for her cry pretty album... I got it covered.🤦🏼‍♀️)   I laugh about it, but I’ve definitely reached my crying quota for the year.  Before this, I think I had ONE good cry a year. FOR REAL. … And while I haven’t shared this yet, I feel like it’s imperative as a reminder to be CAREFUL of whom you trust on social media.  Last week was BAD..  I thought that I was going to a publisher to speak about getting my book published.  I was excited. I thought I was getting my BREAK. But in the moments after, ALL OF IT slowly became crashing down. … They asked for recent photos of myself, which didn’t quite seem right.  And slowly, I put together the pieces…thankfully I’m a smart girl.  Because I’m not really sure what WOULD HAVE HAPPENED had I not. … But it’s just one of the 590495369043 times in the past few years where I got my hopes up only to feel stuck yet again.  So I’m not okay.  I’m not sure how to put one foot in front of the other.  I’m not sure how to keep moving forward with my dreams and my visions.  I’m not sure why this happened to me.  I’m stuck. My hands are tied as an entrepreneur. And it DOESN’T feel good. I’ve been in this spot before-with my struggles with anorexia and abuse.  NO BUENO. … Yet here I am.  Because in spite of not knowing the how or the why, I REFUSE to let all of this dictate my future. It’s hard. It feels impossible.  Yet, maybe that’s just it… sometimes it happened to me so that I could share this message to all of you today to be careful on social media and whom you trust.  Maybe it happened to me as a lesson to pursue something else.  Maybe, just maybe, this ALL-the anorexia, the abuse, potentially being taken 😂 was there to be a shining light for someone else. … But that’s my point today: Sometimes shit happens.  Sometimes shit happens x 593049304.  Sometimes you have years and years of struggle-where you struggle.  And it sucks. (CONTINUED)

Honest Post: I’m not where I want to be in life and this year was a new kind of hard. Thought that overcoming a ten year struggle battle with anorexia and trudging through what felt like a never-ending cycle of abuse was hard enough. But MAN OH MAN… entrepreneurship and healing… one hell of an experience. Nobody really tells you how hard it is to thrive after survival…IT AIN’T EASY.😂 … It’s freaking hard... -Sharing all that I know as opposed to playing small. -Being okay with being okay after not feeling safe in my own house. (ONE HELL OF AN EXPERIENCE) -Getting a foot in the door and being rejected almost daily… for not having the right connections, for being too short, etc... a whole lot of B.S. essentially.🤷🏼‍♀️ … 👉This is HOW I feel. And this is WHAT I’m STRUGGLING with. It’s hard. At times I feel like it’s impossible. It’s scary. ..: Yet here I am, posting. I’m sharing. I’m working on a few projects despite not being sure if they will actually work. Because there’s no WAY IN HELL that I’m giving up. … 👉So why am I even sharing this? 1.) Because I’d rather be real and raw. I’m giving you the honest look behind my life. I bet many wouldn’t have even realized had it been for me not sharing today. 2.) To bring awareness: Every single person who you come into contact with may be struggling in ways that you don’t know. Be KIND. Be NICE. Send a message. Like their photos. Comment. Because it’s you. YOU can be a part of their healing. You can give them the START they need. YOU can be the reason that they decide to go on just one more day. 3.) To normalize sharing our struggles. I bet many would feel a WHOLE lot less alone if we shared rather than worrying about being judged for complaining. Just because you are struggling ATM, doesn’t mean that you will be struggling in a few years. It’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to share. Just look at @jenniferaniston @drewbarrymore @oprah ... all of them struggled before they became who they are today.😁 4.) To motivate you guys to join me in taking that jump. To getting the lives that we want. Because we WILL GET THERE. Time to screw it & do it.😉 (continued)

