Adventures with Elly

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Hi! I've been an athlete my entire life and yoga has always been the perfect complement to my training no matter what sport I was in. Soccer, skiing, dancing, climbing; yoga has always been a constant and a big contributor to my successes. I've traveled the world making wine, coaching skiing and learning everything in between. Now I am on a mission to bring yoga and a healthy active lifestyle to all athletes (and weekend warriors) out there with a bit of travel and culture mixed in. Basically spreading health and happiness for mind, body and culture.

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New house, who dis? #homeowner

Keto Cauliflower Pesto Pizza

I’m just going to skip right to what you need to know: 90g of Sharp Cheddar cheese, thickly grated (you can really sub this with any cheese using a healthier substitute for my pesto, you can always use Parmesan which is the classic.)3 Tbsp Olive oil (This is where a lot of the fat comes from, if you want to knock it down a bit you can use only 1 or 2, just decrease the lemon juice and nutritional yeast a little bit) , I used about an entire bag of cheddar cheese (again you can decrease total Cal/fat of this recipe if you use a little less) and some German summer sausage. Throw all of the ingredients (dandelion greens, 40g of the walnuts, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, olive oil and a little salt and pepper) except about 15g of walnuts into the food processor and mix until you have a nice creamy consistency.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've made it to the top top 10 in my yoga challenge!!! But it's not quite over yet, I still need your votes. If you have a minute please click the link in my bio and give me a vote, you get one free vote every day! I appreciate all of your support ❤️

Ideas to Avoid Boredom At Home During Quarantine

If you really need help with scheduling and prefer to use technology to stay accountable, there are a lot of resources online. Check out my page Free Yoga Videos for some at home workouts and if you need a little more, contact me to set up a virtual class. If you need some real inspiration to get moving, Chris Hemsworth has a free trial workout routine right now; I know I wouldn’t have a problem exercising with him for a while. Skype, Zoom (best video quality), Houseparty, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger; these are just a few of the free programs that you can use to virtually hang out with friends that also have some extra time on their hands.

I could sense that you guys wanted another handstand photo 😏.... Saturdays are for hiking!

Adventures in South America: Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of travel blogs out there (especially for the solo female traveler, which I never realized we were a thing until people started talking about it recently…); Google the word “Peru” and you’ll be able to find the majority of the information included below. Every tour guide is different and brings a different energy to a tour so this point is hard to generalize but there seemed to be a higher percentage of tour guides that really didn’t care very much and just did the bare minimum to finish the activity. I will note that some tour guides told me that as rainy season goes on it does get a bit worse but if you go in the beginning or end of the season it will most likely not be a big part of your trip ( It cost $180 USD for the night when the average price I was paying for a hotel was about $25-40 USD for an average hotel room, $5-12 USD for hostel accommodation.

Putting in miles. This year I decided to work towards incorporating healthy habits. I've downloaded a habit tracker so I can regularly review how I'm doing and stay motivated. Meditating every day is on that list and I've been finding it difficult to stick to. Instead of giving up or skipping days I'm getting creative! Yoga Nidra, using mantras or visualization have all been helpful to stick with it but today I skipped the morning and I have a great book waiting for me this evening. I've been running long distances, mainly trails, since I was about 13 and while some days are harder to get out there than others I LOVE it. Yes the physical exertion and the endorphins that start flowing through my body are fantastic but it's also always given me a lot of headspace. I spent about an hour running this trail today and easily fell right into my grove and a meditative state. I'm not sure if it's cheating to tick the meditation box for today but mentally and emotionally I feel fulfilled ☺️. Are you building any habits that you find hard to keep sometimes? Let me know in the comments!! Thanks for reading 💕

The Next Chapter

I used to work a winter in Lake Tahoe, CA then go to New Zealand and work a harvest and another winter, then back to California for another harvest. It seems insane to me that my 4 year degree, much of which I spent playing soccer and socializing, holds extremely more weight to an employer than my 5 years of living in different countries with only a suitcase and enough money to get to the next place. Skis (4 pairs of skis and two pairs of boots), climbing equipment, SUP, backcountry skiing set up, ultra-light backpacking set up, slackline, soccer ball, trampoline, mountain bike, disc golf, 4 yoga mats, indo board, weights, lots of sizes of backpacks…. I want to share what I learn from always trying new things and offer some tips to anyone who needs a little change in life!

Last weekend's shenanigans! I heard the story that a group of friends brought golf balls and clubs on every hike and teed off whenever they reached the top. Having a great crew or a "thing" that you always do when you've reached your goal is a fun way to stay motivated. I never thought about it but I already had my "thing". #yogaeverywhere Thanks for the photos @mike.mcclearn

Today's the last day!!! (Of round one). I'd love your help so head over to @iamyogawarrior website (link in bio ➡️) and give me a vote. You get one free vote every day. I really appreciate you 💕

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