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Nurse Consultant & Author of Confident Voices: The Nurses' Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces NEW: Confident Voices BLOG

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Being Healthier Friends and Families for Those Struggling with Addiction

Alcohol and drug addiction continue to claim a lot of lives and destroy far too many others. As early as 2011, 20

Cohen Children’s Medical Center Uses an Innovative Approach to Build Resilience in its Nursing Staff

As a nurse for 40 years and a certified transformational coach, I use the principles of emotional intelligence and applied positive psychology as I work to assist all the professional caregivers at CCMC in removing personal blind spots that often short circuit a career and contribute to a sense of being disconnected from the joy they once new in their practice. Convincing nurses and other professional caregivers that learning about good self-care practices is as vital to their career as any other continuing education is no small challenge

April Improv of the Month for Healthcare Visionaries - Improve Listening with 1st Letter Last Letter

Why Improv of the Month? The thing about improv activities like ‘1st Letter Last Letter‘, when facilitated properly, is that you are always practicing communication-related skills. ‘Soft’ skills that require practice for pretty much everyone

Inspiring Nurse Career Story - Meet Independent RN Patient Advocate Stephanie Frederick on this 201st Nurse Keith Show!

Whether you are a seasoned nurse looking for a new career path or a new nurse wanting to know about future opportunities, you will enjoy this rich conversation between nurse leaders, Stephanie Frederick and Keith Carlson! With 30+ years as a Registered Nurse and with a Masters degree in Health Education, Stephanie has always been passionate about “whole-person well-being” (mind, body, spirit). Her diverse clinical experience has focused on integrative health, worksite wellness, critical care, and behavioral health. You’ll hear stories about advocacy work and practical advise on being a nurse businesswoman including one about a hospitalized physician who called her in to advocate for him!

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