Adventures with Elly

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Hi! I've been an athlete my entire life and yoga has always been the perfect complement to my training no matter what sport I was in. Soccer, skiing, dancing, climbing; yoga has always been a constant and a big contributor to my successes. I've traveled the world making wine, coaching skiing and learning everything in between. Now I am on a mission to bring yoga and a healthy active lifestyle to all athletes (and weekend warriors) out there with a bit of travel and culture mixed in. Basically spreading health and happiness for mind, body and culture.

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Handstands in the Badlands.... And a few other things...

Before and after! It's definitely not finished yet but it's a start and I'm super happy with it. If you ever need someone to dig up the root ball of an old Holly bush, do NOT call me. πŸ˜‚

Class tomorrow night! Come join me for a fun, exploratory Vinyasa based yoga class. Set some goals, work on your skills or just have some fun. I'd love to see you there! Use code ELLY5 for a discount and sign up at @visitnurture website or through the link in my bio!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've made it to the top top 10 in my yoga challenge!!! But it's not quite over yet, I still need your votes. If you have a minute please click the link in my bio and give me a vote, you get one free vote every day! I appreciate all of your support ❀️

Today's the last day!!! (Of round one). I'd love your help so head over to @iamyogawarrior website (link in bio ➑️) and give me a vote. You get one free vote every day. I really appreciate you πŸ’•

What a great way to start a workday! New job> old job. . Also thanks for the tasty @heatherschoice treat @fitwithfood970 it was the perfect pack snack. . The yoga challenge I am in is still live! You can vote every day until it's over so please head over to my bio for the link and give me a vote, I appreciate it.

I need your help! After all of these renovations I'm ready to focus on yoga again so I've entered a yoga contest with @iamyogawarrior . I'd love your support to grow my business, please head over and give me a quick vote so I can keep doing handstands 😁

I could sense that you guys wanted another handstand photo 😏.... Saturdays are for hiking!

Putting in miles. This year I decided to work towards incorporating healthy habits. I've downloaded a habit tracker so I can regularly review how I'm doing and stay motivated. Meditating every day is on that list and I've been finding it difficult to stick to. Instead of giving up or skipping days I'm getting creative! Yoga Nidra, using mantras or visualization have all been helpful to stick with it but today I skipped the morning and I have a great book waiting for me this evening. I've been running long distances, mainly trails, since I was about 13 and while some days are harder to get out there than others I LOVE it. Yes the physical exertion and the endorphins that start flowing through my body are fantastic but it's also always given me a lot of headspace. I spent about an hour running this trail today and easily fell right into my grove and a meditative state. I'm not sure if it's cheating to tick the meditation box for today but mentally and emotionally I feel fulfilled ☺️. Are you building any habits that you find hard to keep sometimes? Let me know in the comments!! Thanks for reading πŸ’•

I am in search of my next opportunity! I've spent my career between the wine and ski industries. I've been a winemaker in California, New Zealand and Australia and grew into managing roles focusing on people and operations management. It provided me with significant marketing and sales experience where I discovered another great interest. Through my journey I was lucky enough to spend some time as a ski instructor, where I gained more sales, customer engagement and coaching experience. My career has rapidly augmented as I found I am great at wearing many hats. My biggest strengths are project management and people management. I am a strategic thinker, tech-savvy and intrinsically motivated. I would be a good fit in any role that I can find a challenge. I am specifically interested in Health and Wellness/Outdoor, Real Estate and Food and Beverage industries as that is where my main expertise lies. I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Business Administration, my CAPM - Project Management certification, PSIA Alpine level 2, CPR/AED/First Aid - Red Cross and will be finishing my NASM CPT and my real estate license within the next few months. If you have any opportunities or contacts, I'd love to connect

Last weekend's shenanigans! I heard the story that a group of friends brought golf balls and clubs on every hike and teed off whenever they reached the top. Having a great crew or a "thing" that you always do when you've reached your goal is a fun way to stay motivated. I never thought about it but I already had my "thing". #yogaeverywhere Thanks for the photos @mike.mcclearn

New house, who dis? #homeowner

#yogaeverywhere . Cause you gotta do something when you get to the top.... . . Mt. Quandary, my first Colorado 14er😊

Has anyone else's mat gotten a lot dirtier during quarantine? It used to go from my car, to a nice clean studio and back to my car. For the last 4 months it's been all over the house and the backyard, I've taken it to parks. And my love for this mat just keeps growing!! Their close-celled surface keeps all of the sweat and dirt on the surface so I don't have to worry about creating a bacterial breeding ground inside my mat. . I've had a lot of mats and nothing has ever compared to a @Manduka. If you want to buy one mat for the rest of your life, that has exceptional performance, I highly recommend the Manduka Pro. Yes their products are expensive but it is so worth it! for one Manduka you'll end up buying 6 Gaiam mats in your lifetime. I also have their travel mat which is so thin it folds up and fits in any suitcase easily. They have a great selection and I know that whatever I buy from them it is a high quality product. They even have a recycling program for your old mat!! . Go check them out for yourself, follow the link in my bio and if you do decide to buy one use code NEWADVENTURES ! Yes, I will get some money from them but in no way does that impact my advice, I'd never promote something I don't fully believe in.

Locomotion . . Mooooove your body. Get creative, take a movement class, dance, yoga, walking; pick your poison. Challenge your body and mind! It feels so good, and if it doesnt, do it more often or try something else. #noexcusesplaylikeachampion . . Thanks @apeco_denver for making my Tuesdays and Thursdays fun! More please 😁

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