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Country Romania
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Monday work for @aagvoyage

It is such a joy to discover such beautiful places in the iconic cities of Europe. You might be planning a holiday in Milan sometime in the future, I promise it is worth it. I stayed at @ramadaplazamilano and they offer a 15% discount on bookings made on their website when entering the code AAG15 at checkout (valid for one more week). If you already visited Milan, what was your favourite thing about it? 🇮🇹

No matter the season, the water of the Sorapis Lake has the same beautiful color 💚

One of the best views in the Dolomites mountains, over Seceda 🤩

Season change 🍂

Bali 2017

A place that makes you say: la vita è bella 🇮🇹

There are infinite reasons to visit Australia, this view is one of them 🤩

Can’t get over this spectacular view 🤩

Hotel Aurelius Imparatul Romanilor, Mountain Resort

Aurelius Imparatul Romanilor is a gem of the Poiana Bravsov mountain resort, in the Brasov county which is a real treasure of the Romanian tourism. Located right in the heart of the Poiana Brasov resort, overlooking the Miorita lake and being surrounded by the view of the beautiful mountains, this luxurious-traditional hotel opened in 2006. The hotel has a large parking area on two rows, one of them being covered by a roof (that is perfect when it does snow because your car will be protected and your windshield won’t freeze. Certainly, this hotel is a symbol of the Romanian tourism industry and also of the Poiana Brasov area, it is worth booking your stay here if you want to enjoy a beautiful holiday being surrounded by the mountains.


One of which is Hilton Munich City and the other one being Hilton Munich Park that has recently won the World Travel Award as Germany’s leading business hotel 2020, but we’ll talk about that maybe in the future. Hilton Munich City is located in the central area of the city but you would be surprised of how peaceful everything is around it, plus you have the Rosenheimer Platz S-Bahn station very close to you so exploring the city will be so much easier. I was impressed even before arriving there because I saw the signs at the subway station that guided me to Hilton Munich City and the outside of the hotel looked really nice, the exterior design features reddish stone and large black poles, you can also see the restaurant’s terrace right before the entrance and there is also enough space for a car or a taxi to pull up in front of the hotel if you have heavy luggage. In the bathroom the design keeps the same elegant note but what I really loved was the fact that the shower head has a strong jet and the water gets really hot very fast and I for one, I like taking hot showers in the evening.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane

We tried to get here as early as possible because only at certain hours you could pet a koala, there are so many things to be seen here and also, our hotel was pretty far away from Lone Pine so we had to synchronize our schedule with the bus timetable, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – Adults will pay about 42 AUD and children 25 AUD, kids under 3 years will enter the sanctuary for free. At the sanctuary you will find koalas, kangaroos, wombats, dingos, Tasmanian devils, echidnas, a platypus, reptiles, Australian birds such as cockatoos, kookaburras, emus and cassowaries. Otherwise, you can go with the 430 bus like we did, which took about 45 minutes and costs about 4-5 AUD.

The Royal Bavarian

Like every 25hours Hotel, The Royal Bavarian has a central location near Hauptbahnhof. You will find a great car park option at 7 minutes away, Contipark Stachus, you will pay about 20-25 EUR/day. Every room has a wireless bluetooth speaker and a stuffed animal as a symbol of the hotel, for this location, a swan is represented in The Royal Bavarian rooms. At the first floor you will be able to explore the different paths that will take you to the Boilerman Bar, to a separate space where you can relax and read a book or an encyclopedia, or you can look over the breakfast area.

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