Scrolling through Pinterest looking for dog quotes, and found this gem "When it's too hard to look back and you're too afraid to look ahead, look right beside you and I'll be there.” Yet, they didn’t mention one little stipulation…there has to be dog food there with ya.😂. #sponsored … But seriously… every single morning at 5 am, my dog goes downstairs and stares at his bowl for breakfast. And then again at 5 pm, he goes again, staring at his bowl for dinner. Like clockwork. And let me tell you, since trying @supremenutrition dog food, he gets EVEN more excited. For real… he loves it. And I feel good giving it to him… as it’s healthy for him. … 👉For those who haven’t tried it yet, I’d highly recommend. It’s 100% grain-free. And better yet, it contains a superfood blend of organic USDA certified seaweed, fruits, and veggies (something which I find interesting). And while I ordered from Chewy for delivery, you can purchase it from a variety of local grocery stores for pick up delivery. … So just a silly little post with a new food that we’ve recently tried and just a few fun facts about him as I know that the REAL reason you are on this is page is not for me, but for the dog.😂😂 . 1.) His name was going to be Giuseppe. But I got vetoed by my family. 2.) When I first got him, I called him my clearance puppy. While most breeders were charging thousands for a puppy, I got him for only a few hundred from Pennsylvania. 3.) When he got neutered, we were warned beforehand that he’d be SO TIRED after surgery. Long and behold, we go to pick him up that day… and they said he was an odd-ball. He was there jumping up and down like nothing happened.😂 4.) He LOVES walks. Sometimes he gets tired and plops in the middle of other’s lawns. I stand there, laughing, as people ask if he’s okay. SO EMBARRASSING! 5.) He’s the best toy tester. He can determine if those indestructible todays are really indestructible. Most toys are gone in 60 seconds.😂 6.) He loves pancakes, romaine lettuce, veggies, his VITAMINS… he’s a weird dog. … So it’s your turn… tell me something about your pet or your dog! . #PoweredByNutrition #SupremeSource #ilovemydog #wlyg #bareminerals

I’m barely okay, but I’m doing it anyway.-Things that come out of my mouth daily. #micheleism 😂🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ … But while I hate to say this for what feels like the 5934290384209th time, it’s the truth.  The last few days, I feel like I’ve broken apart yet again.  Still staying on track.  Still doing what I need to do.  Yet, mentally, I just keep pushing myself to pick myself up and push forward with a WHIM of hope… as I did when I first started this Instagram page.  To be honest, I feel completely DEFEATED.. as if my hands are tied in 10 million directions. … Just when I think my life can’t get anymore interesting… it does.😂  At this point, feeling like Rocky at the end of the movie, gathering up my OMPH and just giving it one more throw.😂 … 👉So why am I sharing this?  Because I want to be honest with you guys throughout this process.  I want to share the good moments, the bad moments, and every moment in between.  Do I have doubts? Of course.  Did I once have doubts between these photos? Of course. … 👉👉Yet I’m ALIVE today because I pushed past EVERY SINGLE DESIRE to give up, EVERY EXCUSE of it being too late, EVERY SINGLE OBSTACLE/REJECTION… and as much as I wanted to give up, I kept saying screw it, do it, and focus on what I had to do with a whim (and I’m saying a whim of hope). … And today, I’m doing it yet again.  Shifting yet again.  Trying new things.  Showing up despite every desire and excuse to give up.  Because I refuse to allow the now dictate the future.  Here’s to the screw it, do it moment take 6849589348590843905.😂. Stay tuned.😁 … 👇Question: What’s the hardest obstacle that you’ve faced and/or are facing now? #screwitdoitdefytheodds . . . . . #anorexiafighter #motivationalspeaker #positivity #mentalhealth #superattractor #theuniversehasyourback #edsoldier #strongnotskinny #teamself #shapesquad #transformation #wearlively #pamelareif #questsquad #TIUGIRLS #tiu #transformationchallenge #womenempowerment #anorexianervosarecovery #simplemoments #abmlifeisbeautiful #kaylasarmy #balancednotclean #bbg #jayshetty #garyvee #mentalhealthmatters #kaylaitsines

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