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NYC based travel and lifestyle influencer. Goal is to visit 100 countries in the next 5 years

Location New Yoek
Member Since SEPTEMBER 18, 2019
Social Audience 14K
abatuure 14K Last Month Last 3 Months
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Power posin’ ✨

Cleopatra would not be impressed...and neither were these camels

It’s about to become ~glaringly~ obvious I post my travel photos months later ✌🏿

✌🏿out bathing suit season. 🙌🏿 voting season

All that glitters ✨✨✨

A floor length gown...in the middle of a salt lake? Somehow not the most absurd thing of 2020

In light of COVID, racial inequality and policy brutality, there has been an upswing in donations to charitable organizations which is GREAT! However, with the influx of information and social media post I’ve found understanding charitable giving to be a bit overwhelming so I am hoping this helps. Some thoughts: 1. Be weary of donating to causes that are being overfunded. Most fiscally moral and responsible charities will let you know if they are currently ok with donations. This is most relevant to bail out funds. Let’s say you donate $100 to bail fund x. The fund pays $100 to release the person who is detained. When this person shows up at their court trial the $100 is returned to bail fund x and they can use it again to bail out someone else! Bail fund donations go a long way and are a great place to give but will also be the some of the first charities to be overfunded 2. If possible, look to donate sums over a period of time as opposed to one lump sum. For example: A $5 donation once a month for 1 year is $60, this is a better investment than giving a charity $60 in a lump sum. Why? With monthly giving, charities can better plan for the future because they know how much to expect to receive. Monthly/quarterly/yearly giving tends to extend the longevity and financial health of an organization. 3. Be weary of Celeb charities - these tend to have low asset to income differences meaning they are not as economically efficient as they can be.—> a smaller portion of the % you donated actually makes it to the charity. High net worth individuals have a huge tax incentive to donate and start nonprofits. Just do your research! 4. A lot of companies are matching donations. This is the EASIEST way to extend your donation. If you have the option to match through your work or a friend, do it! Matching means that if I donate $100 the company will also donate $100 resulting in a $200 donation to the organization. Always Always Always try and have your donations matched! But also many companies have a “matching ceiling.” After X million they stop matching and it’s hard to tell when they reach this amount. It is rarely publicized. You have the right to ask!

Red hot summer✨

The OG cool cat

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