Adventures of kaitlyn and nick

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Travelling the world together and sharing our experiences to inspire you to travel the world too!

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how to spend a weekend in madrid

None how to spend a weekend in madrid spain on this secret food tour a guide will take you around to multiple different locations to try local favorites that include food and drinks, savory and sweet. free walking tours are a great way to get the history of a city and country while seeing the highlights and familiarizing yourself with the city. you sign up and join the tour for free, and then at the end of the tour you pay the guide what you think the tour was worth and what you can afford. ordering tapas is a great way to try multiple different small plates to be able to taste as much as you like. relax and take your time eating because once you have a table it can be yours for the night.

11 cheap (and free!) things to do in madrid

while we found spain to be reasonably priced you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of some of these cheap (and even free) things to do in madrid! None cheap things to do in madrid spain this world renowned art museum houses many famous artists including bosch, rembrandt, and goya. there are a ton of great spanish dishes you should try why you are in spain, so don’t be afraid to ask a local and try as much food and drink as you can! if you aren’t familiar with a free tour, basically you sign up for a tour for free, and then at the end of the tour you pay what you think it was worth, or what you can afford.

adventures of kaitlyn and nick

a lot of locals and tourists alike use high speed rail because it is a great way to travel. during our week in spain we took high speed trains to 3 different destinations and didn’t have any issues. tickets for high speed trains go on sale online 60 days in advance. if you want to visit multiple cities during your time in spain i highly recommend travelling by high speed train!

adventures of kaitlyn and nick

we ate at a lot of different delicious tapas restaurants, and it is something you have to try while in spain. a lot of restaurants don’t even open until 8pm, and locals won’t be out until 9. when in spain try to eat like a local and don’t eat before 8 for sure! i recommend breaking out of your comfort zone to try local dishes and eat at the local time.

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